Sunday, 8 March 2015

Making Money and Saving Space

I don't know if it is just me or if it's a pretty common thing but I feel that when you're near to hitting your mid 20s, the pressure is on to start making more money or at least started on growing that savings account you got lying around. I know that this is true for me and I've only just joined the 20s club! I wanted to do a post on this topic for a while now, it felt right to do it now because I have just finished paying back family members (those family loans you take out when you are at uni cause you're too "busy" to get a job and fund your own life) and I have finally started putting away a very tiny amount towards my savings account. You know what they say, penny makes pounds!

Of course with spending money, comes more stuff, which means the space you have may be getting a little cluttered... so if saving/making money also equals to saving/making space, then surely this must be a good thing, right? I can't think of any negatives other than the fact that I will be missing out on a few pretty goodies and the opportunity to try new beauty products! *major sad face moment*

I'm currently trying (and failing miserably) to find a happy medium between saving money and spending money to make this grown up lifestyle change slightly more gradual and less drastic.

Here a few tips from one struggling saver to another:

One thing I have struggled with ever since I started getting money in my teens was impulse buying! I love browsing and buying from that random bit in TKmaxx, I'm a sucker for craft and stationary supplies (online, markets, stationary shops, ...), who really need that many notebooks and random bits of string? Put it back, have a think about it, and if you really want it after a month then maybe you can allow yourself to go back and buy it, but normally the power of impulse dies out by that time, at least for me it does!

    If you know you are going to go out and it might mean that you will end up spending a lot then leave your card at home and take out some cash instead. I don't feel like I'm really spending money when I', using my card because I can't physically see the cash leave my bank account. When I use cash, I feel a lot more cautious which makes spending less easy for myself.

    Okay this may sound a little silly but hear me out. I have three bank accounts, one ISA for my savings, and 2 regular current accounts. I use one of the current accounts for storing my essential money for rent and travel etc, the other one is for my regular spends. I put away what I need in my essential bank account and put a little something away each month, whatever is left in my spending account gives me an idea of how much I'm allowed to spend. I find this the most efficient way of keeping track of my money.

    I struggle with fashion a lot. I'm always changing my mind and often end up wearing things once or twice before getting bored of it and never seeing it again for a good year. When I do finally dig it up again, my style would have probably changed by then, or the clothes doesn't fit quite like they used to, or I would wear it maybe one more time before getting rid. Instead of buying everything you like, stop and think about it, is it a timeless piece that you could wear with many many things? Or is it just one of those items that you can only wear with that one outfit and that would be it? I've been working on my wardrobe recently, only adding basics that can pull together an outfit. If it is something a little "out there", then I would try and piece it with at least three different outfits. If you fail to do this, then put it back and walk away, no matter how pretty it is!

    If you gave into temptation and purchased something that doesn't really go with anything in your wardrobe, then chances are you probably haven't worn it out. You might be on the hunt for other stuff that would go with it so you can piece together an outfit that would make you look hot as hell... well this is where I would say "STOP RIGHT THERE"! You don't need more clothes so you might as well return it. If you have bought something plain and simple and haven't worn it within 3 weeks of purchasing it, then return it! If you haven't worn it now, chances are you aren't going to wear it, unless it is for an occasion. Returning items, not just clothes but other bits and bobs as well, is the best way to get the full value of your stuff, and the quickest way to add money to your bank balance!

     If you can't return it, then sell it! I love selling my stuff on eBay and Depop. I use Depop for highg street purchases because they sell a lot better on there and there isn't a listing fee, your listing (item you're selling) stays up as long as you want it to, even after it's been sold you can still keep it on your profile, or not if you choose not to. You can also swap items with other Depop users, always read their reviews before doing swaps and always go through Depop! If I had the luxury to sell anything designer or non clothes (such as cameras) I would go to eBay as I feel people there are looking for specific brands or specific models of things, so they know the value of the item and would spend a sensible amount for it.

    Another fun way to make money is to take all your unwanted goods to your local carboot sale and sell away! Unfortunately high street clothes looses a vast amount of value once they leave the shop, even if they are still brand new with tags, so do expect to be disappointed. This is more of a way to get rid of things without just throwing them out, someone else will find some use for your trash, and if you can get a pound or two in the process, well why not? You probably won't make a huge sum of money but you will get a lot of space and a huge weight of your shoulders, literally.

    If no one wants to buy your unwanted goods then a great way, if not the best way to make space to obviously to give away! Helping out charities by helping yourself gain more space, everybody wins! If you don't want to part with your clothes that easily and you have a big bundle of it, then you could get paid around £5 per bag of clothes, I haven't done this myself so I couldn't recommend anywhere but I'm sure a quick google search will do the trick. I do know H&M gives a £5 voucher for every bag of clothes you take in, this can go towards your next shop at H&M. You can find out more here.

    • DIY
    I'm always quick to fixate myself on certain interior styles, I'd get obsessed and then feel like going all out any buying everything to complete the look, and the worst part is... I don't even have a house yet! In these cases, I would try to make things myself. This is a fun, and creative task that could save you a lot of money, whilst learning a new skill on the way perhaps. It doesn't have to be fancy decor, you could make something as simple as a calender, I know it sounds silly but the more things you "DO IT YOURSELF", the more money you end up saving in the long run!

    That's all I can think of at the moment... even just writing this post has made me want to save even more money, the few purchases that I had in mind are slowly fading away... I'm sure I've missed out lots of other tips but these are just a few I've learned from my own experiences over a short period of time as an adult lady. Let me know if you have any more tips, I would love to read them!

    Until next time,


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      1. Thank you for the nomination but I've already done this one :) you can read it here:

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    2. Lovely article. Congrats for your blog! Greetings and see you soon!

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      1. Thank you, it's a work in progress but I guess it will always be...

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    3. But Impulse buying?! Haha, I am my own worst enemy. Great post x

      1. I know, emphasize on the word "try"! haha

        Grace x

    4. So many great tips! For me it's the other way around though when it comes to a bank or credit card. I usually spend cash a lot easier than when I have to pay by card haha.

      XO naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

    5. These are great tips! Fortunately I'm actually pretty good at saving money :) I love selling my unwanted clothes so that I can buy new ones that I love!
      Rachel Coco

    6. Hi! Those are really good advices.I have so much clothes I don't wear, might as well sell it. =)

    7. I am about to join the club of 23 and I am feeling a lot of pressure to save better and stop spending money on things I don't need! Just recently I've started using Ebay to get rid of all my old things and but I didn't realise that Depop existed. It sounds like a much better way to sell old clothes as I find its hard to sell things on Ebay! Thanks for the advice and I will definitely store these ideas and use your advice next time I'm about to impulse buy!