Saturday, 28 February 2015

Selfridges Splurge!


A while ago, you may have read that my big brother gave me a Selfridges gift card for Christmas! I was browsing so much on their Selfridges website that I even made a whole wish list post about it...

It's rare that I get to post up an image of the unopened delivery box because my address is on it so I'd thought I'd share this unopened box with you and take you through the unboxing process! I love opening stuff I get in the post cause I just feel like I'm opening a little present, even though I already know what is inside. It's the little thrills in life, eh?

 I bought these products around the new year, there was a 10% off beauty promo going on at the time which made buying these treats slightly more acceptable.

Bare Minerals quick change brush cleanser £10 £9
 I have a whole customer service story on this product that I will leave for another post...
Have yet to try this but I will be sure to share my thoughts when I do :)

Chanel LES BEIGES Retractable Kabuki Brush £35 £31.50

 My brother gave me a generous £30 gift card and as we all know gift cards/moneys are not meant to be spent on sensible things. The Chanel kabuki brush is definitely not a sensible purchase, I mean I don't need a kabuki brush that costs £30+, I could get a few good quality brushes for that price! Having said that, I've never own anything designer and this was in budget so why not. I fell in love with the white bristles straight away! The fact that there is a lid to keep it clean in your travel make up bag is just a bonus. I was a bit skeptical and disappointing by the size when I first laid eyes on it, I thought it was going to be bigger and perhaps fluffier? When I first started using it, I didn't know what to make of it. It was a rather confusing experience but now that I've used it a good few times, I can safely say that I am indeed a fan of this slightly overpriced yet oh so beautiful make up brush. It's amazing for picking up product (like my powder foundation)and blends pretty darn well. I would say it feels like I'm using a sponge more than a brush because the bristles are so dense, this might not be seen as a negative as I think it gives a flawless, smooth finish.

I think this is the ideal travel brush and I just love taking it out of my bag. I know it's silly but I feel like I'm subtlety shouting look at my Chanel brush every time I use it. First a brush, next a bag perhaps? In my dreams maybe.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator £22.00

I haven't used very many MAC products before, in fact this is probably the only MAC Product that I own! This stuff is truly the bomb, I swear by it 100%.

Opening post is my favorite thing to do!

Even the box glitters! It looks a lot more glittery in real life...


The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is what silky smooth skin dreams are made of! I think that it is the perfect exfoliator for people with normal to oily skin. Works a treat if you're skin is feeling a little dull and clogged up. My skin is baby soft after every use but it does tend to leave my skin feeling tight, nothing uncomfortable, and a bit of moisturizer is sure to fix that. I did give a little sample pot to Joanna in our Swap Box and she said that she would not be investing in this product because it wasn't the best for her sensitive skin, so maybe this product work best with less sensitive skin types. I use this twice a week and even when I don't apply my weekly mud mask, my face is still impressively clean. It leaves me feeling fresh, which in turn gives me motivation to do stuff.

Have you tried this product?


Monday, 23 February 2015


ZOEVA ROSE GOLDEN Luxury Set £56.95
Happy Monday All! 

I have finally manage to track these down! I have been lusting over these from the day Essie Button wrote a review on them. I couldn't bring myself to pay the price at the time, and when I finally could, I realized that Zoeva was not based in the UK and I would have to pay an extra £7 for delivery!! I was not game for that. So I desperately and impatiently waited and waited until it came back in stock on the UK stockist websites, and Love Make Up.
Fresh from the packet!

j'adore very much!
As luck (and a lot of stalking) would have it, they came back in stock on Love Make Up! There's no delivery costs for orders over £50, which meant that I did not have to pay delivery, so I added it to my basket and checked out without any hesitation! The delivery was quick and the products were well packaged so absolutely no complaints there. Zoeva has just launched their ROSE GOLDEN Luxury Set Vol. 2, and I have to say that I much prefer what I got here. Partly because I feel like I've been building an emotional bond with them for months now, and when they finally arrived, they certainly matched and exceeded my expectation. I haven't used them yet as I've only just received them but I've played with it (as you do) and the bristles are extremely soft, and it appears to be outstandingly high in quality. Each brush comes to an average of a minute £7 each, which I think is an absolute BARGAIN! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be purchasing more Zoeva brushes in the future.

