Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Making Macarons!

 I've been intrigued by the sound of the macarons ever since the craze for them began, unfortunately they are pricey little treasures and one cannot afford to just splash out whenever I'm feeling a little sweet... So the perfect alternative is to make them yourself! Now, I've already mentioned in my previous post that I am not a talented baker so this isn't going to go perfectly at all.

I used a recipe from the BBC for my "macarons" and honestly it was a bit of disaster!

 I was following the recipe word for word, apart from that one bit where it says '2 tbsp water', I may have used over double the amount but only because it just wasn't forming a syrupy texture... and when I got up to the bit where it says 'Leave to stand for 30 minutes' and I decided to say nahh and pop it in the oven straight away. My mixture was also a lot more watery than expected which meant that they expanded as they were piped on to baking paper. The first batch didn't come out as macarons as you can see below but that didn't stop me eating all of them because they were still incredibly tasty!

So for the next batch, I did leave it for 30 minutes until it formed a layer of 'skin', and then popped it in the oven for 12 minutes with the door slightly ajar as the recipe said. I kept a close eye on it but they still went brown and still was not a macaron, at this point I thought to myself that maybe the first batch wasn't a success not because I didn't wait that extra 30 minutes but because I might have added too much liquid to the mixture.

 I mean, it wasn't a complete failure because they had the taste of a macaron, they just don't have the look of one. My other half even said they were a million times better than the shop bought ones, I didn't even have to force him say that so they must have been pretty darn good! I can only describe these as a slightly moist macaroons or very sticky/sweet biscuits with cream or a mini denser spongecake or simply gorgeous little pieces of heaven...
 ...Let's just say that it was a delicious disaster...

I will be attempting to make more macarons again in the next few days so keep your eyes and your taste buds peeled,

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