Friday, 7 August 2015

bareMinerals Original Foundation

bareMinerals Original Foundation £25
Now, this is so bad but I had the photographs for this post for a while now, it was just sitting in my drafts folder... waiting to be written! You can even see in the photographs that I have my old set up in them. I wanted to take some photographs of this product on my face but every time I got round to doing so, well let's not beat around the bush, I looked awful in the photos and I did not want to post them up on the big wide world called the internet! I just came to the conclusion that maybe, this post, wasn't meant to be written with photographs of my face in them, I will just have to be twice as descriptive with my writing instead.

I've heard a lot of great things about the bareMinerals Original Foundation, and since one of my fave YouTubers (Jenn Im) had sung it's praises, the urge to purchase became so much stronger! I decided to go into the Covent Garden store just round the corner from where I used to work so that I could give it a test. I'm not sure if my sales assistant/make up artist really know what she was doing because she kept applying intensely dark shades on my skin... like the colour 'tan' and another similar to that. I had to give her some guidance and hints, "maybe try a lighter shade with yellow undertones?" I asked, and then she manage to match my shade, which is the colour 'light'. I have to say I was not impressed with my sales assistant but was blown away by the product. So I decided to head back in on a different day to purchase.

Now, I do like using this product on days where liquid foundation is not necessary. However, I wish I was told that this one had a weird shiny, not quite dewy, but just unnaturally shiny finish. I was in boots the other day and say that they had one with a matte finish! Why did nobody tell me about this. You can build up the coverage, but the more you build, the shinier it gets so... I just end up using a very light layer of this, focusing on my cheek area as it is very good at evening out my skin tone. I don't use it as much as I would like to because of the peculiar finish and when I do use it, I apply my smashbox primer beforehand and bourjois powder on top just to help reduce the shine. I feel like I shouldn't have to use either product if it is a powder foundation but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I think £25 is a little pricey considering my Liz Earle liquid foundation is £21. It would be great if I had got the matte one but unfortunately I did not, and this has kind of put me off buying another one especially when I can just buy my regular foundation for less money, AND I know for a fact I will use my liquid foundation. Whereas this, I feel like sometimes I just use it cause I did pay that much money on it I should just use it. The only positive I can draw out is that it is brilliant at giving you lovely even skin tone, which does pick up nicely in photographs too. So if you can put up with the shine, then this is the product for you! Otherwise, maybe try the matte one or just buy you're regular foundation. 

Thanks for reading!

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