Monday, 15 December 2014

Grace's Great Gifts: LUSH stuff!


I think most LUSH products are the perfect gifts for anyone who is a bath lover! They have a ginormous range of wonderful bath bombs and bath melts which would be ideal for anyone who loves a bit of bath time pampering with a burst of lush-cious (pun) fragrances and sometimes even colours! I had a joyful time accompanying Angelina Rose, the staff demonstrates how each product works so you get an idea and some knowledge on the product you are about to buy.

Aqua Mirabilis £6.50 
Since I am not much of a bath kind of person, mainly because I don't have a bath of my own, I opted to try some of their less known products. I was in search of some good exfoliators for my skin and since I was there, I might as well look. I came across the Aqua Mirabilis which is sold as a body butter but the description suggests that it is more like a scrub:

'Smooth the bar directly over clean wet skin, in the bath or shower. Have one final dip, then you are ready to hop out and dry off, all polished and buffed.'

The sales assistant told me that I will not need to moisturise after my shower as the body butter in the bar will do all the work, all I need to do is dab of the water and I will be smooth as a baby's bottom, and smooth I was! Another sales assistant told me that the bar is made from natural ingredients so the exfoliating beads will not harm the environment once it's wash down the drain, which was a bonus point to this product! I would recommend this to anyone who is intrigued but I don't think this will be a regular purchase for myself because it's a little bit pricey considering the product lasts about a week or so, it's probably something that I will treat myself to every now and again.

Sugar Scrub £2.95

I have been loving this Sugar Scrub, it's the only one that LUSH does at the moment. 

'Use the bar straight onto your skin, but take it easy at first, until you find out your preferred level. For a gentle scrub the wetter you get yourself and the bar before, the softer it will be - because warm water will allow the sugar to start to dissolve a little before it hits your skin.'

This scrub is a lot harsher than Aqua Mirabilis, the sales assistant told me that it might be a bit too harsh for some girls, and it's more for girls with cellulite or similar conditions. Fortunately for me, I don't have cellulite but (about to get gross here) I have quite thick skin where my underarm is because of all the shaving it goes through, so when I saw this product I thought it would be perfect! I was not wrong, it hasn't damaged my skin but I feel like it's getting smoother in the short time that I've used it. I would only use this on my underarm though as it is a bit harsh on other parts of my skin. I would definitely go back and get another one of these cause they are cheap as chips and because you don't need to use it that often, it lasts a good while!

If you're struggling for gift ideas for a bath lover then head straight on over to LUSH, all the sales assistants in all the stores I've been to across the UK have been lovely and very helpful so I'm sure they will be able to help you find something!

Hope this helps,


  1. I haven't tried the sugar scrub yet but I love the Aqua Mirabilis scrub because you can get away without moisturising afterwards. I'll have to buy the sugar scrub next time I'm in Manchester! xx

    1. You might not need to use it cause it is a very harsh exfoliator.... but I've been loving it so far! :D

      Grace xx