Sunday, 26 October 2014

American Horror Story

Halloween is just round the corner and if you love thrill and horror then American Horror Story is the series for you! I've just finish watching the second series, "asylum" but I've got to say the first, "murder house" was waaaay more entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat (bed) the whole time and there was a nice pleasant ending so you get a nice feeling after all that spooky drama.

I was too busy focusing on how attractive Mr. Evan Peters was in the second series to focus on what was happening but the general story was well, not really a story. It was kinda just lots of random things happening but still highly entertaining! Also, Evan's character Kit falls for a girl named Grace and whenever he says her name... I'm just like you can say my name all day everyday babey! ;)

Can't wait to watch the latest series, "Coven"! Heard a lot of good things about the next one! 

Have you watched it yet? 

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