Sunday, 15 February 2015

The grand budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I didn't want to do any sort of film review on this blog because, well, I am not very good at reviewing them. This film however was too good for me to not share it so I thought to myself that I must write something about it. Take this as a sort of recommendation rather than a review.

I loved this film from start to finish, I think every photographer might be interested in this because each scene was captured and framed 'postcard-perfect'! I enjoyed the bizarre colours which went hand in hand with the bizarre storyline and characters, but not too bizarre that it became uneasy to watch. I found it very amusing and entertaining, and it perfect for those days where you wanna watch something but don't really want to think. If I am honest, I probably appreciated the way it was made rather that what it was portraying, it inspired me and sparked a few ideas in my own mind.

I will definitely watch this again and again, especially when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps and need a little pick me up! Perfect for any easy-going Sunday, like today maybe?


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