Thursday, 19 February 2015

Byron Burgers, Maxwell's, and Ladurée!

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February is the month for dates and though dates with boyfriends are all well and good, sometimes you just need a date* with your girlfriend(s)! So that's just what we and my beautiful friend Ramya did!

We needed a day to escape reality for a few hours, to catch up, forget about our stressful lives, to take selfies, eat food, drink cocktails, and all the other things that our boyfriends might not want to do - I'm talking about the selfies here, haha. 

After a morning of lectures (for Ramya) and working (for me), we went to Byron's where they serve 'proper hamburgers' and it was DE.LI.CIOUS! The burgers were in fact proper and the rest was just as satisfying! We got some fries, and nachos with guacamole and salsa to share. A classic burger each. Coke for Ramya, and an Oreo Milkshake for myself. and to finish a great meal, Chocolate brownie to share! all this coming to a grand total of just over £15 per person which isn't all that pricey for a meal, especially in London.

We then went to Maxwell's where we were suppose to get some cocktails and enjoy happy hour but we failed and showed up 15 minutes early and left after one drink soooooo not much else to say on that. Went for a quick wonder round Covent Garden for the perfect Selfie spot as we were so determined to take a 'good selfie', and found ourselves in Ladurée!

I've never been to Ladurée, because I've always thought that it would be waaay over budget for a struggling graduate like myself but oh was I slightly wrong! I mean we would described it as a posh Starbucks so it was a little pricey, but considering the scrumptious little macaroon treasures, quaint setting, and aromatic teas, I'd say the prices are worth every penny. We sat down, made ourselves at home and had plenty of giggles, as well as 5 macaroons, tea, and hot chocolate all for just over £10 each!

A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on
A photo posted by Grace Lee (@gracetakesphotos) on

and of course we ended the day with a #PerfectSelfie

 I had so much fun with Ramya and it has reminded me that these kinda girlie days need to happen more often! A healthy relationship (with my adorable boyfriend) can only work if we both have lives outside of the relationship and though I would love to do everything with him, it can get a little repetitive and boring so a little 'date' or two here and there won't hurt, in fact it would probably enhance your relationship if anything! Win win situation for all!

As always, hope you've enjoyed this,

*it wasn't really a date, just a couple of girlfriends hanging out and enjoying each others company and living life to the max!


  1. I want a hamburger!! it looks delicious. maybe it was but also because you take great pictures