Monday, 22 December 2014

Gradient Greens & Ombre Reds

Good Evening! It is nearly Christmas Eve Eve and you're probably thinking what should I wear, and what make up to go with your outfit, well fear not as I am here with another look to share with you all! This one is inspired by the Greens and Reds of the festive season!

I'll leave the links of what products I've used at the end of the post.

For the eyes, start by applying the colour 'Fern' all over the lids, this matte colour will act as the base and should hopefully help your shadow last longer. Blend the eyeshadow out to get rid of any harsh edges, this will also create a slight green haze around the eyes. I like to do mine just over my lids so you can see them when my eyes are fully opened. Of course if you have a lot more lid than I do, then you won't need to go over your lids, you lucky buggers. For a gradient green effect, I used two colours, number '12' for the inner parts of your lid and number '6' for the outer edges. Use your brush to go over the two colours when you get to the middle of the lid and this should help create the gradient effect. I also added a touch of number '11' underneath the waterline to add a touch of colour in that area. Line your waterline, and finish off the look with any liquid liner and generous coats of mascara!


Now moving onto the lips! I went for a very slight Ombre lip to jazz things up a bit. Line your lips with any dark berry lip liner, I used Hollywood Red by Maybelline. Draw out your desired lip shape, I just followed my natural lip line because I didn't want to be too adventurous... When you're happy with the shape, fill the middle parts of your lips with a lighter or slightly contrasting colour, I went for 'Kiss Me Coral' by Revlon. You can use a brush or clean fingers to blend, or you can do what I did and use your lipliner to fill out and blend any bits that you might have missed, I think that by doing it this way, the lip liner and lipstick merges to create a sort of 'in-between' colour which makes the Ombre effect even more effective!

I'm am not a trained make up artist so would love any feedback and advice from my lovely readers! Or you could simply leave me a comment with your thoughts to make my day that little bit brighter!

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