Saturday, 21 March 2015

Graduation gift from SWAROVSKI

Swarovski Vittore Ring £49.00
My dad gave me some money to buy a keepsake item for my graduation and I really wanted to treat myself to a diamond ring. My budget wasn't that ridiculous so I settled for the next best thing, Swarovski crystals! I've always loved how Swarovski stones sparkled so brightly in the light, simply gorgeous.

I found a diamond infinity ring which would have set me back a good £500+ but this beaut cost me just under £50. The Vittore ring came in white gold, gold, and rose gold. It can be layered or just worn by itself. I have child sized hands, this small ring which Angelina would wear as a midi ring is just perfect for me as it doesn't look gigantic on me. I originally went in to the store cause I saw some gorgeous rings which resembles engagement rings, now I am not planning on getting engaged but I adore the style of those rings and wanted one for myself, but after trying I few on, I opted for something a little more subtle, and more graduation gift appropriate. Enjoy the photos.



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  1. luckyyy! I need to tell you a story lol. when I was little I couldn't stop my parents making absurd decisions. We had a BEAUITIFUl Swarovski Perfume. looked like it was made out of diamonds and crystals. perfumes have the "eud de toilette" which basically says how strong the perfume is. anywaysssss mom always through this means "for the toilette" so she used Hugo boss, Swarovki, and all those high end perfumes for the toilette..........omg. and she used cheap ones that did not have "eau de toilette" for actual perfume. and every time I took it out the toilette she would be like "don't be silly, you cant use toilette spray for perfume." now that im older, I have educated her but it just doesn't seem right to use the hugo boss one as a perfume now because for years we have associated it with toilet family haha

    1. that is such a cute story. your mum sound like mine

    2. Haha I'm pretty sure I thought eud de toilet meant for the toilet for a while too! You guys aren't alone :p x