Friday, 30 October 2015

Olympia Beauty Show | Haul and Mini Review

Good evening everyone, hope your weeks are going a lot quicker than mine as I feel like mine is dragging on and on! I'm not particularly impressed with the clocks going back because it just looks like night time by the time it's 4... Not cool! But it is finally Friday so let's stop the complaining and get on with the post. A few weeks ago, myself and Angie Walks went to the Olympia Beauty Show (read more about it here) and bagged ourselves a few bargains so I thought I'd share with you a couple of things that I've been loving so far. 

First up is this cuticle conditioning oil with milk and honey from Cuccio. I can't say I am particularly fussy when it comes to cuticle oils but I have really been liking using this for the last few weeks. As you can see, it comes in this adorable circular bottle with this syringe applicator (not sure what its called) to pick up the product. The bottle also has an extra flat side so that you can have the bottle sitting on a slight angle. I am not entirely sure how useful this is, it seems a little gimmicky and kinda cuts out some space where more product could have been in. Having said that, I do enjoy having the bottle on it's side, I'm not sure why but I am pretty amused with it's matrix-like pose. Can't remember how much I paid for this but it should be less than £5, which is fab cause this will last me a long time!

The next thing that I used was the Glam Lac UV gel polish in the colour Harmony. I got these for £5 each, which was an absolute bargain. Though I do like their colours and it does do the trick, I feel like the quality of these polishes aren't that great because they were chipping after about 5 days or so. I remember my Sensationail polish was not really chipping and the reason I took it off  was mainly cause I was bored of the colour and my nails had grown out. I probably wouldn't repurchase from this brand again as I feel like there are better brands that I'd like to try out but I will be using my current colours with joy!

I've also used some of the products to remove my UV gel nails but I thought it's best to just to a 'how to' blogpost instead of including them in here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and wishing you all the fun for Halloween weekend!

Until next time,

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  1. Thought that said Gucci O for a minute lol
    Good reviews


  2. I like how the bottle looks; like it should be in a laboratory! I've been using nails inc cuticle oil and noticed a huge difference, less white and flaking bits around my finger nails :(

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. Oh yes! Now that you mention it, I can totally see the resemblance and I am loving it! Cuticle oil is the saviour to my hands, they'd look so manky otherwise... will have to have a look at the nails inc one next time I see it! thanks for letting me know.

  3. Great pictures! Hope the cuticle oil does its job. You should try using Johnson's Baby oil, it works wonders with nails/cuticles, and it's super cheap! :)

    1. I do like things cheap, will definitely check it out when my bottle runs out! Thanks for sharing!