Monday, 9 March 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


Could it be? Another Nomination? Yes it certainly can be! Thank you to Rosanna from Rosanna's Palette for the nomination, you can check out her post here.

Rosanna's Questions: 
What inspires you?
Lots of things inspire me but I think the one thing that inspires me the most is my surroundings.
What is your favourite song right now?

I Lived by One Republic. I'm basing this purely on how excited I am when this song comes on at work, I can't help but sing along as though my life depended on it!

Who is your favourite artist?

I don't know if I have a favourite but currently I'm intrigued by Iggy Azalea and Beyoncé!
What do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?

I would love for my boyfriend and I to get our own place but I know for a fact that is not going to happen for financial reasons so I guess I would like to get a new job where my career could thrive! So boring... I know, sorry.
What is your favourite item of clothing that you own?

My style is constantly changing so I don't particularly have a favourite but something that I always turn to when I don't know what to wear is my plain black long sleeve crop top from Miss Selfridge. It's minimal effort but always does the trick for an edgy or sexy look every time.
What is your funniest memory?

Well, a while back, I was drinking hot soup in a cup without a spoon and I didn't realise how hot it was until I drank it. It was so hot (at least for me cause my hot food tolerance isn't great) that my eye started twitching. I hoped no one had witnessed this but I was looking at my friend as this happen and his face was filled with confusion, he didn't know what to do but more importantly, I didn't know what to do with myself. I burst out laughing right after that, thankfully without spitting any soup anywhere! Maybe it's one of those, you need to be there moments eh...

My Questions:
  1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 
  2. What is your go to "pick me up" food?
  3. Weirdest fact about you?
  4. If you were on "Take Me Out", what would your cheesy pick up line be?
  5. Current favourite TV series?
I think Blogger Awards are a great way to discover and share new blogs that we find along the way, it's also a fun way to get involve in the blogging community. Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Congratulations of your award!

  2. Im sorry Im new to this, so I dont understand all these awards, could you explain? :)

    1. Hello, welcome to the blogging world! These awards are just something we do in the blogging community. I got nominated for a few various awards, they normally come with a set of rules telling you how each award works. Once you have done the blogpost, nominate other bloggers and the chain keeps one going. It's a great way to get noticed by blogs who inspire you and to discover new ones along the way too.

      Here are some of the other awards posts that I've done:

      hope this helped! x

  3. Congrats on the award. Can't help but lol a little when I imagine your eye twitching from the hot soup. :)
    Love your blog!

    1. I never drink soup without cooling it down! We all learn from our mistakes hahaa, thanks for stopping by! x

  4. Hahaha this is something that only you would do, thanks for the nom btw :) x

    1. I think ima take a break from all these nominations! X