Friday, 18 September 2015

Bloggers Fashion Week | Valmont Cosmetics

Happy Friday all!

Valmont Cosmetics is truly magical! I received the most luxurious gift in this wonderfully white (I have an obsession with white stuff at the moment, everything from animals to interior decor to make up brushes...) gift bag complete with the Valmont logo embossed on in gold! This was the one bag that I could not let go off, I felt so expensive holding it, and rightfully so since one of their creams can cost around £200!

Valmont cosmetics use only 'The richness of Switzerland's natural resources', using ingredients sourced from their Photo Alpine Gardens and other natural swiss goodies like Glacial Spring Waters. It's no wonder their products are such high quality and undeniably luxurious. Not just luxurious in price, but also in quality and feel.

"A constant innovator, the company draws inspiration from latest cosmetic cellular findings to offer utmost anti-aging products with visible and long lasting efficacy. Patented Triple DNA, liposomed RNA and DNA, Glacial Spring Water and pure plant extracts are the key ingredients used for their unequalled hydration, regeneration and cellular reactivation properties"

You can learn more about their brand and products here!

(Sorry about the vast change in lighting! It's what you get when you photograph during daylight...)

I couldn't find the link for the perfume but Oh My Goodness, I smell and feel so expensive when I am wearing the stuff. We got to try out a few different scents at the event. The lovely representative sprayed a sample of one of their sweeter perfumes on this cute fabric rose ring for us. Just a couple of spritz and the rose to this date (it's been nearly two weeks) still smell as great as the day it was blessed with that heavenly scent. The smell of the perfume that I got, along with all their other perfumes are all quite unique and really difficult to describe but I would say that 'Chocolat Bambola' is more of a mature scent, not as sweet as what I would normally go for but in all honesty, I don't think I can fault this perfume. I just feel like a sophiscated grown woman. More importantly, it stays with you for the whole day, if not longer! Every so often I will get a nice reminder of how great I smell. I think Valmont have only just added their range of perfumes so I am not sure if they have launched or not, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for this magical little beauts.

I also got a sample of the 'Clarifying Surge' illuminating brightness cream, and the 'Clarifying Pack' which is a illuminating brightness mask. I am always a little reluctant to try out new skincare products especially when it comes to products which I will be using on my face because I have very particular skin, generally breaks out when it disagree with certain ingredients. That said, I was a more optimistic about trying Valmont's cream because they say they use naturally luxurious ingredients in their products, so surely I'm less likely to go wrong?

 I gave the Clarifying Surge a chance and have been using it for a week now, so far so good. First off the smell is just gorgeous, genuinely smells so elegant and dare I say, smells expensive too(?) I forgot to photograph the cream itself but it looks like a regular face cream, maybe a little thicker as it is an anti-ageing brand. Now, because this is an anti-ageing product, I have been cautious not to use too much of this stuff. I am ageing (unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this fact), but I am not at that stage where I need to use anti-ageing products, so I have only been using this as a night cream. It's been agreeing with my skin very well! I do feel calm and relax after applying this cream, perfect to get me in the mood for a good night's rest. I would describe this as a masterpiece for connoisseurs of quality! It is a product filled of positives. I should hope so considering their full size tub costs £199!

I have yet to try the mask but it is half as good as the cream, then I would be impressed! I would definitely recommend their products, but you have to bare in mind that Valmont is an extremely luxurious brand, so the price is not going to be cheap. I rate this product on it's quality, there's not much I can fault. As well as getting that quality, you get the splendid feeling of treating yourself. I genuinely feel more 'high end' with their products on me, and it definitely affects my mood in a positive way!

All this pampering is just what I need after a long week at work!

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  1. Looks so luxury!

    1. Oh it really is, I feel a million bucks when I have the stuff on! :D xxx

  2. It seems so gorgeous and luxiorous, I am quite young yet (18 y/old) so I don't need and don't have the money for such expensive anti-aging products, but it will definitely be a brand I keep in mind when I am older. I think my skin deserves the best, it's not like I can change it or grow it out again (referring to hair) so I think quality go over price when it comes to that!


    1. Yes, I wouldn't recommend this for young beautiful skin like yours as it is after all an anti-ageing product but definitely keep it in mind for when you are older, or you could gift it to a special woman who you look up to if you want to give a luxurious experience to her! Thank you for commenting! xxx