Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Barcelona | The Sights


Hello Everyone, I am officially back in London and Loving it! I can never wait to get out of the city when I'm in it, but when I feel like I am missing out whenever I leave...

I wanted to post this up sooner but I went to Manchester to visit my wonderful family a day after Barcelona. I wanted to spend that time with my family and friends so blogging had to wait a few days I am afraid. I took A LOT of photos whilst I was in Barcelona so I thought I would do a few posts on the trip so that it spreads it out, as opposed to cramming it all into one big, extremely long post.

The first post (as you read in the title) will be about the sights/tourist attractions I saw whilst there. Barcelona is known for it's unique architecture, most of which is designed by the amazing architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf was the first attraction I saw in Barcelona. Our room was about 2 minutes away so we walked passed it almost everyday,.

Park Güell

First of Gaudí's work, Park Güell. You can see the whole of Barcelona from here, I think it's in the mountains or there's a mountain around/behind this park but the air was so fresh and unpolluted! You have to pay to go into the main bit but I was satisfied with what I could see and did not want to waste time queuing and paying to get in.
La Sagrada Família

Close Up | In the Making of La Sagrada Família
La Sagrada Família or as I was calling it 'Sangria Familia' was my favorite sight of the trip! I first saw it when I came out of the tube and it was magnificent. It's Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece that has been taking a few hundred years to build, and is still currently being built as we speak! This interesting architecture is funded by donations only, which is also why it is taking so long to finish. There was no unified style to this building, but that's what made it even more interesting, each part you look into has a new story to tell. If I thought this was BIG then I have a feeling the finished building is going to be out of this world, definitely worth going back to see when this masterpiece is complete.

Barcelona Cathedral
I love Cathedrals. I don't have an religious connection to them but something about being in them makes me feel protected and sacred. I love their aesthetic and interior and though most Cathederals that I've seen (around England) are similar, they are never the same. Same theory applies here.

Gothic Quarter
Honestly, I didn't even know this was a tourist attraction until after the photograph was taken.

Casa Batlló
Another Gaudí piece. His style is simply no style, but yet still distinctive. Deep.

A quick snap of Jiri and I in Park Güell
If you are somebody who loves to explore, learn about history, and have an interest in architecture, then you would love Barcelona. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I am used to the hectic London vibes, but I felt that Barcelona was a lot more chilled, despite the fact that there were tourists everywhere.

More posts on food, accommodation, and the rest of my experience to come so don't miss out!

Hope you've enjoyed this post,

*Quick Life Update: I would like to let you all know that Jiri and I decided to break up. This was a mutual decision and though I know break ups are seen as an incredibly negative situation, I feel like I could not be happier because I feel like we have come to a decision, as oppose to thinking "should we, shouldn't we" (which was how I was feeling for some time). Our relationship like all relationships had problems and if things are right, the relationship would come out the other end, creating a stronger couple. However, if things didn't quite click then I would never want to waste anyone's time. I have the support of many close friends and my wonderful family. Right now, I am just excited to meet more new friends and experience more as an independent woman! Please don't feel sad reading this but instead wish me luck in my adventures!*


  1. The vacation looks like it was a lot of fun! Hope you meet that special someone! Xo

    1. It was so fun! I would like to go back one summer :) I have a feeling it's even more beautiful when it's hot! x

  2. It looks lovely there. Great photos!


  3. Your vacation looks so amazing, thanks for sharing the pics!!


    1. Thank you Deanna! I had a lovely time, thanks for stopping by! x

  4. photographs are beautiful, it looks like such a lovely place, I've always wanted to visit! andd in regards to your end note, good for you, wishing you all the best! x


    1. Thank you Leanna! Barcelona was truly beautiful, I'd definitely encourage you to go, I guarantee you will not be bored! :) thanks for stopping by x

  5. Barcelona looks beautiful! Great pictures! Best of luck in the future, when one door closes, ten more open! Enjoy life!

    1. Wise words! The best way to live life is to enjoy it :) x

  6. I personally didn't like Le Sagrada Familia because to me it was a bit too much of everything. We didn't go inside though. But have you been to the 'backyard' of Barcelona Cathedral? With all the geese? That's definitely a beautiful place and we only went there 'by accident' (what a lucky accident).
    Park Güell was probably my favourite place in Barcelona! The amazing view of the city, all those plants... And the buildings fit in so well! Loved it! And those little parrots all around the city are the cutest things ever :)


    1. I see where you're coming from but I loved how random it was, there was no style and something new to see everywhere you looked. We didn't go in either, perhaps I might go back when it's completed, we'll see.

      I liked Park Guell, but was disappointed at how they manage to turn that in to a money making tourist attraction, I heard it use to be free to explore the whole park. x