Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Beauty Swap Box with The Joanna Louise Things


I'm so excited to do my first beauty collaboration blogpost and who better to do it with than your bestest friend? The answer to that is no one so Joanna and I decided that we will do a Beauty Swap Box, as the title suggests. We initially came up with the idea because we were buying sets and didn't need all the products as we already had the full size one lying around somewhere, or sometimes you'd buy something in twos because it just works out so much more affordable/justifiable, or you'd buy some products (such as Liz Earle's) and they'd pop in some free sample for you to try! Instead of keeping these at the back of your beauty stash, why not give them away for someone else to try them. 

Now you may be confused as to why there is no 'box' in this post, well that would be because 1-I was traveling back to London and didn't want to carry a shoe box when I could fit everything in my bag and 2-because it was in a shoe box... I'm not complaining at all as I am chuffed to bits with the content of the box! Check out my instagram for a photo of our boxes together!

I will be doing reviews on certain products in the near future but for now, here are the products up close and personal:

Elizabeth Arden Luminous Lip Gloss

Adorable "Alarm Clock" from Benefit!
Don't be fooled by this cute little clock, it works just as well as any other alarm clock. I can assure you the beeping noise is enough to wake anyone up.

they're Real! benefit mascara
 I have heard so many good things about this mascara and I CANNOT wait to try this out! I did go into boots looking to buy this, but when I saw the price tag I was just there like "hell to the no!" I can't afford to spend £19.50 just to TRY a product! I mean what if I don't like it? I will report back and let you know if I will be spending that much on a mascara.

Clinique Blusher

Smashbox Luminizing Primer

Clinique body lotion

TONI & GUY create the look set
When I opened this, my face lit up with joy! I adore hair products and I LOVE volumising products that can give my hair that extra lift as I have very straight, stubborn, and flat hair that doesn't really budge unless I've got heat or products all up in there. I still have a lot of shampoo to get through (as I ten to buy mine in 3 for 2 offers and then buy some more when they are cheap) so I don't know when I will use this, but I know I will. I'm particularly intrigued by the sea salt spray, I've used sea salt spray from other brands before and they just don't resemble the ones my hair dresser uses so this one might just be the one to impress me.

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Now that I think about it, it's kinda funny to see how different we are both in our personalities, fashion and beauty choices, even men choices... we are so dissimilar yet so similar at the same time. I think that this definitely comes across in our blogs too (I use blogger, she uses wordpress, but yet we both starting blogging without telling the other)! Not that any of this matters as Joanna is one of my oldest, most trusted friend who will hopefully remain in my life forever.

You can find more of Joanna on her insightful blog, The Joanna Louise Things and you can see what I gave her in her Beauty Swap Box Post!

Hope you have enjoyed this post as much as Joanna and I enjoyed taking part in it.

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  1. I really like swaps even though I have never done it! Looks cool! I am first time on your blog and really like it! Hope you can check mine and leave me a feedback! I have just recently started writing it. by :) :)


    1. We had so much fun swapping and collaborating, will definitely do it again! Aww you're so lovely, thank you for the compliment :D just checking your blog out now..... ;)

      Grace x

  2. Wow i love your blog, it gives me a lot of info , what can you say about smashbox primer is it good? i keep looking for a good primer any recommendations? thanks. . . .keep in touch i have an instagram too @eritinascorner i will add you there. :D


    1. I adore the smashbox primer, will be doing a review on this next week so watch this space! Thanks for stopping by :)

      Grace x