Thursday, 1 October 2015

Beauty Bar | Sensationail


Okay you have been warned that there will be a lot of photographs in this post so don't go complaining when you get to the end and realised that there was indeed a lot of photos. I originally had around 60 photos cause I got a little carried away and wanted to document everything so this is actually me cutting down!

As you can guess from the title, this will be a post all about Sensationail! I have been lusting after their products ever since I realised that UV gel polish existed but I never really had the courage to fork out £69.99 for a starter kit when I didn't really know what or how it works. However, I was going to treat myself since my current job actually requires me to have pristine, non chipped nails at all times. So, you can imagine my excitement when Sensationail gifted me their very own starter kit! I was in absolute awe and could not believe my luck!

The same company that brought out Sensationail is launching some sleek makeup brushes under the brand L.A.B.² (Lab Square) which I will be reviewing in another post very soon!

The starter kit comes with everything you will need to complete a manicure that can last up to two whole weeks:
  • Lint free wipes
  • Gel primer
  • Gel base and top coat
  • Gel colour polish
  • Gel cleanser
  • Nail filer
  • Wooden stick thing for cuticles?
  • UV lamp
  • Plug for the UV lamp
  • and Instructions

I was also given some nail shields which I didn't use this time as it was a little too fiddly for my liking. The idea is that you use this in between your nails and the gel products, so that the gel never touches your own nail, keeping it protected and healthy. I think this is a great idea but I just got too excited and applied the gel polish all over my nails! I will definitely try this out when i have one of those 'do nothing stay at home all day' days and report back on the blog.

I know that the kit does come with a gel colour polish, which is a very pretty berry colour but my work only allows nude and pink shades so I had to go out and buy myself this adorable pink shade. They normally cost £15 per colour but I used my boots points so, I guess it was technically free!

Step 1: Cleanse your nails using the Gel Cleanser and Lint Free Wipes. Don't forget to remove the seal, otherwise you will be there for a few minutes wondering why it's stuck... Also don't try and be smart and use cotton pads as you will have fluff all over your nails, which may be dangerous when you start applying the Gel Polishes as it could get trapped underneath and then you have to spend two weeks looking at a nail with fluff stuck underneath it! (Or maybe this is just a 'me' problem?)

Step 2: Apply the Gel Primer to your nails and allow to air dry. I recommend doing one hand at a time, the gel primer does air dry fairly quickly so it doesn't take up too much time like regular nail polish.

Step 3: Apply a base coat using the Gel Base & Top Coat. I decided to do my thumb and fingers separately so that it will fit nicely into the UV lamp. Do not forget to seal the nail by painting the edge of the nail as well as this will help the manicure last a lot longer! I did not do this and one of my nails did chip because I was fiddling around with it, I think it would have lasted me the two weeks if I did not fiddle around with it. Definitely learn from my mistake and paint that edge of the nail!

Set this in the UV lamp for 30 seconds. And I know that this goes without saying but it does dry instantly! Such a weird feeling as I am used to not being able to move my fingers for hours on end cause I am waiting for them to dry. Although the polish did dry instantly, it was a little sticky so I used the Lint Free Wipes and Gel Cleanser to remove the excess gel between each process just to keep things neater, and again prolong the wear of your manicure.

Step 4: Apply 2 to 3 coats of Gel Colour Polish. I did go for 3 coats as this was slightly see through, but I'm almost certain two coats will be more than enough for darker shades.

Set each layer of colour for 60 seconds.

Step 5: Finish off your nails by applying top coat and set for 30 seconds.

VoilĂ ! Perfect shiny nails for up to two weeks or until they grow out. I will definitely do a removal post when it comes to that time where I have to redo these nails but for now I am extremely satisfied and oh so happy about my nails. £69.99 may seem like a lot of money to spend, but if you are someone who tends to do your nails all the time, then it is definitely worth the investment as it this will last. It means you won't have to go to the nail bar to get your nails done, saving you lots and lots money in the long run. The polish dries instantly and the manicure will last alot longer than regular nail polish manicures, which means no chipping and you will also save yourself so much time too! I can only think of positives when it comes to this product. I remember reading a review saying that this takes too much time to do, however I think I would actually take a lot more time doing my nails with regular polish so it does not make that much of a difference and for me, this has saved me a lot of time because it does dry instantly, and you are guarantee a perfectly dried manicure with no silly sheet marks or creases in the end.

Highly recommend this and I cannot wait to do my nails again! As always, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts on Sensationail and UV gel nails in general so please do remember to leave me some comments below. If you are too a fellow blogger then don't forget to add your blog link in the comments as well so I can check it out!

You should definitely follow Sensationail on twitter here, and instagram here for some serious nailspiration (see what I did there)!

Until next time,

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  1. I was more than excited about this gift at the Beauty Bar event too!
    Yes! I'd love to follow each other! Will look you up on Bloglovin


    1. It just is amazing! Okay will follow you back :D x

  2. Those nails are the perfect pink! I love how they match your phone case too!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. I know, I'm only allowed pink and nude shades for work but I guess those are generally the shades I would go for even if I wasn't forced to do so! x

  3. That looks like an amazing gift. And that nail color is gorgeous.

    March and May

  4. Love this kit. Such a beautiful color.

  5. This is so cool! I love the colour of your nails!

    xo, Liz

  6. I absolutey love your nails:) Can't wait to try the Sensationail kit too! xx

    1. Thank you, you definitely need to give it a go :) xx

  7. I have one of the deluxe Sensationail sets, they often come on offer just after Christmas in Boots or they're in a Star Buy offer in the weeks before Christmas. I bought one that was RRP £110 for £33! I've only used it a couple of times but I'll have to try it again soon. Boots quite often have offers on the individual Sensationail colours too which are worth looking out for xx

    1. I love it! Makes doing my nails so much easier because I don't have to wait for them to dry :D I bought one of the colours from boots but I think I will look online for cheaper alternatives... I do want some from opi cause they have the prettiest nude shades ever! xx