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Barcelona | Best and Worst FOOD!

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Food is a big part of my life, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I should eat and when I will eat it! So I don't think a dedicated food post should be all that big of a surprise... Here were the best and worst places for food, from a clueless tourist's point of view based on her brief visit to Barcelona.

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 1. Bar Mundial

It's worth mentioning that Barcelona is very keen on Tapas, in particularly Seafood Tapas! I love seafood but can't say I am the biggest fan of Tapas only because I feel as though the prices of a Tapas dish is not that much less than a main course dish, yet the portions are excruciatingly small and leaves me with a hungry belly.

First place we visited was Bar Mundial. It was recommended by our 'hosts' for their great Tapas and atmosphere. If I am totally honest, I did not enjoy the experience. It's a great place for the locals, or if you speak the language, but if you don't know anything about their language, I would suggest staying away as the  language barrier was intense! We ended up ordering (with much struggle) some tiny small cold prawns and 3 slices of fish with some bread with tomato sauce on it. The price was not particularly cheap, especially considering what we had was not that great, the place felt greasy, and the service (even though the waitress did try her best) was so awkward. I am not criticizing this place, but I left the place hungry, and I felt like it was not money well spent at all.

2. Taller de Tapas

When we first found Taller de Tapas, we didn't realise that is was a chain restaurant, I think the one we went to was located on 'Rambla de Les Flors'. This restaurant had a much nicer vibe and the service was excellent from start to finish, I think that might have something to do with the fact this is a chain and it was located in an area where tourists are expected to tour.

The food was amazing, our waiter was not only great at his job, we ordered the seafood paella and he recommended that we get some tapas in the mean time as it would take 20 min wait for the fresh paella, he pretty much recommended and ordered three dishes for us. Think we had calamari, king prawns, and chips with some nice sauce on the top, and each dish (yes! even the chips!) was so deliciously amazing, and mouthful was oh so satisfying. The paella was authentic, and had an rustic look to it, the smells were so seductive and the taste did not disappoint, even the thought of this place is making me insanely hungry.

The price was not expensive at all, I think it came to just over 50/60 euros, which is so worth with cause the food was outstanding and the service was natural, lovely, and warming. I would recommend this to the world!


3. Maccaroni Barcelona

I love pasta, I mean if I had to pick one dish to eat for the rest of my life, I would pick spaghetti (or any form of pasta) bolognese. It's my go to comfort food.

The manager/waiter was extremely welcoming, accommodating, Italian, friendly, warm, and knowledgeable. I genuinely felt like I was visiting an Italian family and they had me round for dinner. The price was amazing, and if you are in a hurry then you could grab something to go. To finish the meal he recommended we try their home made Tiramisu, it was heavenly, just bliss. The whole experience was pure happiness and I would go back there if ever I visit Barcelona again.

4. Qu Qu

Qu Qu appeared to be homely and authentic but don't be fooled by their appearances. The food were very tourist orientated, which meant that they were not rustic in the slightest! All the food that arrived was greasy and resembled something that came out of a 1 star chip shop. It was so heavy and hard to eat, literally made you feel sleepy as soon as you had a few bites. The risotto was utter crap! Even I could have done a better job.

It was a cheap place but to be honest, it was not worth anything. We left feeling overly stuffed but not at all satisfied, we could barely function and after a short walk, all we wanted to do was lie down and recover from the traumatic experience.

We also had some food in other places but the experience wasn't particularly memorable so I did not include them here. Since we are on the topic of food, I thought I'd include the following photographs of orange trees! They were everywhere in Barcelona. I was never brave enough to try one out for myself so I can't comment on the taste, I just appreciated their existence.


We definitely don't have these in London!

Hope you found this post interesting, and maybe even helpful if you are planning on paying Barcelona a visit. Will be showing you my accommodation and the rest of the holiday in the next and final post on Barcelona. Watch this space.

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  1. All these pictures are making me really hungry! I'd love to go to Barcelona and try these places out!

    1. You should definitely go! There's something for everyone there :) x

  2. this post is so helpful! Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to Barcelona in September and are so excited. We'll have to check these places out.
    Gemma xx

    1. Oh how wonderful! I hope you two have a lovely time, do leave me a link if you do a blogpost on your time there, would be interesting to read someone else's experience :) thanks for stopping by x

  3. Barcelona is next on my list of European places x