Thursday, 9 October 2014

Graduation Dress?

1. Cream Shift Dress   2. Purple Swing Dress   3. Check Print Shift Dress   4. 2 in 1 Houndstooth Dress

The graduation ceremony is a thing of the past for most class of 2014 graduates, but this is not the case for us University of East London's students as our not so anticipated ceremony is held in the chilly wintery month of November which makes shopping for 'that' dress even more difficult. I've been keeping my eyes peeled every time I'm out and about but nothing seems to catch my eye so I headed over to my favourite online retailer ASOS for some inspiration and picked out a few dresses that could work for me. I know that I do not want something long or flowy because my gown will already be as such. The classic choice is to go for a sophisticated fitted black dress but I feel that I want something that will stand out a little more so that there will be a contrast between the dark drapey gown, something with a burst of colour, something like the Purple Swing dress (above). Either something with colour or something bright/light coloured like the dress in 1 or 2. I haven't ruled out the bodycon dress just yet, but I still want it to have some colour or a bold pattern so that it's visible underneath the big tent-like gown. I avoided any intricate details because I think that they will be hardly visible and will be a waste of detail and money.

I still have about half a month to find a dress so maybe rummaging through the sales might do the trick. 

Sorry this weeks post is a little late, but you know what they say, better late than never eh?
Grace ;)

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