Monday, 13 April 2015

THE GLASS SLIPPER | London's Cinderella Exhibition

Hello everyone, I have yet another busy week and completely neglected my blog but I am back today with a very exciting post on the Cinderella Exhibition in Leicester Square! My dear bestie, Rory and I spent the day at The British Museum, then decided to hit the pub for a couple of drinks, and then decided to go to another pub (sort of like a mini bar crawl but with only two bars and two people).

I was talking about the Cinderella film prior to our catch up friend date, and through out the day so when we walked passed the Cinderella Exhibition on our way to the second pub, we obviously HAD to go in!

The exhibition is entirely FREE and it takes you through some of the early sketches from Disney's archives, before the first film was made. A little history lesson on the film and how it saved the beloved company we know today, Disney.

The Ugly Step Sisters

Evil Stepmother
After a brief introduction, you move to the next room, Cinderella's Stately home. Here you saw the beautiful costume of the Evil Stepmother and Ugly Step Sisters, there were also some of the props from the film, including Cinderella's toys and memorabilia.

I was so exciting, particularly because all the costumes on display were the actual ones that were used in the film!

Selfie in Cinderella's Stately Home

Myself and Cindi
Then You walk through the hallway where you find her father's desk, complete with handwriting.

The next section was of Cinderella's basement. Where the little soft toys of mice were at, supposedly these mice where the ones that were transformed into CGI real life creatures that appear in the film! GENIUS!

Cinderella meeting her Fairy Godmother in her mother's dress, with the little ripped shoulder!

Fairy Godmother in all her glory
Now, things are just getting a bit too exciting! You move into a room where you see Cinderella meet her Fairy Godmother. There were little pumpkins on the side and a big pumpkin which you walk through... and on the other side, this huge pumpkin magically transforms into a... CARRIAGE!


Rory being a sport, posing with the carriage

Some stills from the film, before you lead up to the big one. The room, with THE DRESS and THE SHOE!

The Ball


If I am totally honest with you, I just came in to this exhibition for the shoe and the shoe only, but I was completely distracted by everything else. The dress was on display on a spinning platform, I was in complete awe of it, and could not take my eyes of it! I didn't even notice the shoe was in the same room until Rory pointed it out to me...

The shoe was absolutely beautiful, I was looking at it spinning around in it's little display box, all sparkly and pretty and I just had such a strong emotional bond with this glass slipper, this glass slipper that has been in so many of those childhood stories that is now a real life object. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry, but I did not.


There were a couple more things to do after that room, such as take a photo with the digitalised glass slipper and buy some book to do with the movie but at that moment, my life felt complete (in a fairytale sense).

Jewelry from the Gift Shop
 Last but not least, a quick whip around the gift shop. A must after every museum/exhibition!

I truly enjoyed this whole experience, I think I was probably enjoying it way more than the children were. I was getting so in to it, I think I was actually fighting with the kids, all trying to get a good photo of everything... Not my proudest moment but it happened. I ended up waiting back after everyone had left so I could get a good shot of everything with my iPhone. Since we are on the topic of iPhones, I just want to mention that kids these days are rich! They ALL had iPhones, what was happening?

Back to the exhibition, I would recommend all Disney and Cinderella fans to go to it, it's free and the experience is truly magical. All the staff were friendly and welcoming, I'm sure they all thought I was probably a bit strange but it was their job to make the experience joyful, and that they did do.

A perfect collaboration between Swarovski and Disney.
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  1. Wow this looks amazing!! So jealous! Great photos too, glad you had a good time! :)

    Becca xx

  2. I love the outfits! Looks like a fantastic exhibition!

    Serena /