Saturday, 18 April 2015

iPhone 6 unboxing

Happy Saturday All!

 I have finally upgraded to an iPhone 6! A little late but here I am well and fully on board the apple fan train *thumbs up*

The main reason why I decided to upgrade was because my iPhone 5 was on the urge of death, I could only take calls half the time, and the other half I would hear white noise and my own echo... the camera had internal marks all over it, and well I was simply bored of it.

Thought it might be cool to share the unboxing experience with you all!

 Until next time,

Monday, 13 April 2015

THE GLASS SLIPPER | London's Cinderella Exhibition

Hello everyone, I have yet another busy week and completely neglected my blog but I am back today with a very exciting post on the Cinderella Exhibition in Leicester Square! My dear bestie, Rory and I spent the day at The British Museum, then decided to hit the pub for a couple of drinks, and then decided to go to another pub (sort of like a mini bar crawl but with only two bars and two people).

I was talking about the Cinderella film prior to our catch up friend date, and through out the day so when we walked passed the Cinderella Exhibition on our way to the second pub, we obviously HAD to go in!

The exhibition is entirely FREE and it takes you through some of the early sketches from Disney's archives, before the first film was made. A little history lesson on the film and how it saved the beloved company we know today, Disney.

The Ugly Step Sisters

Evil Stepmother
After a brief introduction, you move to the next room, Cinderella's Stately home. Here you saw the beautiful costume of the Evil Stepmother and Ugly Step Sisters, there were also some of the props from the film, including Cinderella's toys and memorabilia.

I was so exciting, particularly because all the costumes on display were the actual ones that were used in the film!

Selfie in Cinderella's Stately Home

Myself and Cindi
Then You walk through the hallway where you find her father's desk, complete with handwriting.

The next section was of Cinderella's basement. Where the little soft toys of mice were at, supposedly these mice where the ones that were transformed into CGI real life creatures that appear in the film! GENIUS!

Cinderella meeting her Fairy Godmother in her mother's dress, with the little ripped shoulder!

Fairy Godmother in all her glory
Now, things are just getting a bit too exciting! You move into a room where you see Cinderella meet her Fairy Godmother. There were little pumpkins on the side and a big pumpkin which you walk through... and on the other side, this huge pumpkin magically transforms into a... CARRIAGE!


Rory being a sport, posing with the carriage

Some stills from the film, before you lead up to the big one. The room, with THE DRESS and THE SHOE!

The Ball


If I am totally honest with you, I just came in to this exhibition for the shoe and the shoe only, but I was completely distracted by everything else. The dress was on display on a spinning platform, I was in complete awe of it, and could not take my eyes of it! I didn't even notice the shoe was in the same room until Rory pointed it out to me...

The shoe was absolutely beautiful, I was looking at it spinning around in it's little display box, all sparkly and pretty and I just had such a strong emotional bond with this glass slipper, this glass slipper that has been in so many of those childhood stories that is now a real life object. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry, but I did not.


There were a couple more things to do after that room, such as take a photo with the digitalised glass slipper and buy some book to do with the movie but at that moment, my life felt complete (in a fairytale sense).

Jewelry from the Gift Shop
 Last but not least, a quick whip around the gift shop. A must after every museum/exhibition!

I truly enjoyed this whole experience, I think I was probably enjoying it way more than the children were. I was getting so in to it, I think I was actually fighting with the kids, all trying to get a good photo of everything... Not my proudest moment but it happened. I ended up waiting back after everyone had left so I could get a good shot of everything with my iPhone. Since we are on the topic of iPhones, I just want to mention that kids these days are rich! They ALL had iPhones, what was happening?

Back to the exhibition, I would recommend all Disney and Cinderella fans to go to it, it's free and the experience is truly magical. All the staff were friendly and welcoming, I'm sure they all thought I was probably a bit strange but it was their job to make the experience joyful, and that they did do.

A perfect collaboration between Swarovski and Disney.
Until next time,

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

TKmaxx Haul | Manchester


Did I mention I love a good TKmaxx rummage when it comes to beauty goods? No? Well let me tell you now, I LOVE IT!

