Friday, 5 December 2014

November Gifts and Haul!


Happy December Everyone!

I'm always spending money on things here and there, it always get to the end of the month and I think to myself 'where did all my money go?' So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my non-fashion purchases as this may be of interest to some of you and also helps me keep track of what I am actually spending on...

 The first couple of things I got were gifts from my dearest Aunty Jane. I headed up North to visit my family at the beginning of November and there my Aunty was waiting to spoil me with gifts. Okay, to be fair, I will not be going home for Christmas this year (because I work in retail...) so these are technically Christmas/Graduation gifts.
The big box you can see is a foot spa set by BAYLIS & HARDING. It consists of a foot soak crystals, foot lotion, and these amazing white and soft fluffy slippers which I have already been wearing around the house. They just keep your feet extra toasty! Perfect for this time of year. Aunty Jane also stuffed some tweezers in the box set, it just so happens that I am indeed in need of some new tweezers so I could not be happier! Yes it really is the little things in life! She always does this and stuffs a little extra (nail polish, skincare, make up) in gifts! It always catches me off guard and of course it's nice surprise every single time.

I am particularly excited to try this last thing!!! She's only gone a got me the ISSA silicon toothbrush by FOREO! There is a little back story to this, I cheekily asked her if she could ask all the aunties and uncles to chip in some money towards my Christmas gift as I wanted one of those pricey electric toothbrush which range from £100-£200+, just because I am so sick of buying cheap electric toothbrushes over and over again as they just do not last! So my Aunty Jane just went ahead and got me this bad (clean) boy to try out as a half Christmas half Graduation gift. I will get back to you on how this works in another post as I have yet to try them out.

This umm serum thing? I'm still not quite sure what to call it but basically it's currently acting as a substitute for my face cream. This is also a gift as I ran out of face cream and Aunty Mai had some products by a Korean brand that she was trying so she shared them out. I was told that products with sebum control is good for oily skin and younger skin that tends to break out so it sounded perfect for my unpredictable skin. So far so good but I think I will use this product hand in hand with my regular Liz Earle moisturiser.

VITTSJO laptop table £30. HAREN bath sheet (Towel) £5. SINNLIG scent (individual candles) £1.50. SINNLIG scented (apple candle) £0.95. SNIKA box/ lid £16.
Some IKEA stuff next! I don't know if I've mention this before (of course I have) but I love love love IKEA so much! Here are a few bits and bobs I picked up, including the 'Laptop Table' that I am placing everything on.... The towel was an essential, I really appreciate how big their towels are as I do that run from the bathroom to my room wrapped up in it. The candles are a must whenever I pay IKEA a visit. The apple scent is one of my fav summer scent and the other is more of a wintery smell, kinda smells like a fresh bath with sea salt and essential oils but I can't quite pin point what oils would be in this scented  candle. I needed some boxes to organise my crap and I was going to go for a cheaper option, but then I saw the big green one and was like I NEED! The price was not particularly friendly considering it was a box but then I read that there were two more mini ones inside and was like 'I will go for it and I will treat myself to these adorable storage boxes!' My boyfriend and I use the smaller ones for our payslips, cute right? ;)
£7.99 each
Sleek Pallets! I needed a new eyeshadow for my graduation so I popped into boots to have a look at what was in but I couldn't find any individual colour that I loved enough to buy. When I walked passed and browsed the Sleek stand I was in awe! It was on 3 for 2 so obviously I had to get 3! it would be silly not to!

H&M Jumper £24.99. Miss Selfridge "ARTIST" ankle boot £35.
I know I said that this was a non-fashion haul post but I got these two things and I have been wearing them so much that I had to include them in my little post! I actually bought this jumper at the Alexander Wang Launch at h&m, I walked past it, saw the colour and instantly fell in love with it!

Those Artist Ankle Boots are just the comfiest! And at £35 as well?! Bargain. I think I bought this when they had some promotion going on as well so it worked out cheaper and of course I could not and did not say no. These would go with pretty much everything, and that little gold detail at the front of the boot is a nice added touch to each outfit without being too much of a distraction.

Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter £6.50. Sugar Scrub £2.95.
A couple of LUSH exfoliators! I wasn't planning on going into LUSH, let alone buying anything from there as I knew how dangerous LUSH can get, a few pounds here and there adds up! But +Angie from Angelina Rose wanted to take a peak at the Christmas collection so I tagged along and got these two products which I have been loving!

You can take a look at Angelina's mini Christmas LUSH haul blog post here.

Christmas cards £2.99 each. Silicon Macaroon Mould £8.99.
 Last but not least are a couple of random things.. Christmas cards from Sainsbury's and this silicon macaroon mould from Lakeland! I did go to other card shops to have a look but didn't see any that I particularly enjoyed so when I saw these adorable ones I just had to get them. I love the size of them and also I think these kind of multipacks are great if you have lots of friends at school or in my case work, there's so many of us there so I thought I better get too many rather than too little! I know November is a bit early to get Christmas cards but I thought I would be so busy with work especially around the holiday time that I should prepare ahead! The Silicon Mould is to help me make awesome macaroons! My housemate recently bought a Morphy Richards Mixer so that will be handy when I re-attempt to make those little treasures! I will master the MACAROON!

Wow! This was a slightly lengthy blog post... who knew I had so much to say about stuff! Well done if you have stayed with me til the end of this post, do let me know if you have enjoyed reading it. I will be doing a few reviews on things that I've bought as well as gift suggestion/gift guide posts for Christmas so stay tuned and I will speak to you in the next one!


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