Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Barcelona | The Sights


Hello Everyone, I am officially back in London and Loving it! I can never wait to get out of the city when I'm in it, but when I feel like I am missing out whenever I leave...

I wanted to post this up sooner but I went to Manchester to visit my wonderful family a day after Barcelona. I wanted to spend that time with my family and friends so blogging had to wait a few days I am afraid. I took A LOT of photos whilst I was in Barcelona so I thought I would do a few posts on the trip so that it spreads it out, as opposed to cramming it all into one big, extremely long post.

The first post (as you read in the title) will be about the sights/tourist attractions I saw whilst there. Barcelona is known for it's unique architecture, most of which is designed by the amazing architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf was the first attraction I saw in Barcelona. Our room was about 2 minutes away so we walked passed it almost everyday,.

Park Güell

First of Gaudí's work, Park Güell. You can see the whole of Barcelona from here, I think it's in the mountains or there's a mountain around/behind this park but the air was so fresh and unpolluted! You have to pay to go into the main bit but I was satisfied with what I could see and did not want to waste time queuing and paying to get in.
La Sagrada Família

Close Up | In the Making of La Sagrada Família
La Sagrada Família or as I was calling it 'Sangria Familia' was my favorite sight of the trip! I first saw it when I came out of the tube and it was magnificent. It's Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece that has been taking a few hundred years to build, and is still currently being built as we speak! This interesting architecture is funded by donations only, which is also why it is taking so long to finish. There was no unified style to this building, but that's what made it even more interesting, each part you look into has a new story to tell. If I thought this was BIG then I have a feeling the finished building is going to be out of this world, definitely worth going back to see when this masterpiece is complete.

Barcelona Cathedral
I love Cathedrals. I don't have an religious connection to them but something about being in them makes me feel protected and sacred. I love their aesthetic and interior and though most Cathederals that I've seen (around England) are similar, they are never the same. Same theory applies here.

Gothic Quarter
Honestly, I didn't even know this was a tourist attraction until after the photograph was taken.

Casa Batlló
Another Gaudí piece. His style is simply no style, but yet still distinctive. Deep.

A quick snap of Jiri and I in Park Güell
If you are somebody who loves to explore, learn about history, and have an interest in architecture, then you would love Barcelona. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I am used to the hectic London vibes, but I felt that Barcelona was a lot more chilled, despite the fact that there were tourists everywhere.

More posts on food, accommodation, and the rest of my experience to come so don't miss out!

Hope you've enjoyed this post,

*Quick Life Update: I would like to let you all know that Jiri and I decided to break up. This was a mutual decision and though I know break ups are seen as an incredibly negative situation, I feel like I could not be happier because I feel like we have come to a decision, as oppose to thinking "should we, shouldn't we" (which was how I was feeling for some time). Our relationship like all relationships had problems and if things are right, the relationship would come out the other end, creating a stronger couple. However, if things didn't quite click then I would never want to waste anyone's time. I have the support of many close friends and my wonderful family. Right now, I am just excited to meet more new friends and experience more as an independent woman! Please don't feel sad reading this but instead wish me luck in my adventures!*

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1. Tube Wringer £18.06
I generally struggle with getting the last bits of products out of tube packaging, this tool will solve all my problems!

2. Glass Mug £1.25
I've been seeing a lot of London cafes and restaurants serving green tea (my new obsession) in glass mugs recently, I always adore them and want to steal them so maybe it's best I just buy some for myself.

3. Gold Macbook £1049
I haven't done my research on the new Macbook, but it's gold and I want. I want this purely based on aesthetics alone.

4. SensatioNail UV gel nail kit £69.99
Doing my nails is some what of a necessity these days, but I hate having to wait for them to dry. I hate how they chip off just because you're opening a door or something silly like that... so maybe UV gel nail polishes are the way forward. They dry instantly and lasts up to two weeks.

5. White Diamond Lamp £79.99
I first saw and fell in love with these lamps on Depop. At nearly £80 a lamp, I think this will remain on my wishlist and away from my purchase list for a while to come.

6. MUJI Acrylic drawers £24.95
Mentioned these drawers in one of my previous post, and I think I will be purchasing some in the near future, preferably after I've moved from my current house. I just think these will be perfect for storing all my make up, I can see through them because they are acrylic, and this will allow me to see what products I have and inspire me to create different looks.