*I forgot to talk about the travel case that comes with the brushes and as you can see, it is just too beautiful not to mention! It's a bit bigger than a usual travel make up bag but it makes up for it because it is so slim and sleek. What I love the most about this bag is that it has a little extra zipped pocket inside, which would be perfect for carrying your lady goods ('time of the month' essentials...) discretely, saving you from any public awkwardness! This will be my new travel make up bag that I will chuck in my everyday handbag. Absolutely chuffed to bits with it!*

Do you love them as much as I do?

Until next time,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award


Another Award/Nomination post!

Thank you to Emily from My Little Space for the Nomination :) you can see her post here.

The Rules
  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog.
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

7 Things
  • I have a sewing machine and recently started taking in my own clothes.
  • I absolutely adore Classic Chanel Bags in Black and Gold, I'm obssessed!
  • I tend to get extremely angry/grumpy when I haven't had enough food or sleep. Do not cross me when I'm in this state!
  • There's something about steaming creases out of satin like material tops that is oh so satisfying to me! I feel like I've accomplished something with my day.
  • I love short shorts, so ready for summer to make an appearence!
  • I tend to hoard cameras, and then it gets to a point where I have way too many and I sell them on eBay!
  • I love eBay and Depop

The Nominees

As always hope you've enjoyed this, and if you would like to be nominated for future nominations please comment below so I can discover your blogs!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Byron Burgers, Maxwell's, and Ladurée!

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February is the month for dates and though dates with boyfriends are all well and good, sometimes you just need a date* with your girlfriend(s)! So that's just what we and my beautiful friend Ramya did!

We needed a day to escape reality for a few hours, to catch up, forget about our stressful lives, to take selfies, eat food, drink cocktails, and all the other things that our boyfriends might not want to do - I'm talking about the selfies here, haha. 

After a morning of lectures (for Ramya) and working (for me), we went to Byron's where they serve 'proper hamburgers' and it was DE.LI.CIOUS! The burgers were in fact proper and the rest was just as satisfying! We got some fries, and nachos with guacamole and salsa to share. A classic burger each. Coke for Ramya, and an Oreo Milkshake for myself. and to finish a great meal, Chocolate brownie to share! all this coming to a grand total of just over £15 per person which isn't all that pricey for a meal, especially in London.

We then went to Maxwell's where we were suppose to get some cocktails and enjoy happy hour but we failed and showed up 15 minutes early and left after one drink soooooo not much else to say on that. Went for a quick wonder round Covent Garden for the perfect Selfie spot as we were so determined to take a 'good selfie', and found ourselves in Ladurée!

I've never been to Ladurée, because I've always thought that it would be waaay over budget for a struggling graduate like myself but oh was I slightly wrong! I mean we would described it as a posh Starbucks so it was a little pricey, but considering the scrumptious little macaroon treasures, quaint setting, and aromatic teas, I'd say the prices are worth every penny. We sat down, made ourselves at home and had plenty of giggles, as well as 5 macaroons, tea, and hot chocolate all for just over £10 each!

A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on
A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on

and of course we ended the day with a #PerfectSelfie

 I had so much fun with Ramya and it has reminded me that these kinda girlie days need to happen more often! A healthy relationship (with my adorable boyfriend) can only work if we both have lives outside of the relationship and though I would love to do everything with him, it can get a little repetitive and boring so a little 'date' or two here and there won't hurt, in fact it would probably enhance your relationship if anything! Win win situation for all!

As always, hope you've enjoyed this,

*it wasn't really a date, just a couple of girlfriends hanging out and enjoying each others company and living life to the max!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

NEW Benefit Roller Lash mascara


It's here! ELLE magazine's March issue has a little special something something in there, a sample of the new Roller Lash mascara by Benefit! I was so out of the loop that I wasn't even aware of this until my wonderful friend (and blogger), Joanna told me that she went to 5 different stores to track this down. I was lucky enough to wonder into M&S in Covent Garden where they had a good load of stock in there, I obviously had to pick one up for myself to see what all the fuss is about.


