Thursday, 12 March 2015

Inspired by Cinderella!

I am OBSESSED! I don't know what has happened to me, ever since I laid eyes upon the live action Cinderella movie trailer, everything I see leads me back to Cinderella! I rarely have such enthusiasm or need to go to the cinema to watch any film these days, but when it comes to this film, I literally cannot wait. One of Downton's most charming actresses, Lily James is playing Cinderella, which just makes me even more excited for it! I adore all things fairytale, and it's just a thousand times more believable and magical when these stories are portrayed by real life people. I loved 'Maleficent' and though I've been watching all the featurettes for 'Into the Woods', and I'm a huge fan of the 'Once Upon A Time' series. One thing stands out the most to me and that is what the fairytale characters are wearing, I think this is because I am slightly envious and would love to see myself in these elaborate, beautifully designed dresses, they are so elegant that they don't even seem like costumes anymore.

Since this, I've been shopping around and everything I see just reminds me of Cinderella in one way or another, so I thought I'd do an 'inspired by' outfits post. Take these as a modern day, and more importantly wearable Cinderella looks.

Jumper £14.99 £7.49 | Jeans £42 | Shoes £9.99
 I was thinking of making this post inspired by both the 1950 cartoon version (which I did watch recently so I could compare the two) and the 2015 live action one but then thought it would all get a little confusing for little old me. With that in mind, I only took inspiration from the trailer of the live action film, obvs cause the actual film is not out yet.

The first outfit is what I would see a modern day Cinderella wearing whilst she's going about her daily chores. The ripped jeans are particularly relevant since her clothes seems to be very unkept before her transformation. In the cartoon she wore more earth tone colours such as greens and browns whilst cleaning. In the brand new, shinier version she wears the gorgeous signature Cinderella colour, pastel blue. I had to stay true to this colour theme when choosing this outfit. I would happily wear this out any day, personally I am totally in love with the shoes! There is no jewelry because who really cleans with jewelry?

Coat £85 | Dress £30 | Shoes £29.99 | Necklace £18
This next one is inspired by 'The Mother's Dress'. Cinderella wear an adorable pink dress in 1950 and 2015, only instead of mice making her dress, it was her mother's dress. She doesn't appear to be wearing any jewelry in the trailer but I distinctly remember the green pearls being ripped of her neck in the cartoon one. I know I said it wasn't going to be inspired by both but I just couldn't help myself, sorry not sorry!

Coat £59.99 | Top £16 | Skirt £45 | Shoes £29.99
Last but not least, the wow outfit! The outfit her fairy god mother gave her, bespoke and hand made with magic! I know it's obviously not going to be half as stunning as the films because it needs to be a wearable outfit but I still think that this is a show stopper! I'm actually quite in love with this one, I just think it is so perfect. I tried to keep the shape as similar as possible. As you can see the bardot sleeves vaguely resemble the sleeve of the dress she wore, the shape of the beautiful midi skirt obviously resembles the bottom half of the dress. I put this gorgeous coat from Zara in there because of the wonderful movement you'd get, much like the fairytale dress itself! The coat also has this pastel lining which reminds me of... you guessed it, Cinderella. Unfortunately, no Swarovski crystal shoes for us non princesses but instead we get something more timeless and chic, easy to match with most outfits! See ladies, pretty and practical.

I personally love all these outfits and would happily wear them out.
 What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Would you wear any of them?

Anyone else excited??!!



  1. i can't wait to see this movie, love that light blue color!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  2. I'm so excited to watch the film! This is such a creative post, i love it <3

    Megan //