I love how you end up finding brands that you never even heard of before, sometimes they can be a miss but most of the time they are a hit for me. I usually only buy things when I have my knowledgeable Aunty Jane by my side, she knows what ingredients are good for what, or shall I say my skin type. She recommends products and often encourages me to try new ones, and when we get to the tills, (ehem, small cough and whispering as I say this) Aunty Jane pays. *guilty face*

Barielle Cuticle Nipper £3.99 | Earth Therapeutics Tweezers £3.99 | Revive Beauty 2 in 1 Nail Tool £3.99
I am one of those people who would hack away at their cuticles for hours on end! Before now, I would use an old pair of tweezers to push the cuticle/dry nail skin down and then cut with my nail clipper. Not a recommended method at all! It was about time I invested in some tools that can do the job properly. So the correct way of doing this is to soak your nails in warm soapy water to soften the cuticles before using any tools to remove them (as taught by Aunty Jane). I have used the 2 in 1 nail tool and the cuticle cutter and I have no complaints in regards to these. They do what the job well. I struggle to do my right hand, as I am right handed but I think that is something that will come with practice.

The tweezers were not great, if you come across this brand, I suggest staying away. I think its because the head (is that what it's called?) is a little too fat, and I found it difficult to get to the tiny hairs on my brows, it was not accurate and after 2 or 3 tries, I just gave up! It is pretty but kinda useless, sorry not sorry.

Good Things Cleanser £2.99 | Good Things Moisturiser £4.99
I was drawn to this for many reasons. First one was because I saw the word 'Mattifier', to be honest I was already sold when I read that as I am all for that matte finish. The price was outstandingly cheap, and the scent is beautiful. Think of fresh berries in the summer by the beach, that is what this smells like. I mean I don't know why berries will be on the beach but that's the vibe I got...

Haven't got round to trying this out yet but I will report back when I've used it.


Christian Breton Eye Care £12.99
I wouldn't say my eyes are aging, or at least nothing noticeable, but when I saw the purple gel thing in a box I just wanted to try it. Then I saw this set, which was the same price as just the box, and thought 'I must'!

Another product I have yet to try but no worries, I will be trying it out soon. Needless to say but I will say it anyway, will report back once I've tried it.

Revive 5x mirror
This is for me to see my brows in all it's glory when I am grooming them. I really like the suction cups feature, asnI can stick it on my window and have lovely day-light lighting while I'm plucking away.

That's everything. I love doing haul posts as it helps me keep track of what I've bought, what I'm spending my money on, and perhaps teach me where to cut down on. I don't think I will be cutting down on beauty products anytime soon as it is something that unfortunately runs out, but I feel like I am cutting down on purchasing clothes. I just look around my room and think why is there so much clothes! I don't even wear all of these!! 

Anyway, enough ranting.
Hope you enjoy this small haul and I will speak to you all soon,

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My weeks in Photos!

As promised here is the second post up at midnight! Since I have been bragging about having such a busy week and not having time to blog, I'd thought it would only make sense for me to share what I've been up to. I've seen a few 'my week in photos' posts up on other bloggers' blog and wanted to do a slightly improved version, by that I mean I added an 's' in to the word 'week'! I know, it's just too much to handle but let's just roll with it...

I may have mentioned that I went to Barcelona recently, here are a few instagram pics of what went down:
1. Paella.
2. Chilling out in our room.
3. La Rambla Market.
4. Me photographing stuff in Park Güell.
5. Posing in front of La Sagrada Família.
6. Massive Vending Machine in one of the stations.
7. Barcelona Cathedral.
8. #Selfie
9. Tourist (me).
10. Symmetry photograph taken in El Coll La Teixonera station, Barcelona.

I came back to London on the 24th of March and traveled up North (to Manchester) the following day to see my family:
11. Arrived at Manchester and met up with Joanna for a girly catch up, we got hungry and ended up in T.G.I. Fridays for some much needed food!
12. Authentic Chinese food at Azuma with my Aunties and Uncle.
13. Snow Ice dessert in the dessert room above Wasabi restaurent.
14. Brunching at Chaophraya. The most amazing Thai food I have tasted in a long while, one last dine with my favourite Aunty Jane.
15. #FamilySelfie! I had dinner with my family the night I arrived but they are generally busy with working and studying. I miss them so much! 

