Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Photographer Highlight: Haikal Danial | Grace Lee London | Photography

Hi guys, did I mention that I am a photographer who love meeting other photographers? No? Well then you clearly have not been following me on my socials long enough! Haha, all jokes aside... I just wanted to feature my fellow Malaysian Photographer Haikal (@hd_captures) as his photography has been so awesome recently!

Me and my little Insta famalam (Haikal, Lauren, Yip, and Ming Jun) decided to head out to Wendover for a small hike and of course, we had to take some pretty amazing photographs along the way.

We took some album cover worthy group photos using a tripod (Yes, we are legit like that)... But the real reason why I decided to dedicate a blog post to Haikal is because he managed to capture a different side to me, I almost look kinda cool - in an ironic way since these snaps are retouched in a warm autumnal tone (get it?). 

I'm so used to seeing photos of me looking sort of posey or dazed. I honestly feel like my little bro has captured my personality, even though I was feeling drowsy and flu-ey that day. My heart fluttered when I saw these images and it was a real confidence booster to see myself looking like this! 

Thank you so much to Haikal for sharing your talents with me. It was my pleasure stepping in front of the lens for you! I will miss you dearly when you leave London to head back to the motherland, our loss is Malaysia's gain I suppose.

Be sure to check out his Instagram to see what he gets up to!

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Kara Zwaanstra | Grace Lee London | Photography

It's easy to forget that my job as a photographer is often a team effort, especially when I spend most of my time (shooting, marketing, editing) alone. My favourite part of photography is connecting with people and in this case, I've teamed up with this gorgeous model Kara Zwaanstra to create these beautiful photographs.

Of course, all photographs are taken by me but I've left the editing for this set to Kara as she is now a fully qualified Graphic Design grad!

Aside from good looks, Kara is also an Influencer, blogger, and YouTuber so be sure to check her out! You can see more of my work over on my website, and you can also follow me on all my social media platforms (links below). I hope you enjoyed this set as much as I loved shooting it and I will hopefully see you in the next one.

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Free Glasses from Firmoo.com | Grace Lee London | Brands

Firmoo.com kindly got in touch with me as they wanted me to create a video in exchange for a free pair of glasses, so that's just what I did! The video pretty much says it all but I wanted to include a blogpost as well as I've taken these bad boys out on a photoshoot!

-scroll to the end to see which frames I have-

I'm wearing #YSL1718024M. You can get your own discount code, I do want to point out that I won't be getting anything from this so if you do decide to buy yourself a frame, why not get 2 for the price of 1 by clicking here! You can browse their frames over on their website: https://www.firmoo.com/

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and video. Like, subscribe, and follow me on all my socials (links below) to keep up to date with what I get up to and I will see you in the next one!

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Photography by AJWX

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Personalised phone cases from EGOsketch | Grace Lee London | Brands

If you value your phone then you will definitely have a case to protect it, if you don't then you are one risk taker living life on the edge! I've always wanted to personalise my own phone case but was always too boring to give it a go (I usually choose the plain stuff), so when Artur from EGOsketch got in touch with an opportunity for me to design my own case, I took it without hesitation!

EGOsketch is a small Dutch company that makes personalised phone cases and tablet cases. From my experience, my case is high quality and was easy to create! Read more about my experience with EGOsketch at the end of the post.

Since I have about 3 or 4 spare cases laying about, I decided to design one for my dad as he doesn't have a phone case for his HTC One M9. As a photographer, it was pretty evident that I would be choosing photographs to display on the case. It was a little tricky trying to arrange one photograph on the entire case without the awkward camera hole cutting anyone's face out, the only way this was possible was to have blanks spaces around or by having 2 photos.

-scroll to the end for more-

Throwing it back to over 15 years ago! I decided to choose these 2 photos as they are very sentimental and reminds me of a time where my whole family was fit and healthy.

My dad and I both love how the case turned out! I think it is great quality and really appreciate how the print came out as accurate as my initial design. The photos are printed all around the edges and the colour tones are very close to the originals, which believe me is hard to do when printing on regular photo paper so EGOsketch really know what they are doing. The cut outs (camera, flash, side buttons) are all in the right places and the case fits the phone perfectly. I also love how it's a matte finished, rather than a glossy plastic finish as it really brings out the details and you can see the photos no matter which angle you look at it. Before smartphones were a thing, my dad used to carry a photos of us (his kids) in his wallet, in a way this case is like an updated version of that and gave us both a bit of nostalgia to reminisce on.

If you are looking for a one of a kind unique case then definitely check out EGOsketch, this is your chance to get as creative as possible! If you are anything like me, you will have your phone with you everywhere you go, so why not design something that represents you! You can add your own text, drawings, designs or keep it simple and just upload a photo of you and your friends, or even a snap of your pet!

