Monday, 6 April 2015

Barcelona | The rest of my experience!

I am finally able to sit down and finish writing about my Barcelona experience, here's the rest of the photos from the trip!

Our room, the bed was on the other side.

Circle design on the ceiling.

Staircase to the lobby.

Jiri | Our flat from the outside

On the way to Park Güell...


Someone's house (or maybe it was apart of the school?) on the way to Park Güell...

Person photograph person next to big plants with iPad in Park Güell

Pretty design on the streets on Barcelona

On the way to the beach...


The beach, we didn't spend much time there as it was too windy!

One of the underground station
More orange trees near Arc de Triomf | Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera
Pretty design on one of the souvenirs in a shop near La Sagrada Família

My first visit in a SEPHORA!

My BarryM Nails lasted me over a week even without a top coat, there was no chipping. I'm impressed!



postcard of Barcelona from a bird's eye view

more postcards

Barcelona tube map, I love collecting these!

Sorry this post came up so much later than the other two (Sights, Food), but I have honestly been so busy since I've been back in London. To make up for it, I will upload another post at midnight! Hope you've enjoyed this post, didn't do much writing as I felt the photos spoke for themselves.

Barcelona is such a beautiful city and I am so grateful to Jiri for taking me around, teaching me how to enjoy traveling and being a tourist. Something I tend to struggle with as I grew up with various resort holidays, and not a lot of exploring holidays (or at least that's what my memory tells me). Hope you've enjoyed this and my other Barcelona posts, thanks for all the lovely comments in the previous posts, they mean the world to me!

Speak to you all very soon,


  1. Beautiful photos, I'm glad you had a lovely time.
    I went last year with a couple of girlfriends - such a beautiful gorgeous city !

    With love from London, Hayley x

    1. Hi Hayley, thanks for stopping by! I loved Barcelona but I am also so happy to be back in London :D I love it (and hate it at the same time) haha x

  2. It's so great to hear how much you enjoyed yourself! :) I love exploring holidays as you get to know so much about the place you visit and the way it might feel to live there!

  3. Gorgeous post, brought back memories of when I was there last year. Thank you for sharing this

  4. Beautiful Pictures!

  5. Omg I would of gone mental in Sephora as we don't get to see them often its only fair