Finally back to London after 3 nights back with the family! It's good to be back. London.
16. Came back to London, went back to my flat to drop my stuff off and freshen up and then back out to Shoreditch for some of the most amazing cocktails at the Whistling Shop!
17. A day out at The British Museum with one of my closest friends, Rory Bobs!
18. Rory is a proud yorkshire lad boy who introduced me to Sam Smith's pub's, they have a brewery in Yorkshire but have many pubs around London. They are extremely cheap, especially for London, and have some nice alcohol so I will definitely be going there (whichever one there is) again. The first one we went to was the 'The Chandos' which was located right next to Trafalgar Square and it was under £3.50 for a pint! I didn't have a pint but instead had food and tea, and then rum and coke, but all very cheap none the less.
19. We decided to head over to another Sam Smith pub just for fun and came across the Cinderella exhibition in Leicester Square! OBVIOUSLY I HAD TO GO IN! I didn't know what to expect, I just thought maybe THE SHOE is in there, and by golly it was! I took lots of photos so will be doing a whole blog post on that soon.
20. Some of the costumes from the movie! I still haven't seen the film but I have seen the trailer many times and recognise all the costumes!
21. #Selfie of me and Rory in Cinderella's stately home.
22. Another #Selfie! Krystal came into work as I was finishing on Tuesday so we had to have a catch up! I miss you Krystal boo!
23. Half price sushi from itsu
24. Michelle's leaving dinner at Cabana.
25. I think I've went to about 4 cocktails bars this last week, didn't manage to get photos of all of them but I can tell you that I am enjoying them a lot more than regular bars! This one was called Zebranos and was located in Soho, we went during happy hour and cocktails were half price, perfect for getting merry!
26. Yet another #Selfie with my girls, Alice and Sylwia! (I think I am somewhat of an addict when it comes to selfies ;) #NoShame hahahaa)
27. Sugar Sin sweet shop with Angelina, she got a bit excited! Spot the excited Angie!

...and that is all I've been up to these last few weeks...
I know it might not sound like a lot but I feel like all my days have been merging into each other, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am embracing and enjoying life! Now all I need to do is sort out my living and working arrangements and I will be sorted, for now-ish!

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Until next time,

Monday, 6 April 2015

Barcelona | The rest of my experience!

I am finally able to sit down and finish writing about my Barcelona experience, here's the rest of the photos from the trip!

Our room, the bed was on the other side.

Circle design on the ceiling.

Staircase to the lobby.

Jiri | Our flat from the outside

On the way to Park Güell...


Someone's house (or maybe it was apart of the school?) on the way to Park Güell...

Person photograph person next to big plants with iPad in Park Güell

Pretty design on the streets on Barcelona

On the way to the beach...


The beach, we didn't spend much time there as it was too windy!

One of the underground station
More orange trees near Arc de Triomf | Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera
Pretty design on one of the souvenirs in a shop near La Sagrada Família

My first visit in a SEPHORA!

My BarryM Nails lasted me over a week even without a top coat, there was no chipping. I'm impressed!



postcard of Barcelona from a bird's eye view

more postcards

Barcelona tube map, I love collecting these!

Sorry this post came up so much later than the other two (Sights, Food), but I have honestly been so busy since I've been back in London. To make up for it, I will upload another post at midnight! Hope you've enjoyed this post, didn't do much writing as I felt the photos spoke for themselves.

Barcelona is such a beautiful city and I am so grateful to Jiri for taking me around, teaching me how to enjoy traveling and being a tourist. Something I tend to struggle with as I grew up with various resort holidays, and not a lot of exploring holidays (or at least that's what my memory tells me). Hope you've enjoyed this and my other Barcelona posts, thanks for all the lovely comments in the previous posts, they mean the world to me!

Speak to you all very soon,