Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015

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Can you believe that another year has sprinted pass and Christmas is pretty much just round the corner! I love all things festive and recently caught the crazy shopaholic buzz, literally everything I see, I want (I need)... Like seriously, what is my problem?! So, I thought it's best to channel my undying need to purchase everything into a handy little wishlist so that my wonderful friends and family have an idea as to what I want (need), but more importantly this list could help you lovely people give a gift to that special someone and maybe even avoid the dreaded #GIFTFACE!

So let's start with a few beauty products that I have been crushing on. First up, the ROSE GOLDEN COMPLETE SET VOL. 1 by Zoeva. I think I did put the rose gold face set in one of my lists last year and yes I did end up purchasing it BUT I dont have the eye set and well I just want new pretty rose gold make up brushes so I am including them in this years list too. If £100 is too much to spend then you could head over the the Zoeva website and purchase just the face or eye sets for around half the price. I have the face set and I highly recommend! 

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect £23
So I have been eyeing up this Bitch Perfect lippy for a while now. I just think the colour is so beautiful and the packaging is to die for! I mean, just look at it! This would make a perfect present for any lipstick lover.

Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace £23
I've never used or owned any Charlotte Tilbury products before, so when myself and Joanna were at one of their counters, I jumped at the opportunity to try out a Bitch Perfect and since I was there, I might as well try out a few others. I came across Amazing Grace which is this beautiful pinky red colour with an elegant velvety/matte finish. Not gonna lie, a part of me wants this because of the name, it's literally made for me! I think this shade would probably be a better match than Bitch Perfect for my complexion but bitch be poor and I just cant bear the thought of spending £23 on one lipstick at this moment in time, no matter how pretty or perfect.

ASOS Faux Fur Scarf £30
I have been obsessed with faux fur recently... I've always wanted a fur coat but then I look at them and think they are so huge that I'd feel like a pimp or they are so small that I might look like a prostitute. I'm just joking, all I'm trying to say is that I can't find one that I love so to settle my need for fur, I thought I could maybe go for a fur collar but I think they aren't that practical or warm and then that's when I saw the Jayley Skinny Faux Fur Scarf! It's long enough so that you can wrap it around your neck to keep you warm and it looks super cute without being too overpowering like a whole fur coat. If real looking fur is not your thang but you still like the texture then you can opt for the red white version here.

ZARA | Leather Bag £29.99
Normally, when I see a bag that I absolutely adore, I would just head out and buy it but I've come to realise that I have a lot of bags and the only ones that I ever really use are my black ones only because they are so easy to match with my outfits. I feel like there is a running theme with this Leather Messenger Bag with Metal Detail and the scarf, like they would just look so good in one outfit together. Anyway, I think that this adorable vintage look bag would make a great gift for anyone who like stuff likes things like harry potter maybe? Or just for people who like vintage looking new things like myself!

Nikon | D5500 approx. £400
This list would not be complete with a couple of techy stuff in it as I am a little tech geek sometimes. I'm crazy about cameras, at one point, I had around 8 cameras, just cause I wanted them. I was a photography student after all. Now I have my eyes set on the Nikon D5500. I do already have a Nikon DSLR but I feel like I need one that has a flip screen so that I can do stuff like selfies and... hopefully youtube soon. I think I was pretty much sold from the moment I watched their product tour video. Of course, I wouldn't expect anyone to buy me such a pricey present so this will probably have to be a present from me to me.

John Lewis Philips Electric Toothbrush £114.99
I have always wanted this philips diamond white toothbrush, I think I've wanted this toothbrush for about 2 or 3 years now... Coincidentally, my old electric toothbrush died and you know what, I thought I would take this opportunity to treat myself! (apparently it's not a thing to have a toothbrush that you've always wanted...) I did buy this toothbrush from Argos and I am in deep regret as you can get the same exact one from John Lewis at the same price but you get the added 2 years guarantee included in the price. So, learn from my mistake and head to John Lewis. Sorry, that I am not sorry, Argos.

Update: Found it cheaper (£89.99) from BOOTS!

ASOS | Passport Holder £6.25
And now for a couple of stocking fillers. I have been wanting to travel for a long time now but never really go the time or the money to do so. I feel like 2016 is the year that I will finally be going places and this Time To Explore Passport Holder would make an adorable addition to my 'travel kit', which currently does not exist. This would be perfect for anyone who loves to travel or is about to go on a journey of a lifetime!

Dune | Key Ring £19
I think we have all been seeing these pom pom keyrings all over the shops and I do think that they are extremely adorable but these Cat Ear Pom Pom Key Ring are too cute for words! I've always wanted a pet, but now is not the right time for me to have one so I guess this will have to do! Just look at it!!! Absolute cuteness.

H&M Lip Primer £7.99
I have been eyeing up H&M's beauty range since it's been launched into the UK, then I went into one of the Manchester stores and they had all the stock (a rarity in London) so I obviously had to have a play around with all the testers. I think this is probably the safest present in this list as everyone needs a bit of lipbam or lip primer in their life, it's clear so you wont be scrutinised for picking the wrong colour but it is still in beautiful packaging so you would have look liked you made somewhat of an effort.

P.S. I went in to H&M for tights and came out with lashes... but more on that in another post.

So, that is it for this post. I am sorry I have been absent from the blogging world these past few weeks but I have been really busy and as you know life sometimes get in the way of things... so I do apologies but I hope you all understand!

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Big shout out to my regular commenters, it means the world to me!