Sunday, 26 July 2015

Little Scents

L'Occitane Cherry | My BURBERRY | Harajuku Lovers Lil' Angel | Viva La Juicy | Liz Earle Botanical Essence | Beyoncé Heat
It's Sunday! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Summer is the perfect time for pretty scents and I thought it would be nice to take a look at my very mini collection. I don't normally buy perfume cause I never really got in to the whole smelling great phase but every now and again, it's nice to smell like you were a gift from heaven. Everything in the above photo was given to me by either those perfume people on the streets, or by friends and family. I think these samples are perfect for me cause I do tend to get bored of the same scents, also they fit snuggly in to my travel make up bag!

Compared with a pound coin! Look how small

L'Occitane Cherry
I should probably mention that I am not the best at describing fragrances so this post could get interesting (or just extremely unhelpful)... First up is Cherry Princess by L'OCCITANE. I'm not sure if this is still available on their website cause I could not seem to find it on there, and I did get it at an outlet store. This one is very subtle, supposed to smell of cherries I presume... but I think that it smells a lot like a floral, almost rose like scent. It's sweet but not too sickly so it's perfect for those warm sunny days when you just want a slight hint of sweetness. If you apply it around your neck area, everyone who hugs you will get a subtle wave of this lovely smell.


 Well I don't really know what to say about this beautiful scent other than it smells very sophisticated and elegant. This is the perfume I reach for when I have a grown up thing to go to, for example interviews and events where I need to be more mature. haha! It's silly I know but it gives me this extra boost of grown woman confidence. Here's the description from the Buberry Website:

The iconic fragrance inspired by the trench coat. The scent captures the essence of a London garden after the rain.

 Doesn't that just sound bliss! I mean the scent definitely does not disappoint, and I got this in the cute little miniature sample thanks to Angelina!
Harajuku Lovers Lil' Angel
I have had this perfume for a quite a few years now. I've mentioned I am not the biggest perfume purchaser but that doesn't stop me from smelling all the perfumes in stores. I remember Joanna and I used to go into Debenhams and smell all the perfumes from this range, they were all lovely but I think this was my favourite. It's very sweet, almost reminds me of candy canes and candy floss. It's not as sophisticated as the Burberry one, it's a lot more girlier and youthful. Really brings back memories from summer fairs kinda vibe.

Viva La Juicy

The perfume Viva la Juicy was presented as a gourmet floral fragrance, which opens with notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin. The heart encompasses a floral blend of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, while the base notes await us with a gourmet rhapsody of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines.

 I couldn't quite pin point this smell, so I stole the description! I will add that it is extremely sweet, not a natural blossom style sweet, but more of an artificial kinda sweet. I love my sweet scents as you might have guessed (since all the perfumes in this post are sweet!) so I don't mind this smell at all! As you can see in the photo, I have used quite a lot of this, so I must enjoy it quite a bit.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence

This smell is just gorgeous. It's sweet but not too sweet, very floral but in the most delicate and natural way. Some people might say it smells like the grandmother but I adore it! Smells like bottled summer in a beautiful park.

Beyoncé Heat
The very essence of her confidence, style and elegance has inspired this premiere fragrance….truly memorable, like the woman who inspired it.Beyoncé Heat is a floral, fruity, woody perfume that features rare, sensual flowers and is both feminine and irresistible

I am having a Beyoncé day, listening to Queen B as I type up this post. There's nothing much to say about this fragrance, I am sorry but I don't seem to be drawn to this as much as the others in this post. It is a sweet scent, not horrible, but nothing special about it either if you know what I mean. Will I head out and buy it? Probably not.


Coconut body mist from M&S £1
So since this is a scent/smell related post, I thought I'd share one last one that I have been love love loving recently! This coconut body mist is what summer dreams are made of. I absolutely adore this. It reminds me of a sunny beach holiday, where you have sun cream all over you, maybe an ice cream at hand, or even coconut water from an actual coconut. This is just a holiday in a bottle and for £1 who can really complain?!

And that is all the mini scents + summer in a bottle that I own. Not a huge collection but it will do seen as though I never really use perfume anyway. You may have notice that these photographs were taken with the old background in my old flat, and the reason for that is because I am not the best writer of perfumes, I am terrible at describing scents and I have been putting it off until now. Even now, the descriptions are still a bit here, there, everywhere! I hope you girls have enjoyed this post nonetheless, luckily I won't be doing many of these as 1. I do not really purchase perfumes and 2. This is not my strong point so I will stick to what I am good at. I am glad I gave it a go, must try everything once don't we?


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Fashion Haul + Try On | ASOS, H&M, and NEW LOOK!


