Thursday, 11 December 2014

Grace's Great Gifts: Original Beauty Blender


So it's two weeks til Christmas! I'm sure there are many of you who are pretty organised and have already finished your Christmas shopping way before this post was even written, but for this one (and a few more posts to come) are for those of you who are a little last minute and a little lost when it comes to gift buying!

If that is you then keep on reading OR if you wanna read my views on the Beauty Blender then stay put!

Take a moment to appreciate the dispenser!
Right: Washed Beauty Blender | Left: Regular Beauty Blender
I have been using the Beauty Blender for give or take 2 years now and I will never ever EVER go back to using a brush for foundation! Like you have no idea how amazing it is until you've tried it. I guess you could compare it to painting, if you paint with a brush you will always get some kind of brush stroke no matter how much you try to blend. However if you use a sponge, you will get even coverage all over your canvas. Same theory applies when applying foundation-or at least it does in my mind.

I was introduced to this little beaut of a sponge by my dearest Aunty Jane. She bought the classic duo set as it is just a few more pounds for an extra sponge (1 costs around £15, and 2 costs just over £20). It's been 2 years now so I thought I deserved an upgrade, and so payday came and I treated myself to this set.

I normally wash it before I use it but I'd use a face wash which can be a bit pricey, or soaps and shower gels which can be damaging for the sponge and your skin as those products aren't made with your delicate face in mind. The sponge tends to grow about double the size when wet, although this time round it doesn't seem to have grown all that much in comparison. Still, I am fascinated by it's growth every time! haha! This set includes the Blender Cleanser, which as the name suggests, is a cleanser for my Beauty Blenders. I've used this a couple of times so far and it does the trick but I can't say that I am a fan of the smell at all, it isn't very pleasant but it could be a good thing as it might mean that there aren't too many artificial ingredients in there. I am enjoying that dispenser though, it's the perfect shape for your sponge sit on so you get the cleanser directly from the device as opposed to getting it all over your hands...
new and old beauty blender side by side, a bit gross but look how vibrant and satisfying the new one is!

Oh hey there, let me demonstrate.

my bare face cleansed, toned, and moisurised + primer

blending in my Liz Earle foundation

half done...

Okay, first thing's first... I'm sorry about the messy background but this was me genuinely getting ready for work. I even have my adorable other half chilling out under those covers so it's not like I could have made the bed or anything. Never mind the mess, here's my face all blended in! Does that even make sense? I think that it is a pretty darn flawless finish even if I do say so myself!

I just think that this is the PERRRFECT applicator for all foundation newbies, it will make your finish look so much more professional in my humble *and non-professional* opinion! I would 100% recommend this to all foundation lovers, I mean I would probably give my other beauty blender to a friend so if you think about it, that is one inexpensive gift from you to friend since you would have had to pay that £15ish for one sponge anyway, an extra £5 or so is not bad at all for a good quality gift!


Let's end this post with my face all done up for the day!

I hope this post have given you some insight to how amazing this product truly is. Let me know in the comments if you are a fan of the Beauty Blender or other similar sponges. Do you think this is a good gift to give, or even to receive?

 Until next time,

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