Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Big Empties Post #2

I recently wrote a blogpost with some of my empty products in and I promised that there was more to come, so here it is...

Smashbox brow tech trio have been my saviour to brows. This was the product that I started using to fill in my brows, I absolutely adored this product and was actually getting a bit anxious when it was running low. I was desperate to repurchase this but I just did not have the funds at the time and now I've been using a nice dark brown sleek eyeshadow to fill in the brows so I stopped feeling the need to buy this. I know there is still some product left in here, but it was the darker shade that I would tend to use and I've had this for a couple of years now, so it was just time to get rid.

This little bottle of goodness was used up quite a while ago. It was back when I had blonde hair and I needed that extra bit of moisture as my hair was very dry and straw like. This did help a little but to be honest, my hair was so bleached and damaged that nothing could save it. I've kept the bottle around all this time because the smell was just so glorious! It was beautiful, and every once in a while, I will come across this little bottle and I would give it a good old sniff. Sometimes I will sniff it for a good few minutes cause it was that good. But I am trying to de-clutter and unfortunately, I can't find another use for this bottle and somehow keeping it as the nice smelling bottle just doesn't seem all that justifiable.

mascara mascara mascara! I love using sample size mascaras because you get to really try out and get a feel for the mascara you may or may not purchase. Surprisingly, there is a lot of product in these little things, think all in all these three have lasted me over half a year. I did a review on the 'Roller Lash' mascara and yes I do like it, but I much I prefer the "They're Real" mascara as they are more natural looking and less clumpy. Both great mascaras but I have chose to repurchase the smashbox 'Full Exposure' mascara as I think they are the most lengthening, curls well, and gives an all round natural finish to the lashes. I'm not entirely sure but I think the smashbox mascara is slightly cheaper than the benefit ones, so it was just an easy choice for me to go for.

I have raved about this product so many times on this blog and I could go on another rave about this but I think that this product speaks for itself. And yes, I have already bought another one of these. I have recommended these to people time and time again. I just think they are so perfect for the cat eye look. Now that I think about it, I only started doing the winged cat eye look after my first purchase of this eye liner. I have not regretted this decision to this day.

NYX smokey eyeshadow pallet. This one is a bit of a random one and as you can see in the photos, it is not actually empty. However, I have had this product for around 3 years and have hardly reached for it so I decided to get rid. I think the reason why I never use it is because it is not very long lasting, and as you age and hang out/work for longer periods of time, you start to realise that make up that stays on your face is essential! So since this does not do the trick, I thought it was about time I got rid of it.

A couple of Barry M products, I do like these but again these are a good 4 maybe 5 years old so it is about time I just threw them away. They aren't bad products, I think they are very pigmented and has a good wear to them but it is just that there are not that many occasions where light blue eyeliner is appropriate. I used to adore this lip crayon but I just, somehow, don't feel like bright pink with little glitters will suit me or my age anymore hahaa... Let's face it, I'm not 12 anymore!

Another product that I have already bought. I know this is crazy but there are so many black eye liners to chose from and when you find one that you like, it's just sensible to keep buying that one. I use this to line my waterline and it glides on smoothly. It is jet black when applied on the waterline, which is something I find extremely rare with eye liners, as they tend to apply on with a grey-ish colour. It is waterproof, although I am a little doubtful of it's full waterproof potential as it does come off as the day goes on, but I think you can't have everything with eye liner, so if it means I have to re-apply every so often is the only downside, then I think that it is an outstanding product in it's own right. Also very affordable!

Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Doesn't that name just makes you wanna try it! I loved this product and used every last bit of it! Even had to cut it open to get every drop out. This is a wonderful exfoliator, a little on the pricey side but I would say it is worth it. I like to switch between exfoliators as I do enjoy trying new products but this is something I will definitely buy in the future, after I've tried out a few more here and there.

This is one of the products that Joanna gave me in our Beauty Swap Box. I am not familiar with Clinique as a brand and to be honest, I wasn't too sure about this moisturiser at the beginning. It's a very liquidy and runny texture, and almost too runny for my liking but it does absorb quick and leaves you feeling very hydrated. I think that this will be great to take on holiday with you because of the size and just the fact that a little goes a very long way.

Last but most certainly not least is another one of my holy grail products, the Liz Earle Signature Foundation. I don't know how much money I have waisted on trying out new foundations but they have all disappointed me in the past. I was actually contemplating giving up, but then just as I was about to give up, I discovered Liz and I adore it. I love how this foundation can be lightweight and natural, but you could also build it up for  more intense coverage. It sits on your skin perfectly and is very long lasting and durable, all you need is some powder and a few top ups throughout the day to keep you nice and matte.

And that is finally it! I kinda felt like this empties post (and the one before) took SO long to write, maybe cause there are so many different products to write about or maybe cause they are so long to write. If you've made it here to the end then thank you so much, I love you and appreciate your patience!

Until next time,

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