Thursday, 1 January 2015

NYE in photos
Up at the O2 | Our last meal of 2014 | My rare steak, just the way I love it! | Cheers to a Happy New Year | Me, Rebecca, Alice, and Graeme | Faye and I | Graeme and I | Raluca and I

I don't usually do much on New Years Eve apart from staying in with my family and relatives to countdown and welcome the new year whilst watching the fireworks display on TV. Last year, I felt a bit adventurous so I wondered around Camden but didn't go in to any pubs because everywhere was so packed that I could literally see people squeezing up to the windows, we had our countdown amongst many others at muddy Primrose Hill where we saw a miniature fireworks display in the far distance. The atmosphere was great but I promised myself that the cold and hassle was not worth the effort next year.

This year I wanted to do something a little different, after all I am in London, the city that never sleeps... I've booked tickets for 'Up at the O2' for my boyfriend as one of his Christmas gifts and thought it would be a nice activity to do on New Years Eve and that's exactly what we did! We then went to Chiquito, the branch just outside the O2 for our last meal of 2014 before heading off to Shoreditch to meet up with my friend, Raluca who conveniently lives at the heart of Shoreditch High Street. We hung out at her place for a bit and went to Prague Bar as I love their cocktails and it was so peaceful in there, we kinda forgot to countdown but we all got a little merry and I can't speak for everyone but I had a brilliant time with these amazing people!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 was one of my best years yet and I have high hopes for 2015!


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