I have been dying to try out Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara but when I wondered into Boots and found out that it costs almost £20! I was in utter shock and murmured the words "I'll think about it..." to the counter assistant with no intention on splashing out at all! Joanna gave me a sample size one to try out in our beauty swap box, I have yet to try as I have a tiny bit of smashbox mascara to finish up but I've only heard great things about this mascara and I can only assume that their new product would be just as exciting.

My verdict In short: I do appreciate this mascara but I won't be rushing out to spend £19.50 (?!?!) on it any time soon.

Please excuse my bare face and lack of make up here!
For demonstration purposes, here is my ungroomed face without and with mascara. I used an eyelash curler but to be honest there isn't a vast difference when I use this product without the eyelash curler. It does lengthen and curl extremely well. I wore this mascara out and found that it survived large amounts of rain (it was raining all day and I didn't have a hat, hood, or umbrella, rain all over my face. Typical London) and some light wind, my lashes kept it shape and mascara did not run all over my face, which of course is a +1 in anyone's books. Having said that, it comes off without a struggle when used with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish even though it is pretty waterproof. It is a little clumpy but I don't particularly mind all that much especially cause the clumpy lash style is "in" at the moment. I like to give my lashes little push with my fingers throughout the day to encourage the lashes to fan out a little wider.

 I think that this mascara would be great with some individual false lashes because of the way it makes the lashes curl up and bind together. As said before, I will not be buying this because even though I keep singing it's praises, I feel that I could get something that is equally charming without having to break the bank!

Read Joanna's review here.

Hope this post was somewhat helpful, until next time!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The grand budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I didn't want to do any sort of film review on this blog because, well, I am not very good at reviewing them. This film however was too good for me to not share it so I thought to myself that I must write something about it. Take this as a sort of recommendation rather than a review.

I loved this film from start to finish, I think every photographer might be interested in this because each scene was captured and framed 'postcard-perfect'! I enjoyed the bizarre colours which went hand in hand with the bizarre storyline and characters, but not too bizarre that it became uneasy to watch. I found it very amusing and entertaining, and it perfect for those days where you wanna watch something but don't really want to think. If I am honest, I probably appreciated the way it was made rather that what it was portraying, it inspired me and sparked a few ideas in my own mind.

I will definitely watch this again and again, especially when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps and need a little pick me up! Perfect for any easy-going Sunday, like today maybe?


Thursday, 12 February 2015

A visit home and Birthday Celebrations!

I was so focused on the cake that I forgotten about the rest! SORRY!
 Hello lovelies, hope you are all feeling fab and enjoying the start of the end of the week! Can you believe it's February already?! Neither can I.

A month or so ago, I traveled back up north to visit my family. It's been over three years since I've moved out and now that I am officially (because it's not really official when you move out for uni) out for good and it's nice to go home and forget that I am indeed a fully independent grown up lady person.

I'm not going to lie, London life is difficult and expensive! You hardly have time to wind down and relax and even when you finally have a day off from working to pay for all the essentials, you still feel the strain of the city at your doorstep. I have a love hate relationship with London, I can't quite describe it but when I'm out of there, it feels wondrous! but at the same time I feel as though I am missing out on all the excitement... 

My home is quite the opposite, for starters it's in a Valley, it's filled of wannabe gangsters who are really completely harmless (and irritating), families, and lovely old people. It's a nice place for families with young children because everything is moving at a pace that is much more bearable than London's.

I had time to relax, and I mean properly relax when I was home. Spend time with my family and had afternoon tea with my aunties (Picture Below)! Picked up my Christmas gifts and got a few more gifts for graduating, which of course gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on

I am now back in London and I am so so happy (and stressed) that I am! I don't know what the future holds but blogging about it seems to be an ideal way for me to channel some of that stress.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Beauty Swap Box with The Joanna Louise Things


I'm so excited to do my first beauty collaboration blogpost and who better to do it with than your bestest friend? The answer to that is no one so Joanna and I decided that we will do a Beauty Swap Box, as the title suggests. We initially came up with the idea because we were buying sets and didn't need all the products as we already had the full size one lying around somewhere, or sometimes you'd buy something in twos because it just works out so much more affordable/justifiable, or you'd buy some products (such as Liz Earle's) and they'd pop in some free sample for you to try! Instead of keeping these at the back of your beauty stash, why not give them away for someone else to try them. 

