Friday, 15 May 2015

mini boots haul

Happy Friday ALL! Hope everyone is enjoying the indecisive weather as much (i.e. not that much) as me. On the bright side, I have a haul post for you! Now, when I say 'mini' with no capital 'M' in the title, I mean mini so please don't get your hopes up cause I can promise you that it is not going to be anything exciting, at least in terms of beauty anyway. It's just a few, shall we say essential products I picked up while I was in there.

GARNIER Body Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion £5.19 £3.45
You may have seen my recent empties post and noticed that I am running low on moisturisers so obviously I had to go to my favorite drugs store to repurchase some! I was drawn to this one because, one it was in the reduced section, and two it's practically the same thing as my hand cream which I have been loving all through winter. The mango oil just sealed the deal for me! I will report back on this when I've used it for a while.
GARNIER Hand Intensive 7 Days Smoothing Hand Cream £3.19 £2.12
 So since I LOVED my previous hand cream so much, it was only sensible for me to get another. I went for the one with mango oil to match my body lotion. Also since it's coming up to summer, my hands won't be as chapped as they were as winter, so something a little less intense is probably a better choice. I wouldn't want my hands feeling over moisturised now do I?

I've already popped this in my hand bag and it feels like I am wearing a gloves of moisture and smoothness whenever I use it.

Nivea Shower Cream £1.99 £1
Another something something from the reduced section! Shower cream is always essential, cause you know, showers... At £1 each how could I not!

...And that is literally it! I told you it was mini...
Hope you enjoyed it none the less. More posts with exciting news coming up real soon!

Until next time,


  1. That is my all time favourite hand cream! And one I think I will repurchase time and time again!! I haven't actually tried the body moisturiser so I have to try that soon!

    Charlotte |

  2. I love any hauls from boots. Good choices and yes with the weather whats going on?! x

  3. Great post xo

    Jill xo

  4. great pictures! it's always interesting to see what products they don't sell in the states but have the same brands :)


  5. Sometimes essentials are all you need! I like hauls like these because it gives me ideas for when I next need new essentials.
    -- // x