Monday, 24 August 2015

Let's get naked!

New Look | Nude Patent Court Heels £19.99

Okay, so my title is a little bit misleading... We are not actually going to get naked, we are just gonna talk about a few nude items that I have added to my routine. I have recently started my new job as a receptionist and all of the items in this post were purchased largely because of my role. Having said that, I have been enjoying my purchases very much!

First up are these gorgeous nude patent shoes from New Look. It is part of my uniform requirement that I wear this type of shoe but to be honest, I think that every girl needs a good pair of nude heels to go with everything. I do keep these at work under my desk since I only wear them for work, but if ever I needed some nude shoes to go with any outfit, I could easily take them home with me. Heels are never really going to be comfortable because ultimately, it is unnatural position for our feet to be in, but I think that these are fairly easy to walk in considering that they are stiletto heeled. Once you get used to walking in these, you can pretty much walk in any heels, more or less. I am quite lucky that I have to sit down for most of the day but when I do need to walk around, I tend to keep these heels on so that I can practice walking in them on a daily basis. I'm not sure if it's just me but some nude shoes are just quite a funny colour, but I think these are perfect and complements my skin tone well. I have the same pair in black leather and they are even more comfortable as the material is softer.

New Look | Classic Skinny Strap Watch £9.99

This beautiful watch is another purchase from New Look. I have been loving this brand recently as I feel like they have really stepped up with their products, they are all very current and on trend but most appealing part for me is how affordable everything is! I can't see a drastic difference in quality when it comes to high street shops so paying £100 from somewhere like Topshop can seem a little ridiculous when you can get similar products from stores such as New Look. I wasn't looking for a new watch but then I saw this little beauty and thought well I only own one watch, so adding another to the collection can't cause anyone any harm. I have very slim arms so it's hard to find watches that don't look drastically oversized on me, even when they are regular sized, they look oversized. So anything with a thing strap and reasonably small face is my kind of watch. I tend to go for simple and brandless watches because 1. They will go with everything and 2. I can't afford to buy the brands that I adore! I just think this shade will go with everything as it is such a pretty pink nude, also nice to have non-black accessories, especially for the summer time (yes, I know summer is pretty much over but we can still hope!)

Basic Tights £3.99

Nude tights are a nightmare, it is just so difficult to find something that is good quality, and when I say good quality I mean something that wont pull upon every little bit of contact, or something that rips every time you go to the ladies room. These are from h&m and comes in a set of 4. Each pair of tights has lasted me 3 to 4 days, and even survived the washing machine test. Another element that makes shopping for nude tights such a chore is the colour matching. I can never find my exact skin tone, it's almost as tricky as shopping for foundation. This one is a pretty close match for me, I think it is slightly darker but I feel like it is always better to go a little darker rather than a little lighter as it tends to look a bit odd when you go for a lighter shade.

These are all my nudes that I recently purchased and though they were bought for "work purposes" (or so I tell myself), I feel as though these could be essential for any wardrobe as you just never know when you might need something nude, nude is just one of those things that go with everything!

Until next time,

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  1. I love the watch!! It's so pretty!! :)

  2. Love the heels and watch! You can't go wrong with nude shades .. such a chic colour :) those heels for £19.99 is a bargain! Great pics.

    Thanks again for the bloglovin follow btw! Great blog :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  3. I leave for a**bargain**!!!! very ideal for work classy yet not pricy!! thank you QUEEN BEACH, u always give me chic ideas for my wardrobe..!!!