7. Pasta Maker £17.40
If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I made my own pasta last week! My housemate and fellow blogger Angelina has a pasta maker and it is truly amazing! If you love pasta then this is a must, the dough is surprisingly simple to create.

8. 'VAGUE' tee £12.45
Another something that I first saw on Depop, I just think this is so perfect for me cause I can be Vague at times, especially when it comes to fashion! I also love how it's a tongue and cheek dupe of the word and font of "VOGUE" too.

9. Manfrotto Compact Light £49.99
This last item is more of a need than want. I do currently own a tripod but it isn't the best of qualities, it's sturdy enough to use indoors (i.e. in my bedroom), but I wouldn't trust it to take it out because it just isn't made to deal with different weather conditions like strong wind and light rain, which defeats the whole point of a tripod. This would be an investment for any photographer but I will have to wait for payday... Story of my life.

I wasn't lying in the title when I said this was going to be random!
Hope you've enjoyed this post, and I will see you soon,


Monday, 23 March 2015

FOREO ISSA mini toothbrush

FOREO ISSA mini toothbrush £89
A while back, just when my blog first started, I mentioned that I got this product as a gift for Christmas/Graduation from Aunty Jane. I know a toothbrush is completely a random present to receive but an electric toothbrush was something that I had cheekily asked for. I wasn't expecting to receive this and was so excited when I unwrapped the present, especially after hearing Essie Button rave about it in one of her videos. I was totally intrigued by it from the moment I knew it existed.

This ISSA toothbrush is a silicone electric toothbrush with silicone bristles. It's biggest selling point is probably how gentle it is, which prevents bleeding gums.

So what are my thought on this? Well as much as I wanted to love it, I'm going to have to be honest here and say that I was underwhelmed by it. I know that it is supposed to be gentle but I felt like it was a bit TOO gentle. It did an amazing job at massaging my gums and teeth, but unfortunately it did not do a great job at cleaning my teeth, which is the sole purpose of a toothbrush. I think this might be because the bristles are just too big for me, it doesn't get in to the grooves and gaps between my teeth. I can't use a toothbrush on a daily basis that doesn't clean my teeth... think of all the decay! I do still use this as a tooth-massager rather than a toothbrush. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking to invest in a new toothbrush as it is on the pricey side, and it does not deliver great results as a toothbrush. It's a great (dare I say) novelty product, maybe more suitable for kids (providing they floss properly) because of how gentle it is.

I'm so sorry, FOREO and Aunty Jane, I just cannot risk decay. For now, I will stick to my budget oral-b electric toothbrush until I can afford a more luxurious one.

What are your thoughts of this toothbrush?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Graduation gift from SWAROVSKI

Swarovski Vittore Ring £49.00
My dad gave me some money to buy a keepsake item for my graduation and I really wanted to treat myself to a diamond ring. My budget wasn't that ridiculous so I settled for the next best thing, Swarovski crystals! I've always loved how Swarovski stones sparkled so brightly in the light, simply gorgeous.

I found a diamond infinity ring which would have set me back a good £500+ but this beaut cost me just under £50. The Vittore ring came in white gold, gold, and rose gold. It can be layered or just worn by itself. I have child sized hands, this small ring which Angelina would wear as a midi ring is just perfect for me as it doesn't look gigantic on me. I originally went in to the store cause I saw some gorgeous rings which resembles engagement rings, now I am not planning on getting engaged but I adore the style of those rings and wanted one for myself, but after trying I few on, I opted for something a little more subtle, and more graduation gift appropriate. Enjoy the photos.



Until next time,

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Refinery 29 | Style Out There

I should be jetting off to Barcelona as you read this post. Thought I'd keep you entertained while I'm gone and share some YouTube videos that I found interesting.

I first heard about Refinery 29 on youtube through Jenn Im from Clothesencounters. I am such a big fangirl of Jenn, she has quirky style and a beautiful personality, I just love watching all her youtube videos.

This series, "Style out there" was recommended by youtube based on what I've watched. I clicked on the above video out of curiosity and was so inspired that I had to watch the rest of the series. These videos are very informative, charmingly presented by the beautiful Asha Leo, who also ends the video on a personal note, which I think adds to the whole experience of watching these videos. I was so inspired that I just had to share it with you all. I particularly enjoyed the 'Lolitas Of Amsterdam' episode.

