Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mini Haul + little treats from Aunty Jane

Hello everyone! Today I'm trying out something new, I took all the photos for this blogpost using my phone with minimal (none) editing. I'm still deciding what my new blogging setting will be like so in the meantime, I'm just waffling around the flat for spaces I can use as my blogging background.
Let's get into it shall we...

Slippers £1
 First stop, PRIMARNI! I only nipped into Primark cause I needed some socks but thought I'd pick up a couple more things since they are so cheap. Now, it's not like I am going anywhere this summer so flip flops aren't a necessity. However, I do wear flip flops around the house, and the ones that I currently own are over a year old, so I think that I do indeed deserve an upgrade! I actually love how cheap these are, like I know the price is cheap but also because the material is so light (cheap stuff), it makes it easier for me to walk around without it pulling on my feet, which most "fancy" slippers tend to do.

Lace Body Luffa £1
Luffas are so expensive these days! Costing me 2 whole pounds from boots or superdrug and yes I did recently purchase one and was not pleased about spending TWO WHOLE POUNDS on it! So when I saw that this was ONE pound, I just had to purchase it as a spare. And it has some pretty lace design on it which is just a bonus, bargain!

5 Pack Socks £2.50 each
The stuff I went into Primark for, SOCKS! I know it says 5 pack and there are only 4 in each bundle here, there is a very good explanation for this. Basically, I wore them and they are now dirty so I did not include them in the photo. I really like these prints! I remember going in Primark around winter time, you know the time when you need socks the most, and they just had hideous designs, I had to go to h&m to buy some instead so well done Primark for making nice socks for summer, maybe you could do the same for winter as well?

Rita Ora Nail Polish £2.99 | L'oreal Super Liner £6.99
 Next up is my beloved Boots! I went in to get a new Super Liner cause I thought mine was running out but it's actually still going strong, and I realized that I didn't actually need to buy this but it doesn't really matter as I will be needing this eventually, when my current one runs out. The oxford circus branch put tape around the lids so you know no one has used it before you, which does make the packaging less sleek but I think it's a nice touch, and helps prevent contamination which is always nice.

I have been eying up this nail polish since I saw it on the ASOS website. I didn't buy back then because... IT WAS OUT OF STOCK! and I couldn't find it in any boots so when I finally found it, I felt obliged to buy it. Plus it was the last one there so I felt like it was fate, and we all need a nude ish kinda shade in our lives right? (yea I am just justifying my purchase really!)

Tezenis underwear £5.99 each or 3 for £12.99
 I've never been into Tezenis, it's that massive underwear shop by one of the corners of oxford circus tube station. I always thought it was expensive but my friend told me that they are quite the opposite. We popped in and I bought 2 pairs and she bought one, so it worked out to £4.33 per underwear. Every little savings does really help! I didn't take a photo of my brand spanking new knickers cause there really is no need to share that kind of stuff on here but I can confirm that they are comfortable and lovely! Will definitely repurchase.

h&m high neck crop top £5.99
I have wanted a high neck top for a while now. I saw this in my favorite pastel blue color and instantly fell in love, can't really argue for £5.99. I mean I could wait for it to go on sale, but it probably will sell out before then and it's just no worth the wait especially when I know I will be wearing this top a lot through out these rare summer days we have.

I recently went back up North to visit my family and as always, each visit means treats from Aunty Jane. We didn't go shopping this time but she had a few free samples of beauty products that she wasn't going to use so thought she'd give them to me so I could have a play with them since I am such a beauty geek! I don't have much to say about these products just yet but I will be reporting back after I've used them a couple of times. For now, you can take a peak at what's to come!


And that is all for today's post. 

*Sorry I've not been blogging as frequently as I want to AGAIN! I know I keep apologizing but I am genuinely very busy... been working 6 and 7 days a week, so when I get a day off, I have errands to run or I am just too exhausted that my body needs to recharge. I have been slily enjoying the sun in between errands today but I manage to squeeze in a little time for my good old blog. Again really sorry I've not been on top of things but thank you for your patience and I promise, I will get back into the swing of things soon!*



  1. Omg you got such great bargains!!! :o every single item you bought, I would've bought too if I was in your situation. Primark, it's just too painful just to get one thing right? Everything is sooo cheap, it's as if everything is speaking to you, to go buy them! No? Ok then. Hahahaha x)

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Hello Jessy! I do love a good bargain! haha yes, I am totally with you on the primark thing... I went in there the other day to get one thing (again...) and came out with a lot more than one thing hahahaha! I NEED HELP! haha

      Thanks for stopping by x