Wednesday, 25 March 2015


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1. Tube Wringer £18.06
I generally struggle with getting the last bits of products out of tube packaging, this tool will solve all my problems!

2. Glass Mug £1.25
I've been seeing a lot of London cafes and restaurants serving green tea (my new obsession) in glass mugs recently, I always adore them and want to steal them so maybe it's best I just buy some for myself.

3. Gold Macbook £1049
I haven't done my research on the new Macbook, but it's gold and I want. I want this purely based on aesthetics alone.

4. SensatioNail UV gel nail kit £69.99
Doing my nails is some what of a necessity these days, but I hate having to wait for them to dry. I hate how they chip off just because you're opening a door or something silly like that... so maybe UV gel nail polishes are the way forward. They dry instantly and lasts up to two weeks.

5. White Diamond Lamp £79.99
I first saw and fell in love with these lamps on Depop. At nearly £80 a lamp, I think this will remain on my wishlist and away from my purchase list for a while to come.

6. MUJI Acrylic drawers £24.95
Mentioned these drawers in one of my previous post, and I think I will be purchasing some in the near future, preferably after I've moved from my current house. I just think these will be perfect for storing all my make up, I can see through them because they are acrylic, and this will allow me to see what products I have and inspire me to create different looks.

7. Pasta Maker £17.40
If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I made my own pasta last week! My housemate and fellow blogger Angelina has a pasta maker and it is truly amazing! If you love pasta then this is a must, the dough is surprisingly simple to create.

8. 'VAGUE' tee £12.45
Another something that I first saw on Depop, I just think this is so perfect for me cause I can be Vague at times, especially when it comes to fashion! I also love how it's a tongue and cheek dupe of the word and font of "VOGUE" too.

9. Manfrotto Compact Light £49.99
This last item is more of a need than want. I do currently own a tripod but it isn't the best of qualities, it's sturdy enough to use indoors (i.e. in my bedroom), but I wouldn't trust it to take it out because it just isn't made to deal with different weather conditions like strong wind and light rain, which defeats the whole point of a tripod. This would be an investment for any photographer but I will have to wait for payday... Story of my life.

I wasn't lying in the title when I said this was going to be random!
Hope you've enjoyed this post, and I will see you soon,



  1. I really want to try the UV gel nail kit. Chipped nails are the worst.
    Your list makes me want to go shopping!

    1. You have no idea how much I need this in my life haha x

  2. I need that diamond lamp, it's stunning! I've never heard of a tube wringer before but what a great invention haha!

    1. Isn't it just beautiful! Me too, so many things I need, or shall I say want :( x

  3. I really like the lamp and the shirt and selfmade pasta is so good! It's so much more fulfilling to actually have made the food you eat with your own hands :)

    I have to admit though I don't really like the design of this Macbook and wouldn't want a laptop without a USB socket. It's not even the colours even though they aren't really my cup of tea but I just don't like the whole laptop design, I don't know... I wasn't too fond of the iPhone 6 either and didn't like OSX Yosemite so maybe Apple have just changed their aesthetics that don't quite match mine anymore...

    1. I made some pasta and it was truly amazing!

      I think I am with you on the MacBook, though I do love the way it looks, I think that it wont be great for my photo/video editing. I feel like their aesthetics have gone down hill but I am still an apple fan girl, so I will be sticking with their products haha x