Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PAYDAY TREATS! | MUJI, TKmaxx, bareMinerals, OASIS


It's been about a week and half since Payday and this post is only going up now? I still need to work on my organizing skills... But as you know it was payday (the best day of the month) and I decided to treat myself to a few bits and pieces.

Oasis | Terri Triple Compartment Shopper £30
First up, this bag! The tan and orange one came in the store a couple of weeks before the black one did, and since the black one came in the shop on payday, I just could not resist. I love this paperbag shape style in bags, I have a very similarly shaped one from Zara. The reason why I decided to part with my cash on this was because it is slightly smaller, which makes it easier to rush around busy London without it hitting in to anyone. There's also like a crazy amount of compartments and zips in there, it was like a zip bag in a bag in a bag with another side pocket and another side zipped pocket! As soon as I discovered all the compartments, I was SOLD!

TKmaxx | Rosemary Mint Essential Oil £4.99 | Hair Brush £3.99
Popped into TKmaxx next, I wasn't expecting to get anything from there but you know what happens when you go in that shop, you come out with random shizzles! I have no idea why I bought the essential oil, I love the scent but it's not like I have an oil burner or a masseuse, I just felt like buying it. The hair brush was more of a need than a want, my hair is getting longer (yay) and it tends to get tangled when I'm out and about so this brush is going to live in my handbag, to get me out of tangly situations.

MUJI | Thin Cotton Buds £2.50 | Cinnamon & Mandarin Candle £3.50
I went in to MUJI to get those extra thin cotton buds and came out with that and a candle. I can't really feel bad because it was only £3.50 plus I get a nice little tin when I'm done with it! When I've moved house and have a little extra money, I am going back to MUJI to buy some stuff to organize my beauty products! The urge to buy in there was strong so be warned!

Look at the difference in comparison to a regular cotton bud.

These are great for removing make up in those trickier places, particularly areas closer to the eyes.


The smell is gloriously delicious! It smells exactly like cinnamon and mandarin, you don't even have to light it and you can can still smell it. I would say that it's more of a wintery scent because of how strong the cinnamon is, it's a little bizarre having it this scent during a warm, sunny day but still an enjoyable smell none the less.

bareMinerals | Original Foundation £25

This is probably the biggest treat of the day. I have been wanting to try this ever since I saw Jenn Im from Clothes Encounter used it. When I discovered they had a very close match to my shade, I just had to buy it! But needed to wait for payday first... Will be doing a whole post on this after I've used it a few times.

Until next time,


  1. That bag! So beautiful....your style is amazing!

    1. Thanks hun! I love the bag, been using it every day! x

  2. I've never been into a Muji, I really want to go! Love the bag, I don't buy bags in any colour other than black so that is like the perfect bag for me! x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

    1. MUJI is amazing, I went in and they had so much make up storage, next payday cannot come soon enough.... x