Now you may be confused as to why there is no 'box' in this post, well that would be because 1-I was traveling back to London and didn't want to carry a shoe box when I could fit everything in my bag and 2-because it was in a shoe box... I'm not complaining at all as I am chuffed to bits with the content of the box! Check out my instagram for a photo of our boxes together!

I will be doing reviews on certain products in the near future but for now, here are the products up close and personal:

Elizabeth Arden Luminous Lip Gloss

Adorable "Alarm Clock" from Benefit!
Don't be fooled by this cute little clock, it works just as well as any other alarm clock. I can assure you the beeping noise is enough to wake anyone up.

they're Real! benefit mascara
 I have heard so many good things about this mascara and I CANNOT wait to try this out! I did go into boots looking to buy this, but when I saw the price tag I was just there like "hell to the no!" I can't afford to spend £19.50 just to TRY a product! I mean what if I don't like it? I will report back and let you know if I will be spending that much on a mascara.

Clinique Blusher

Smashbox Luminizing Primer

Clinique body lotion

TONI & GUY create the look set
When I opened this, my face lit up with joy! I adore hair products and I LOVE volumising products that can give my hair that extra lift as I have very straight, stubborn, and flat hair that doesn't really budge unless I've got heat or products all up in there. I still have a lot of shampoo to get through (as I ten to buy mine in 3 for 2 offers and then buy some more when they are cheap) so I don't know when I will use this, but I know I will. I'm particularly intrigued by the sea salt spray, I've used sea salt spray from other brands before and they just don't resemble the ones my hair dresser uses so this one might just be the one to impress me.

A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on

Now that I think about it, it's kinda funny to see how different we are both in our personalities, fashion and beauty choices, even men choices... we are so dissimilar yet so similar at the same time. I think that this definitely comes across in our blogs too (I use blogger, she uses wordpress, but yet we both starting blogging without telling the other)! Not that any of this matters as Joanna is one of my oldest, most trusted friend who will hopefully remain in my life forever.

You can find more of Joanna on her insightful blog, The Joanna Louise Things and you can see what I gave her in her Beauty Swap Box Post!

Hope you have enjoyed this post as much as Joanna and I enjoyed taking part in it.

Until next time,

Monday, 9 February 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 
Thank you to Angie from Angelina Rose for the nomination! make sure you check out her blog.

The rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and add their link to your blog
2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers.
5. Contact your nominees and provide a link to your post.
6. Display the award logo (button) on your blog, whether on your sidebar or about page, or special award page. 

Seven random things about me:
1. I am generally a happy person and my happiness maybe a bit overwhelming and might come across as weird (in the best possible way of course!)

2. I never learned how to swim and always had to use armbands or some sort of float until one day I went in to the pool and made my way to the deep end without floats and realized that I could just float, still don't know how to swim under water but I love swimming or floating everything, especially the sea.

3. I hate sports and all forms of exercise, I am just a lazy person. Was born lazy and remained lazy......
4. I never used to like wearing a dressing gown as I would get uncomfortably hot, but now I absolutely adore mine. I'm living in a place where central heating isn't the best so my dressing gown comes to the rescue.

5. Tiny holes in walls creep me out! I feel like a spider (or a million spiders) is gonna crawl out of them when I'm asleep and who knows what they are gonna do!

6. I have the most ungraceful (despite my name being Grace) laugh. My friend, Ramya says that I look like I'm about to catch a ball whenever I laugh? hahahaa I don't know.

7. I adore the home section in tkmaxx! Now I just need a place to call home so I can start buying and decorating.

Here are my 15 nominees:

Thank you so much for reading my Very Inspiring Blogger Award post, if you've done one too then feel free to leave a link below so I can check it out! Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, I'm sorting out lots of stuff and will update you in my next post which will be coming very soon.