Would love to hear what you're thoughts are, leave me a comment to let me know :)
Until next time,

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Before Barcelona | Packing

Today, I will be packing a few more bits and bobs into my suitcase so thought I'd share them with you. I left out the essentials such as toothbrush, hair dryer, hair straighteners, and clothing because I would be here all day if I were to photograph everything that I'm taking! 

French Connection Body Wash and Body Butter | TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner | batiste dry shampoo
My boyfriend said we could buy these when we are there but I don't want to have to worry about these things when I am on holiday, so I went out to boots and bought everything! Even the dry shampoo to keep me going in my 'in-between washes' days. The French Connection products were a part of one of my Christmas gifts, so why not make the most of them and save some cash in the process.

Barry M nail polishes
Currently doing my nails as I type (dangerous, I know). I have not decided if I will be taking these with me for touch ups, I'm leaning more towards leaving them here because if I touch them up whilst I'm there, they might smudge and then I'd need my nail polish remover... and so on and so on. So I will probably leave these at home, thought I'd include this in the post since I bought them with the holiday in mind.

antihistamine tablet | paracetamol tablet
I seem to have developed a sensitive body in the last couple of years, I feel like I react to everything! Especially in warmer and new environments, my body cannot handle it, so I will be taking one antihistamine tablet a day to keep the rashes away. Paracetamol tablets are just a precaution, just in case I get any sort of aches.

bank charger
Bank charger to keep my phone going for the flight and busy days. Just need to remember to bring the charger for this.

contact lenses | eye drops | glasses

I will also be bringing my camera + charger, and phone + charger. That is sort of a given for any modern holiday anyway...

If I am 100% honest, I haven't been that excited about this trip but now that I've packed up most of my stuff, and I've done a little research on the place, I can feel myself getting excited! I won't be taking my Macbook with me this time, which also means that I can't blog whilst I'm there but don't worry as I have a few posts scheduled!

You can see what I'm getting up to in Barcelona on instagram as I will hopefully be uploading lots of photos! (If I can find the wi-fi of course...)

Until next time,

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Before Barcelona | Skincare and Make Up

My boyfriend and I will be going to Barcelona! This trip was suppose to be a Christmas gift from my boyfriend to us, but he has cheekily add on Valentine's day and our Anniversary on top so it's just a gift for all occasions... he probably would have thrown in birthday if my birthday had been in recent months! He does generally spoil me with affection and other little gifts so I'm not really disappointed. Anyway, I have booked two weeks of work and have some spare time to myself to wind down and relax so thought why not do a few posts on how I prep for a holiday.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish | epoch mud mask | MAC volcanic ash exfoliator | WELEDA Hydrating Masque
 This is my weekly skincare routine, and I also do this the day before any big occasion just to give my skin that extra boost! I start off by cleansing my face with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, getting rid of any grease and dirt. Then move on to my mud mask by nu skin, this will help draw out any impurities that's been building up over the week. Exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin. I like to finish with a moisturising mask cause it makes my skin feel extra soft and locks in all the juicy moisture after all the scrubbing it's been through!

Liz Earle toner | Plant Stem Cell moisturiser
I put some Liz Earle Toner into a spray bottle because I feel like this uses less product and sprays all over the face, which means I will have less spreading to do, which benefits my skin. I'd normally use my Liz Earle moisturiser but since I wanted something light, I went for this instead. I still don't know how to describe it but it's sort of like a gel/serum that works as a moisturising product. My Aunty's Brother gave her some gifts from Korea and this was one of them, and since it's 'Sebum Control', which is better for more youthful skin (i.e. me haha), she gave it to me to try out. I do like it but it isn't good enough to use on a daily basis.

I've already done this routine once (on Sunday) and will probably do it once (on Wednesday) more before I leave.

Travel size Liz Earle Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise | Pot of MAC volcanis ash exfoliator
This is what I will be bringing with me skincare wise. I won't need a lot since I'm only there for 5 nights, this amongst other products will be going in my 'see-through' bag as we only have carry on bags. I'm kinda freaking out a bit because I am used to having a big check in bag with a lot of unnecessary stuff in it.

make up
I'd love to have a different look for each different day, BUT I am going with my boyfriend and he has made it clear that it will be an exploring holiday, not one of those lounging ones, so I have packed the bare minimum. I'd love to lounge but I heard it isn't going to be that warm out there, so maybe we'll plan something more chilled in the summer. Quick and Easy so I don't have to think and he doesn't have to wait long while I get ready.  

