Monday, 21 September 2015

Bloggers Fashion Week | Kleem Organics

Another week has passed us by and it is now less than 10 days until October! Can you believe it?

So as you all know, I have been writing about products and gifts that I received at the Bloggers Fashion Week event over the last week or so. The last but by no means least is this sleek packaged intensive rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum by Kleem Organics.

I haven't really had a chance to truly get to know this product but I know that it is packed with natural ingredients and high in vitamin C. If you read my blog, you will know that I have been trying out other skincare brands and I wanted to space out everything that I am trying as I did not want to use too many new products in one short space of time. I have used this serum just once so I can tell you what my first impressions of the product are for now, but I wanted to do a post on this before I went to my next blogger event which will be tonight!

 I haven't used that many serums in my lifetime so it is difficult for me to compare this product to other similar stuff that I have used in the past. First of all the smell is quite medicinal in my opinion, it has a touch of orange scents in there too, which is only natural considering that it is a Vitamin C Serum. As expected, the formula is very light in comparison to a cream. I used this product at night cause I was expecting it to be quite strong but it was actually very lightweight and absorbed into the skin immediately! I would probably use this product in the morning underneath my make up as it does leave my skin feeling very refreshed and moisturise, without feeling greasy and heavy. I think that this would be ideal for the hotter seasons, so if you are going on holiday somewhere in the sun then lucky you! and this could perhaps be perfect for you! I really love this sleek package, it has a stylish design and it is very hygienic as it comes in an air tight dispenser which means no dirt can enter the container and contaminate the product itself, which is ideal for a little Londoner like me as it just tends to get so dusty living in the big city (or maybe I just need to vacuum more? Haha). All in all, good first impressions, but I will do another blogpost when I have a little bit more time with this.

Sorry that I cannot be more informative in this post, but I hope you still enjoyed it. This product is still very new to the UK so you are among very few people in this country that has got the chance to hear about this brand and product! How exciting!!

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  1. Nice product!

  2. I love Vitamin C serums they leave my skin feeling so soft xx

    1. Vitamin C is always a good vitamin to have in our system, or in this case, skincare! xx