Monday, 9 March 2015


 If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I LOVE FOOD! You lucky readers are very fortunate because I love sharing my food with you all, I'm always taking food photos for insta
 so I thought why not post some foodie pics up on my blog. I admit there is a lot of room for improvement, these pics are very hastily taken simply because I could not wait to get stuck in!


That's everything!
My boyfriend and I had a day off together and since we are both sushi fans, we decided to head over to Japan Centre for some dinner. Japan Centre (as well as many other sushi seller in London) do this thing where they lower the price of the sushi closer to the end of the night, sometimes if you are lucky, you can get something up to 80% off ticketed price! Of course it's not always reliable as sometimes you can get there too late and everything is gone, or you could get there early and nothing is discounted yet. We got there around 7pm ish on a Monday and nothing was discounted, but there wasn't much left so we decided to take the plunge and pay full price. It isn't that expensive considering how fresh the food is but still, I'd always like to pay a discounted price on anything any-day!

White Rice Nori Spicy Tuna £3.20

Fresh Salmon and Tuna Combo £8.20

WR Chirashi Fish £1.60

Green Tea Mochi £1.59
I was craving Green Tea Mochi all day so could not wait to get my hands on these bad boys! If i were to describe what Mochi is, I would say that it is a sort of flavourless gelatin bun filled with treats like Green Tea Ice Cream or Red Bean Curd (and many more).

I know it doesn't have the most appetizing appearance but just looking at it is making my belly cry out for more! It's definitely an acquired taste, I guess it's more to do with the filling than the dessert as a whole. My boyfriend somehow seems to think that it tastes like chocolate, strangely I can see (or should I say taste) what he means but yet I know it does not taste like chocolate at all. The texture of the outer gelatin shell isn't for everyone as it can be a little chewy. It's just one of those things that you would love or hate.

Green Tea Ice Cream (forgotten the price but around £5)

I took a few photos of what the green tea ice cream looks like once open cause I too was intrigued by this! This ice cream, like mochi, isn't for everyone. I found it refreshing, in a way quite savory but also sweet(?). I can't quite describe the taste as you can see, but what I am certain of is that I love it! This is definitely on the pricey side and will only be something that I treat myself to once in a while.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, until next time!



  1. everything looks delicious, tuna makis are always my favorite, so sad there isn't a japan centre in US :(
    The Color Palette

    1. Salmon everything is my fave!! Sashimi in general are just the bestest! Oh no, hopefully there are still some great places for Japanese cuisine? x