Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Selling Cakes with Angelina Rose


As you can guess from the title, Angelina Rose and I only went and sold some cakes! On Sunday, Angelina's cousin's school was holding a Christmas event. There were a few stalls where parents and relatives sold crafts, food, treats, and toys. Others organised little games where the children could play and get the chance to win prizes! There was even Santa's Grotto and a mini Ice Skating Rink at the schoo with Christmas music playing throughout the dayl!

I've never been to a South London School before but it kinda gave me a weird insight into a true born and bred Londoner's life, Londoners are just like the rest of the UK! I know it sounds silly but I've always associated London with rich, established business men OR your typical struggling creative (me included) OR students and tourists exploring everything London has to offer...


I didn't manage to take that many photographs as we (mainly Angelina's mother) were too busy selling selling selling! Our bestsellers were cupcakes, they were cheap yet oh so pretty! If we ever decide to set up shop at the likes of Spitalfields, we would definitely stick to cupcakes as they are easy to transport for us, and easy for our customers to eat or take home.

This was a lovely change from the usual thing I would do on my day off. I can't say that I was in my comfort zone being surrounded by parents and children of suburban south London but it's always good to step out of your bubble and experience new things, even if they aren't the biggest of adventures. All in all, I had an enjoyable day and I also took home a scrumptious bottle of homemade chilli sauce which doubles up as a dip and seems to go great with every single crisp in the world! Okay maybe not every single crisp but goes great with nachos, Doritos, and poppadoms. and they go great with most meals, I have been obsessed with it ever since I got it, and I'm not even a chilli fan! Enough about chilli sauce now...

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