Sorry ladies, but I've realised that I've forgotten to photograph a few products here. Don't worry, I will talk you through it.

For my face I will be using Smashbox primer (after moisturising). Then my Liz Earle Signature Foundation in '02 Ivory' and '04 Almond', which are both warm tone based foundations. I tend to mix 2 parts '04 Almond' and 1 part '02 Ivory' to achieve my colour, this varies from day to day. I will be using my Beauty Blender to apply foundation as it is so quick and the finish is flawless every time. To seal everything in, I will be using Bourjois healthy balance finishing powder in the shade '53 Beige Clair' with my '106 powder' brush by Zoeva.

Lastly, a bit of light contouring underneath the cheekbone area with my very old but very trusty bronzer, Rimmel Sun Shimmer in the sade 'Medium Shimmer'. I will be using my '127 Luxe Sheer Cheek' Zoeva brush for this. And that is the face done!

For my eyes, I'm keeping it neutral and natural, much like the face. I will be using my '231 luxe petit crease' Zoeva brush to apply my Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow in 'Brun Sienne T8' to apply in my crease, paired with my L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense in black, and finish with my Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in '261 noir' and Smashbox full exposure mascara for a day time look.

For my night time look, I will just be adding on top on my day time look. I will probably take another eye brush with me to apply the shade bourjois 'Noir Fusain T10' over the Brun Sienne shade. When these two colours mix, they create a lovely dark smokey black/brown colour, so I can add a little or a lot to add drama to the eye. The Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eyeliner Pencil is a lot darker, and a lot more intense than the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner, which would be perfect for the night. Touch up here and there, another coat of mascara and I am ready!

My brows will be filled in with Smashbox brow tech trio in the shade 'Brunette', using the brush number '12' by Smashbox. My lips will be going all natural, so just a lip balm or gloss will do, I will be doing a lot of kissing after all so there really isn't any point for lipstick now is there? TMI?


I will be doing individual posts on some of the products mentioned, with pictures of my face and everything in the near future.

This probably isn't my best post but I wanted to do something a little different and relevant to my holiday, definitely room for improvement but hope you enjoyed it anyway! Times like this I'd think a YouTube video would be more entertaining but I am just not ready for the YouTube world... Will speak to you tomorrow with more holiday preparations!


Monday, 16 March 2015

£1.99 Sunglasses from PULL&BEAR!

 YES REALLY! £1.99! 
Mid season sale is amongst us and I manage to bag myself a bargain with these Sunglasses from PULL&BEAR! I couldn't find these on their website, not surprising really but I just thought I'd share this purchase on my blog because I am just so impressed with myself! Be sure to follow me on instagram for some selfies with these sunglasses over the summer ;)

All this for £1.99... Can't even complain about anything!

Until next time,

Saturday, 14 March 2015

bareMinerals Quick Change Brush Cleanser

bareMinerals Quick Change Brush Cleanser £10
Hello hello! When it comes to brushes, I am very lazy... oh heck, when it comes to most things, I am generally lazy but for the sake of this post, we will just focus on brushes. I always felt like cleaning brushes is such a chore. I don't want to wash it after every use, not only does it take a lot of effort but surely this would reduce the brushes life expectancy?

Whilst I was browsing the Selfridges website, I came across this magical product! It cleans your brushes instantly, without using any sort of shampoo! Can I get a what what?? I think these were design so you could use the same brush for different products and colours, say for example you are creating an amazing eye look but only have one brush and you need to use a fair few colours, well fear not as you can now clean the brush before moving onto the next colour of choice.

Dirty Brush
After a few Swirls
Nearly cleaned
Before cleaning
After Cleaning

What I do with this brush cleanser is spray it a couple of times onto a piece of tissue or cotton pad, and gently swirl your dirty brushes around the sprayed area, keep adding a spray here and keep swirling until there is no more colour on the tissue or cotton pad. As you can see, it hasn't restored the true white-ness of the brushes but I can assure you they are clean and ready to use. This will reduce the dirt building up, but it's not a substitute for cleaning your brushes properly. What I love the most about this product is it's gorgeous smell! It has a subtle florally and fresh smell that stays in the brushes, which makes the application process that much more enjoyable.

I've never use anything like this before because I never knew such things existed! I can assure you that this will be a regular purchase from now on...

Until next time,