Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Goals for 2015...
Photo credit: The Telegraph
I'm one of those people that never make any resolutions and just wing it through life's big and little problems and see what happens in the end. This year, I am feeling more organized and more motivated to not only get my life on track, but to also learn and experience new things! I also feel like I will be more likely to achieve my goals if I write them down so here goes a few goals that I'd like to achieve in 2015!

1. Get a new Job
I don't hate my current job, but I would like something a little more challenging. I'd love to experience a whole new environment, like say maybe at an office. I don't have a definite plan other than apply apply apply, I may keep my current job and work 2 jobs, I may get lucky and find one amazing job, who knows?

2. Find a new home
My boyfriend and I are currently looking for new places to live in so this goal is very likely to happen. Our current place is cheap but it's nothing amazing, we'd like to live in somewhere that feels homely and maybe even inspire us a little.

3. See more of the World!
I ALWAYS say I'd like to go traveling, but do I really? Either way, I'd like to visit more new places, particularly places that require a plane to get to. That would be nice.

4. Work on my Photography
This one is quite an important one because aside from my blogging, I'm not doing anything creative, which can be dangerous for a young artist like myself (joking.. a bit). I've been asked to work on a few collaborative projects so now it's just time to get off my butt and do something about it! Of course, I'm feeling nervous but I don't want to be one of those older photographers, looking back on life, wishing they did it all!

5. YouTube?
I watch a lot of YouTubers do their thing and I am totally in awe of these people, I would LOVE to start making videos of my own one day but this is just an idea. For now, I am happy with blogging but we will see what happens.

6. Spend more time with Family and Friends
Yes, it's easy to want to hang out with the people that mean a lot to you but sometimes life (work, travels, money) gets in the way and hanging out can get tricky. I think I need to make more of an effort to keep in touch with all my lovely friends and family cause they're the people that keeps me going when times are tough.

Need I say more? Uni is over which means uni loans are over! Any money I have now is earned by yours truly, and I really ought to calm down with the shopping and start saving some pennies for rainy days...

8. Keep on Blogging!
Sometimes, it's hard to keep motivated when it comes to blogging. It is something I enjoy doing and I'd like to keep it up and perhaps do more consistent and regular posts. This blog is still fairly new and I am excited to see it develop over time.

9. Build on my relationship
I love my boyfriend and though we are still in the early days of our relationship, I can hand on heart say that I can see a future with this one. We have the same goals for our relationship, and I truly feel complete when I am with him! Relationships can be tricky and we really want to try our best to work hard (although it really isn't that hard) to keep the love going.

This are a few of my main goals for the year. Of course I have plenty more but I either can't think of any more or they just aren't that interesting to share. What are your goals and resolutions for 2015? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Saturday, 17 January 2015

What I got for Christmas!

I remember the days when Christmas used to be a time where I got lots and lots of amazing gifts from everyone and anyone, but the presents seems to be slowly fading away as the years go by! I hardly get anything nowadays... 
Although I should not complain as I was fortunate enough to get some lovely stuff so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you all!
The Best Ever Chocolate Brownie Recipe!
 One of the girls at work made us some brownies and it was truly amazing, so I had to beg her for the recipe... and when Christmas came, I got my wish! Thank you Alice!

French Connection Mini Pamper Collection
 I love things like this mainly because I know I will never splash out on a whole set just for myself, so it's always nice when other people get me gifts like this one so I can try it out and pamper myself. Treat myself to some much needed 'me time'.

Selfridges Gift Card
 I was completely in awe when I opened this! The cute little Selfridges box got me all excited and I just could not wait to open it! It makes it even better that I get to choose something for myself, which equals a lot of Selfridges Sale Browsing time.......

( I will be doing a post to show you what I got soon!)

Dressing Gown
This dressing gown is the one! It is so soft, wonderful, and most of all warm! Perfect for lounging around the house and just feeling comfortable in. I am very excited about this, and I'm normally not a fan of dressing gowns as I tend to find them a bit too warm but this one is just all kinds of goodness!

One last favourtie present which I want to share but don't really want to photograph as it is a little cute and personal is a little homemade voucher for a holiday to Barcelona with my lovely boyfriend! I cannot wait!

So those were a few of my favorite presents from Christmas 2014, what did you get?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Best of 2014

It's been 10 days in to the new year but I don't feel like the 2015 has really kicked in, so I thought I'd do a bit of reflecting on the year 2014 in hope that it will help me move on and embrace the new year ahead.

A Blurry Martin Parr and I
 I went into 2014 when I was in the middle of my last year at university. I've met some amazing lecturers and peers at uni, even some more known names such as Martin Parr himself! Though I have complained many many times about uni, I'm glad that I've stuck to it til the end!

IT'S ALL LIES exhibition
I've worked together in a collaborative group to put up an exhibition with Iniva. This is by far one of my proudest moments, could not have had a better third year exhibition!