I have done haul posts in the past that featured one or two items of clothing but I don't think I've done a fashion dedicated haul post, and boy did I go all out for you all! I have only gone and try on and snapped some photos of myself in them, so stay tune if you wanna see lots of awkward posing!
 *thumbs up*

So I thought I'd go ahead and photograph the ASOS packaging, just so you can be apart of my haul journey from the beginning. Also because I surprised at how well things were packaged in this order, I didn't know the necklace came with a box, and bubble wrap, and in another plastic bag for extra protection?! New look top from ASOS came with a nice little hanger, and the shoes were brand spanking new (there were paper wrapping on the buckle)! But you will get a better look of what I bought in the photos below... I will also leave more photos and links of everything I bought at the end of the post!
New Look Crop Top (from ASOS) £12.99 £4.50 | ASOS FANCIFY Sandals £28.00 £19.50

Cute zip detail

Let's start off with something that I love! You may have saw a very similar shape crop top in one of my recent haul posts, and I loved that top so much that I decided to purchase this one! It is pretty much exactly the same only the material, color/pattern is different. This is is very structured and a little difficult to put on and take off but once it's on, I feel great! I challenge you to try and not get make up on this when pulling it over your head, I failed this challenge but the make up is only on the inside of the neck so I'm not too bothered by it. I got this in a size 8, and then I realized that this is in the petite range, so I could maybe go a size up but I quite like this fit. I would wear them with these shorts if it is really extremely hot in London. Otherwise, high waisted shorts or jeans will look just fiiine too, it just so happen that these were the first pair of shorts I grabbed... Not like I needed another reason to justify a purchase but this top is just £4.50! I'd be crazy to not keep it, right?

I do like these sandals, you would be surprised how difficult it is to find a plain black pair of sandals that could potentially go with everything. The back straps on these are a little loose for me, and I was debating cutting them off and wearing these as slipper sandals but I couldn't bear the pain of cutting a brand new pair of nearly £20 shoes. I don't think I am in love with these sandals, so I have decided to send them back for an exchange. If it is meant to be, they will have my UK size 4 in stock, if not then I will just get my money back so it's a win win situation really. Watch me regret this decision when they send me the email that they ran out of stock!

ASOS Longline Mono Cami £22.00 £15.00
This top looked really great on the website... I thought it was going to be a chiffon type material but instead the material reminded me of those disposable/one use face cloths, you know the ones where they are compressed in to a cute shape, and you normally take them on holiday with you cause it's easy to transport?* Just me? Okay... Well let's just say the material wasn't great, it was very cheap in terms of looks and feel. I love the view from the side, however the front is, let's be honest.. not very flattering. So, I'm sorry ASOS but this will have to be returned.

* I don't take this type of cloth on holiday with me anymore but I think I did as a child...

Close up of material...

ASOS Oversized Scarf £14.00 £4.00 | NEW LOOK Silver Sliders £9.99
I have been craving an oversized scarf for a while now, since winter to be precise... but I never want to pay over £20 for a scarf, I'm not even sure if I would like to pay more than £10 to be honest, £4 is great. There are quite a few to choose from on ASOS but I went for this one. It's simple but has just enough detail on it to make it less boring and more of an edgy piece. I think this would be great for summer, when it's a little windy but you don't want to take a coat with you, this will keep your neck/boob area windproof, and if it does get too windy and a bit nippy, then you could easily turn this into a shawl.

These holographic sliders are the bomb! When I first saw them I was a bit unsure as to weather or not I should get them. I thought they might be too edgy or too hipstery, and was like oh my hipster days are behind me... but no, they weren't. I actually think that these are quite pretty and would easily add a bit of fun to any plain outfit. They seem to be quite comfy which is always a good sign. Just make sure you don't moisturize your feet before wearing them cause if you do, you are in for a slippery journey! As I learned the hard way...

ASOS Triangle Rosary Necklace £15.00 £4.50
Now, I didn't know I needed this necklace until I knew about it's existence! You know you're in the middle of summer, and it's so hot, you just wanna let your boobs (or lack of boobs) come out and enjoy the sun, so you put on a top with a low neckline... but something is kinda missing. THIS! THIS NECKLACE IS MISSING... Look how it just ties the outfit together. Throw on a leather jacket and you are complete! Again, for £4.50, you'd be a fool not to keep it...

NEW LOOK Black Leather Pointed Courts £34.99

Got to admit something here, I love heels but I am not a heel wearer. I only got these for work purposes, currently seeking a role as a receptionist/administrator and heels are sort of more professional looking. Makes me looks less like a child... hahaha. I love these, they are as comfy as heels can be, but look so gorgeous and sophisticated. Reasonably priced and bonus points for real leather too!
h&m Jersey Playsuit £7.99 £6.79
This playsuit is currently 15% on the website but (please don't hate me) I managed to swoop this up in the sale for £4! I don't know why it's not in the sale anymore but I am not complaining. I just think this is a great little piece to wear when it is excruciatingly HOT. We do tend to get a few weeks where it's so hot you can't breathe on the underground, and on those days, I rarely feels like wearing anything tight or long, or just anything... I can't walk around in my bikini so this is the next best thing. Also really love the colour too!

