Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Grace's Great Gifts: Primark Pyjamas

I am one of those people that wear pjs a lot, a little way too often that I'd like to admit. I will come home and change straight into pyjamas, let's just say if I am home, I will be in pjs or some kind of lounge wear so a big haul of pyjamas really doesn't sound that crazy to me... 

Checkered set £8 | Bambi set £10
 I love checkered pyjamas, I do already have a pair but they are getting old.. like 3+ years old so it's definitely time for an upgrade. These Bambi ones are super soft and fluffy, can't wait to be all warm and cosy in this adorable set! These sets will make lovely gifts as everyone wears pyjamas and everyone love being comfy. They also come with little 'To:' and 'From:' tags so I think that they've made these with it being a present in mind, it's almost like they've done the thinking for you really.

Thermal Socks £2.50
Okay, I know these aren't technically "pyjamas" but I would wear them around the house anyway. I love how thick these are cause I can wear them out with my boots and not worry about cold toes, honestly my feet were so toasty when I had them on. When my feet is warm, the rest of me is warm. I am extremely impressed with these. I also think they are really cute and I am loving that £2.50 price tag as well! May just have to go back and pick some more up!

Penguin Dress Pyjamas £10
I always loved the idea of a onesie but then I think about how I might get too hot and how uncomfortable that would feel and just think 'NAH!'. I saw this cute penguin pyjama dress which could be the perfect alternative for a onesie! It will still keep me toasty but I am well ventilated since it isn't keeping all the heat in all over the place... I also think it will look really cute when you look all sleepy dressed as a penguin. hahaa I know it's just pyjamas and no one really cares but looking cute never hurts anyone!

Super Soft Star Pyjama Bottoms £6

 These have got to be my favourite thing out of the whole haul! They are silky furry soft and the colour is just too amazing! In a way they kinda remind me of baby pants and everytime I put them on, I do feel a little bit like an overgrown baby, but a very cosy overgrown baby that loves her PJ bottoms! It can't just be me that think they look like baby pants?

I think any pyjamas would make great gifts for Christmas, especially cause it's always so cold this time of the year! I love the idea of wearing new pyjamas on Christmas day, not only do you get to be super comfy, but it also makes it acceptable to wear pjs all day because they are new and someone bought them for you! It doesn't really matter if they don't like the style of it because most people will still wear it around the house since it's given to them. It's one of those gifts that you can't really go wrong! If you have left Christmas shopping until now, then drag yourself to Primark tomorrow (Christmas Eve!) to get some pjs and I can guarantee you will not regret it! It's better than nothing at least...


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