Wednesday, 8 April 2015

TKmaxx Haul | Manchester


Did I mention I love a good TKmaxx rummage when it comes to beauty goods? No? Well let me tell you now, I LOVE IT!

I love how you end up finding brands that you never even heard of before, sometimes they can be a miss but most of the time they are a hit for me. I usually only buy things when I have my knowledgeable Aunty Jane by my side, she knows what ingredients are good for what, or shall I say my skin type. She recommends products and often encourages me to try new ones, and when we get to the tills, (ehem, small cough and whispering as I say this) Aunty Jane pays. *guilty face*

Barielle Cuticle Nipper £3.99 | Earth Therapeutics Tweezers £3.99 | Revive Beauty 2 in 1 Nail Tool £3.99
I am one of those people who would hack away at their cuticles for hours on end! Before now, I would use an old pair of tweezers to push the cuticle/dry nail skin down and then cut with my nail clipper. Not a recommended method at all! It was about time I invested in some tools that can do the job properly. So the correct way of doing this is to soak your nails in warm soapy water to soften the cuticles before using any tools to remove them (as taught by Aunty Jane). I have used the 2 in 1 nail tool and the cuticle cutter and I have no complaints in regards to these. They do what the job well. I struggle to do my right hand, as I am right handed but I think that is something that will come with practice.

The tweezers were not great, if you come across this brand, I suggest staying away. I think its because the head (is that what it's called?) is a little too fat, and I found it difficult to get to the tiny hairs on my brows, it was not accurate and after 2 or 3 tries, I just gave up! It is pretty but kinda useless, sorry not sorry.

Good Things Cleanser £2.99 | Good Things Moisturiser £4.99
I was drawn to this for many reasons. First one was because I saw the word 'Mattifier', to be honest I was already sold when I read that as I am all for that matte finish. The price was outstandingly cheap, and the scent is beautiful. Think of fresh berries in the summer by the beach, that is what this smells like. I mean I don't know why berries will be on the beach but that's the vibe I got...

Haven't got round to trying this out yet but I will report back when I've used it.


Christian Breton Eye Care £12.99
I wouldn't say my eyes are aging, or at least nothing noticeable, but when I saw the purple gel thing in a box I just wanted to try it. Then I saw this set, which was the same price as just the box, and thought 'I must'!

Another product I have yet to try but no worries, I will be trying it out soon. Needless to say but I will say it anyway, will report back once I've tried it.

Revive 5x mirror
This is for me to see my brows in all it's glory when I am grooming them. I really like the suction cups feature, asnI can stick it on my window and have lovely day-light lighting while I'm plucking away.

That's everything. I love doing haul posts as it helps me keep track of what I've bought, what I'm spending my money on, and perhaps teach me where to cut down on. I don't think I will be cutting down on beauty products anytime soon as it is something that unfortunately runs out, but I feel like I am cutting down on purchasing clothes. I just look around my room and think why is there so much clothes! I don't even wear all of these!! 

Anyway, enough ranting.
Hope you enjoy this small haul and I will speak to you all soon,

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  1. We have basically the same thing (TJmaxx) and I LOVE going there for beauty supplies, you can always find a great deal!!!

    I'm doing a giveaway over on my blog, it'd be awesome if you'd go and check it out!! I Naked Basics Palette Giveaway