I met this amazing guy who I now call my boyfriend in 2013 but we made it official at the end of Fed 2014. I look at him with pure affection that grows stronger every single day!

Me stood in front of the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Tower
My family and I visited the homeland, Malaysia! We haven't been back as a family (we've all been individually, or a few at a time, but never as a whole family) since we moved to England so it was a rather special trip! I can't remember the last time I went to the capital but it must have when I was aroun 12-13 years old so this was quite an amazing moment for me, quite a weird one as well as I don't feel like this is my home even though it was for a good 13 years.

Grandparents joint birthday party
While we were there, our family decided to throw our Grandparents a joint birthday party. This was a rather sad moment because my Grandad is a quite ill, and in a way it felt like this was the last celebration as a family together. 

My final project for university
I completed university with a modest 2:1, had my end of year exhibition, and had an external end of year exhibition at free range.

First day at work selfie!
I got a job! Okay so I got a job at Zara and it isn't anything spectacular like a graduate job but I felt proud of myself, I hated the job and left after 2 months but that's not the point... Point is I got a job instead of sitting around in self pitty like many other graduates (ooops... I just dropped a truth bomb!)

Me and Jiri in Prague
My lovely boyfriend and I visited his hometown Šternberk, in Czech Republic. We attended our first wedding together, and hung out with some of his friends and family. We visited his Grandad's where we had a delicious barbeque, like the best I've ever had in my entire life, by the fire with the happiest dog ever. There were acres of land and home grown food all over the places, a massive barn to hold all the barn stuff. I felt like I was transported back in time and I loved every single bit of it!

We also went to Prague and I got the chance to try out some local foods made by his babička (grandmother), at the wedding, and at local pubs. I loved the colorful architecture, and the pace of life is a lot more relaxed than London's!

Halloween make up post
I started blogging!

Me and my graduate certificate
Official Graduation Photo!

Oasis Christmas Party
I got another job at Oasis once I left Zara, still not a graduate job but I'm working on that.

Christmas day
My first Christmas away from the family (due to work responsibilities), and spent it with my dearest friends who also couldn't go home... These guys made the whole experience more fun and less daunting. I also feel like I am slowly but surely becoming a grown up!

Up at the O2
Ended the year climbing the O2 and mildly partying with a few friends in Shoreditch!

It's crazy how fast time has flew by, seems like a month ago where I did all of this and when I started writing this post, I didn't think I've done much but it turns out, I've had quite the eventful year! At the start of 2014, I had that feeling that it was gonna be a good one but this year I seem to have the holiday blues... I'm hoping this will pick up soon cause I'm so tired of feeling tired.

Until next time,

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Selfridges wishlist

My big brother gave me a Selfridges gift card for Christmas so I thought I'd browse their website to see what tickles my fancy! Here are a few things that caught my eye!
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick £25.00 £22.50
SMA Retro Series Popcorn Maker £129.00 £30.00
SMA 2-in-1 Retro Slush Maker £70 £10
Master Class Marble Pestle and Mortar £30
Nails INC The Alexa Editions Collection £45.00 £40.50
Urban Decay Naked On The Run Beauty Palette £37.00 £33.30
BeautyBlender Best Friends £28.00 £25.20
Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser £13.00 £11.70
The Selfy Stick and Bluetooth Remote Shutter £19.99 £17.99

I have been browsing for a good few days so some of the products (such as the popcorn maker) has sold old! Which kinda makes me want them even more...


Thursday, 1 January 2015

NYE in photos
Up at the O2 | Our last meal of 2014 | My rare steak, just the way I love it! | Cheers to a Happy New Year | Me, Rebecca, Alice, and Graeme | Faye and I | Graeme and I | Raluca and I

I don't usually do much on New Years Eve apart from staying in with my family and relatives to countdown and welcome the new year whilst watching the fireworks display on TV. Last year, I felt a bit adventurous so I wondered around Camden but didn't go in to any pubs because everywhere was so packed that I could literally see people squeezing up to the windows, we had our countdown amongst many others at muddy Primrose Hill where we saw a miniature fireworks display in the far distance. The atmosphere was great but I promised myself that the cold and hassle was not worth the effort next year.

This year I wanted to do something a little different, after all I am in London, the city that never sleeps... I've booked tickets for 'Up at the O2' for my boyfriend as one of his Christmas gifts and thought it would be a nice activity to do on New Years Eve and that's exactly what we did! We then went to Chiquito, the branch just outside the O2 for our last meal of 2014 before heading off to Shoreditch to meet up with my friend, Raluca who conveniently lives at the heart of Shoreditch High Street. We hung out at her place for a bit and went to Prague Bar as I love their cocktails and it was so peaceful in there, we kinda forgot to countdown but we all got a little merry and I can't speak for everyone but I had a brilliant time with these amazing people!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 was one of my best years yet and I have high hopes for 2015!