Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Bloggers Hangout | Beauty Bar event in Shoreditch!

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be writing about my second bloggers event, I literally had so much fun interacting with fellow bloggers, hearing about new brands and their products, as well as getting to know more about a few familiar brands that I have been admiring from way back when! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as I will be blogging about so many exciting gifts but for now, I thought I would share my experience with you all.

It comes as no surprise that I went with fellow blogger and (dare I say) friend, Angelina from Angie Walks. We are both big beauty freaks and love all things makeup and skincare so being at this event made us feel like two kids in a candy shop! Or two bloggers at an amazing blogging event if you prefer. The Beauty Bar event was just so good, I know I keep raving about it but Angelina and I left on a ultra high note. Like the last one, this event was also hosted by The Bloggers Hangout, We got to meet the woman behind The Bloggers Hangout and she was honestly not what I expected her to be but in the best way possible. Danielle was so lovely, calm, and most of all down to earth, I mean the girl was being the door(wo)man for the evening!

The event was hosted at Beach Blanket Babylon or BBB in one of my favourite edgy hipstery, Shoreditch! BBB is a bar and restaurant and as expected, it was very trendy and cool! I was very tempted to have a drink or two but it was a Monday and gurl's gotta work the following day... The hostess of BBB was so welcoming and friendly that it actually made me really want to go back because of her excellent customer service! So I will definitely keep this place in mind when I fancy a cheeky cocktail, on the weekend though.

The event was held upstairs, away from the peaceful and equally trendy diners. It was a little smaller than the OXO Tower but in a way I kinda prefered it. It wasn't as intimidating cause it just felt more cosy and inviting. Everyone was very polite and nice so even when you do bump into someone, it's not a big deal cause everyone is apologising. Oh how british we are!

I think all the beauty junkies would have heard of Sensationail before, if you have not then I do not know where you have been! Sensationail is essentially a brand that provides us all with the stuff that we need to do our own UV gel nails at home. I have wanted to try this for a while but payday just never gave me permission to do so, so obviously when they gifted me an essential starter kit, I had to hold most of the excitement in because I wanted to look cool haha! The same company are launching a sister brand called L.A.B (Lab Square) which has the softest, sleekest makeup brushes which I am very excited to be reviewing soon!

Hair extensions is currently my new obsession that is lacking in my life! As someone who has never worn hair extensions before, any brand is slightly scary for me. I mean, I have have this irrational fear that the hair extensions will just fall straight off... or what if they look like they are clearly extensions? Beauty Works Hair Extensions were so soft and looks very realistic too! They have a wide range of shades to choose from, which is a godsent considering my hair is neither natural black nor chocolate brown, it's kinda a beautiful in between shade which a lot of companies do not cater for. The representatives were all wearing the hair and honestly I would not be able to tell if they had not had told me. They have clip in and permanent extensions which can last up to six whole months if cared for properly. And to top it all off, they provide their own aftercare products, so makes your looking after your fake hair as easy as looking after your real hair! Would love to try out their silky soft and of course ultra long hair extensions. Beauty Works Hola At ME! (please)

You can't really see the photograph on the left but it is a very exciting brand called Exfolimate. They created an innovative exfoliater that does not require anything other than water (to act as a form of lubricant) to work. This means that you won't need to buy any other product other than this little gem! I cant wait to try this all over me! I have a good feeling about this, will be reporting back soon.

Swell Ultimate Hair is a hair care brand that makes products for people with thin, not very volumized hair like my own hair. They have a Cleanse (shampoo) and Hydrate (conditioner) product, but the one that I am most excited about is their Nourish product. Since my hair has been growing longer, I feel as though I have been getting a dry scalp problem... which is very odd for me considering I have never suffered from any head or hair problems. I think I am just probably getting old. The Nourish product feeds the scalp, giving it the hydration and moisture that it needs to keep your head healthy and mind happy!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box specifically made with women in mind! So we've all heard of monthly subscriptions with new beauty products and other similar types of subscriptions, but I feel that Pink Parcel is unique and almost essential as it is sent to you around your lady time (talking about PMS). It comes with all the essentials that every lady want and need, but more excitingly, it comes with lots and lots of treats to keep you balance and cheerful through this hormonal and emotional time! It saves you the hassle of going out to buy the products and the treats are automatically sent to you in a beautifully packaged little box. Kinda an essential if you ask me.

Moving swiftly on from PMS and the whole taboo around our topic of our lady times... we have SASS! SASS is a brand that understand the awkwardness for us ladies to go out and buy products for our bits, and part of this whole awkward ora is because all these damn products have the letter 'V' plastered all over their packaging, which of course just makes it easy for everyone to assume that there must be something wrong with your V... As you can see, SASS's packaging is so pretty, very discreet, and stylish. When I fist saw the poster, I thought it was ordinary skincare for your face or maybe body, would not even had guessed that it was for the more intimate areas, so obviously their tactics are working. I can't wait to try their samples out, I hopeful that their products are as good as their idea!

Soley Organics is a skincare brand that came in all the way from Iceland for this event. They create organic luxury products that is filled with goodness for your skin! Needless to say that most of their products include natural ingredients from their beautiful Icelandic landscape.

Last but by no means least is SheaMoisture! Angelina was particularly excited about this brand because of their hair care range. I did get a couple of samples from them, one of which was recommended to me because of my flaky scalp ehem problem that I had going on, so very excited to try these out and as always will report back with my thoughts!

My goodie bags from the night! Anyone would have thought I went shopping!

Angie Walks preparing to pose!

Angelina and I chilled and walked around Shoreditch, then went to get ourselves some chips from one of the best fish and chip ships before heading out separate ways. Chips was definitely a great way to finish off the night. I literally am so excited to blog about all these gifts, I know I've mentioned it a thousand times already but I just can't contain myself! You can find out more about the event and the brands featured here.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you been to any blogger events recently?

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  2. It was such a fun event, thanks for coming with me and keeping me company :) X