You may have noticed that I also bought a little notebook at the start of the post, I didn't take anymore photos of it simply because I have so many notebooks going on at the moment that I don't need a new one as of yet, so I'd like to keep it new and packaged until I need it! The notebook is by Happy Jackson! I have loved all things Happy Jackson from the moment I discovered them, the little notes and bright colors always puts big smile on my face. Their stuff are generally quite affordable, so when something like this goes on sale, my inner organizer just screams out BUY! and buy is what I did indeed. The little note on the front cover says 'GEMS OF INSIGHT AND INSPIRATION' and in little writing '(well...and shopping lists and stuff)' which is just perfect for me! I always try to be inspirational but then get distracted by shopping and stuff! LOVE IT!

I had so much fun putting this post together! I love watching haul videos on YouTube and I've seen a few of them trying their stuff on which makes it so much easier to picture the pieces as an outfit, which is what I was trying to achieve with this post. It makes so much more sense to try on the clothes to show you what they look like, there's definitely room for improvement (as always) but I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Home Haul | h&m, Primark, and TIGER!

Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!

Today, I am here with a home haul post! I don't think I've done one of these before mainly because I never bought too many home stuff in one go. I bought these in attempt to create a more organized, and hopefully tidy space for me and my new roomie to live in. I will also add in before and after photos at the end of the post so you can have an insight to my small little space.

h&m copper basket £12.99
 I have been eying up this basket from the moment I saw it... I resisted the initial impulse to buy this but then when I got home, I had a bunch of wires on the floor. I couldn't stop thinking about this beautiful basket and how it will simply add a touch of (almost) rose gold to my interior, whilst keeping my wires in a contained space. So I headed back to purchase it! The price is reasonable, I think you can get cheaper alternatives from tkmaxx as I have in the past but I don't think I've seen anything copper/rose gold in there... so I have no regrets!

TIGER Mirror £4

Sylwia (my roomie, hello if you are reading! ;D) has a similar mirrors to this one. It is just so handy to have around, especially to do your make. I've never had one of these because I never want to pay money for one. I never really felt the need for it but since seeing Sylwia do her make up in one place, I have longed for one for myself. Up until now, I was using my full length mirror, which can be a pain cause it's so big that it doesn't sit on your table, so you need to go and get your make up and then go to the mirror, etc... I grabbed this one cause the mirror is pretty good quality, as in it does not distort your reflection. It is a little on the small side but for £4, who can complain really. It is a self assembly mirror, so it is sold as a flat pack, which makes for easier transportation.

Tiger Square candle glass holder £1

I'm not sure if this counts as a home purchase but I bought it with the mirror so thought I would include this in this post. This glass plate like thing is meant as a candle holder but I thought of my lush sugar scrub when I saw it, I thought of how it would sit perfectly in there. I have used an empty nivea tub to store this which was fine but all I need was a little plate for it to sit on so it doesn't spill everywhere. This is £1 and perfect for the job!

Primark Double fitted sheets £5.80 | Primark Elephants Double Duvet Set £11
I went into Primark with the intention of picking up one thing, but yet again I came out with way more stuff than expected! For those who know me, well I mean my little brother and sister, knows that I have a little thing for Elephants... It all happened when we were at a family friend's home. I got bored and looked around the room, I then realized that there were a lot of elephant related (paintings, photos, little figurines, medium sized figurines, soft toys, etc) objects in the room. I decided to count them to past time, and my little brother joined me, before we knew it, we were going round the house shouting elephant at every elephant we saw and we got a total count of over 100, can't remember the exact number but it was definitely over 100! So ever since then, I pay a lot more attention to elephant related objects and this had so many elephants on it that I just had to purchase it. Plus I only have one set of sheets and duvet cover, and have done for years so I think I deserve an elephant upgrade! I also bought some sheets to go with the duvet set. My old ones are a lilac colour and I have make up all over that so let's see how long this one will stay clean for...

Primark Printed pop up laundry basket £2.80
 Yet another item that has been inspired by Sylwia. She has one of these, and I knew they existed but I always just stuck all of my laundry in one of those laundrette bags, you know the ones that old people have when they go to the laundrettes? Or in an ikea bag. It was fine but just looked a bit messy as you will see in the photos below. This was on offer, think it was only reduced by 20p but still saving none the less! haha

So as you can see, this is the before. I lied about my sheets, I have two but only one single and one double. This duvet is a single one and normally is a spare but I left my double duvet at my old flat so this will suffice. I also bought a double duvet from primark for £7 and so far so good, very soft and comfortable. BUT ANYWAY... back to the topic, this is before. You can see that I have a lot of appliances in the bottom left corner. My big ikea bag is my laundry bag.

Look how much tidier and brighter everything looks. I love how there are pattern clashes, I do love a good random mix of patterns. I think one of the reasons why it is so much brighter is because of the colour of the sheets but everything just seems to work with each other.

Of course I wouldn't normally have my sugar scrub on my table but for the purpose of this blog post, it will sit there. Haha! Apologies for the mess on the window seal but that's where my everyday beauty products live and it needs organizing, so that might be my next task!

I do love my little corner!

Do let me know if you enjoyed this post and want to see more home organizing style posts, or even if you just wanna see the rest of my room.

Until next time,