Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Halloween Houseparty

I know it is far past Halloween, in fact it's one whole month before Christmaaaassssssss!!!!!! I'm getting all excited because they've just started playing Christmas songs at work, I'm sure I'll be sick of them soon but in the mean time... I thought I'd share my photos with you all, and once again re-live the happy memories of that night spent with my nearest and dearest pals! :D

The theme for the party was to dress up as your fear. Most of my fears aren't particularly wearable for example how do you dress as fear of the general public? So I just put together an "outfit" on the night... I went a bit crazy with the white shimmery eyeshadow and put that all over my face, threw on a velvet skater dress from Topshop and added some wings. Angelina Rose (certified beautician *wink face*) then helped me to put some pretty lashes on, take a moment to appreciate how cute they are... She also helped me blend my make up out a bit as it was literally slapped on and tit was a hot mess. I think I was attempting to achieve a dark angel look but my friend, Graeme said I was a butterfly(?), no one knew what I was but that didn't matter because fun was had! So much FUN!


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