Saturday, 13 December 2014

Grace's Great Gifts: L'Oréal Super Liner


I have long battled with liquid eyeliners ever since they became popular... I was surrounded by people who would go out and buy the latest must have liquid liners and they'd fall in love with the formula as well as mastering their product by creating the perfect sensual cat eye look. Whereas I was just there like umm well I bought it but it's always either too runny that it goes all over the place and I would create a huge mess on my eye, face, and surroundings OR the formula would be too thick and just refuse to glide on smoothly! It was just one heartbreak after another as I watched my money go down the drain, or into the bin to be literal. So, my quest for the perfect liquid liner came to an end years ago!

But then, the other day I was messing around with all the new eye products in Boots (oh how dangerous you are, Boots!), everything from shadows to shimmers to liners of all shapes and sizes were tested on the back of my hand, so much so that my hand looked like a painter's palette, the lady by the tills looked so annoyed and unimpressed, she was probably thinking 'great, one of those customers!' haha anyway, I stumbled upon this L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense eyeliner which is essentially a type of liquid liner. It had a sharp spongy tip which works great as an applicator, the colours were very pigmented, and when the formula dried I rubbed and rubbed away at it (the tester on the back of my hand) and it barely smudged! I was particularly impressed with how vibrant the green was, It was noticable yet subtle, just how I like my eye make up to be, and with the chance to buy these with a 3for2 offer, I was not going to leave these behind!

In one of my many pyjama tees! Loving how the colour of the t-shirt brings out the colour my liner...

Changed into my Oasis Uniform.
right eye
 left eye

So here I am sporting the green eyeliner! I love it so much, and because it's a coloured liner, I feel that it is enough on it's own, it doesn't need any eyeshadow as it looks amazing on it's own. It's perfect for those days where I want to look like I've made an effort but I just cannot be bothered to make any sort of effort. I've been using these two liners for about a month now and they are still as pigmented as they were when I first got them, they haven't dried out in the slightest which is amazing because I was really worried that these types of sponge applicators will just dry out within a few weeks or so, and they tend to receive compliments every time I wear them. The black one is really black too, I know that sounds silly but sometimes you buy a black eyeliner and it's just a dark grey sort of black and you're just sat there all disappointed but you can't return it because of hygiene reasons and all that jazz so when you find a black black liner or shadow, you know it's a keeper!

These are £6.99 each from Boots but they normally have some kind of offer going on, and they come in blue, green, and black. I just think this will be a perfect stocking filler or even a lovely little treat for yourself so you can create the perfect cat eye look this Christmas!


P.S. Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, I'm still trying to get used to focusing without looking through my lens but bear with me and my future photos will hopefully be more crystal!

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