Monday, 17 August 2015

It's My Birthday!

Started my day with Tapas, Aunty Jane, and Ice Cream!

Hello everyone, apologies for not blogging over the weekend but I was just too busy celebrating my Birthday! I didn't really want to have a big night out or anything crazy for my Birthday, all I wanted was to have a couple of days of quality family time. I think that it is so difficult to find peace in London, and getting away was just what I needed... I didn't really planned anything for my birthday so all the activities that we did were planned by my family and here's a few photos I took to capture our memories!

Sibling Selfie Little Sister, Me, and Little Brother.

The Whole Family dining at Steak & Lobster!
My Steak & Lobster experience was really quite pleasant. As you may have guessed from the name of the restaurant, they specialise in serving the most enjoyable Steaks and Lobsters! The best thing about dining with family is being able to share food... My little bro and I shared our steak and lobster so that we could try out everything! I would definitely recommend getting the lobster as it is great value for money and it tastes amazing! The steak was really good too but I don't think it was anything special and you could get a similar taste from most respectable restaurants. Another great perk for dining here, aside from the great atmosphere and service, is that you get unlimited fries and salad! Which means you will definitely leave the place with a full stomach, there's nothing worse than feeling hungry after a nice meal out... All in all very enjoyable!

China Town, Manchester.

Snow Ice at the Dessert Room!

Me on a Segway!

My whole family on Segways!
My dad is a very family day out kind of person and so he decided to book the Segway experience as a little birthday treat for me. Our experience was at "Madrenaline Activities Centre", and I loved it! It's been awhile since we all did something together as a family, so it was quite nostalgic and all round lovely experience. Our host who took this photo was very kind, had just the right kind of energy to get you into the Segway mood!

LUNCH! (before heading home to London)

Sylwia surprised me with the cutest little card and a little cupcake from Lola's when I got back.
I really enjoyed this birthday, I feel like it's a humble celebration but it's just what I needed. I felt very lucky to have people who care dearly for me and felt very loved from all the birthday wishes from everyone, also felt quite popular for a change haha! And to top everything off, my colleague from work surprised me with some cake, wine, and an adorable card with the sweetest message inside.

I sure am one lucky girl!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back with more soon!

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  1. Happy Birthday !!
    This post made me so hungry and made me crave ice cream :D thank so muck :)