Check out EGOsketch on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

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Photographs by my brother and sister.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sales Alterations | Grace Lee London | Fashion

I love fashion. I think fashion is so much more than just clothes. For me, it's a huge part of my identity, it's how I choose to express and represent myself visually. That's why it is so important for me to have clothes that not only fit and suit my body type, but also show a bit of me in the process. 

-scroll down for more-

I find some amazing steals in the Sale, sometimes there's something a bit off with the pieces like the fit is too big or sleeves are too long. In this case my matching co-ord set comes with trousers, and I'm a shorts kinda gal. So, I took it upon myself to fix it up to make something that's one of a kind and completely unique to me. I do love the long flowing trousers and I feel so sassy when I'm wearing it, but they were a bit too long for me and I just can't see myself wearing that outfit out without feeling too self conscious + I feel much more comfortable and cuter in shorts!

My skills are not half as technical as April (aka Coolirpa) but after years of practice, a lot of patience, a good few hours of trial and error, I do sometimes get the desired outcome and end up with a cute outfit that is only unique to me!

As always I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to follow me on social media (links below) and I will hopefully see you in the next one.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The CCC Super Cup | Grace Lee London | Photography

If you would have told me that I will be voluntarily shooting at a football event a few years ago, I would have laughed at you and say something like 'I would never do that!' But here I am, in present day, shooting a charity football event with no gun to my head. Yes! I am doing this at my own free will!

The Chinese Community Challenge (CCC) Super Cup is hosted and run by the Frank Soo Foundation to raise money for their chosen charities with the help of some of their generous sponsors. You can find out more about the CCC community here and maybe even help out next year too!

My friend, Ban is one of the organisers for this and he asked me if I could help out by doing some photography. Who am I to turned down a good friend, especially when it is for charity! This is a big deal for me as I am someone who had resented being a Chinese immigrant in the UK throughout her teens (hard not to when living in a small valley filled with quintessentially British people aka Caucasians but more about this another day). I want to do more things to help me reconnect and learn about my history and culture, what better way to do this than by giving back to the Chinese community.

-scroll to the end for more-

Guy with the 3 stripes is not meant to be there... he's just bantering about.

My role for the day was to capture the team photos, covering the other two more experienced sports photographers (Laraine and Miguel), as well as shoot videos of people saying thank you to the sponsors. Which meant that I got to speak to almost everyone who was there that day! Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and chatty, which is not what I expected from a bunch of lads at all. And though I did not understand most of the "lad banter", I still found their personalities endearing and joyful to be around.

You can see an unofficial short clip of what went on at the Super Cup below. Hope you enjoyed this post, follow me on social media to see what else I get up to in between blogs (links at the end) and I will see you in the next one!

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Pink Overdose! | Grace Lee London | Photography

Ellie and I connected through Instagram and we decided to meet up for an outdoor shoot, however the forecast predicted heavy rain for that day so we arranged for a back up indoor location. Ellie suggested that we head over to Frank's Cafe in Peckham as they have pink corridors all the way up to the rooftop cafe/bar. As a Lover of pink, it was hard to resist this intriguing candy floss pink heaven goodness!

Let's talk about Frank's Cafe. It is a trendy rooftop cafe located on top of a multi-story car park, with views of Southbank, to City, and even stretches over to Canary Wharf so you can enjoy the views of all the major sky-scrapers of London while sipping on some coffee or something a lot stronger. They do have a lot of Art amongst the cafe, so they have quite a few rules when it came to photography. We were stopped several times by members of staff as we were not allowed to capture the art in our photographs (Although, I think it is completely fine if you are using your phone.)

This pink lobby/stairwell/corridor is also a piece of art titled 'Hi Boo, I Love You' by Simon Whybray. It's listed as London most pink place over at TimeOut, so if you love pink, you must go the Peckham! We were stopped from taking photos as I think we just looked too professional but the kind lady was okay with it once we explained it was for the gram.

-scroll to the end for more-

My favourite thing about social media is that it has lead me to meet so many cool people and made me get out of the house to explore places that I've never even heard of! One of these cool people is my model for the day, Ellie. Ellie is a fantastic model and so much more, not only did she chose this unique location, she brought several outfits and props (mega impressed!) to match each location. She's also an actress, DJ, writer, singer, puppeteer, etc.. And has stories to keep you entertained for the whole day! I found Ellie very inspiring as she is living the dream in Barbie's dream house (sorta) and doing what she loves all day every day! It was my pleasure meeting and shooting you.

See more of Ellie by clicking here!

My buddy Alex also came out with us and he shot a behind the scenes video for the day so stay tuned for that! As always, I hope you enjoyed this post, follow me on social media to keep up to date with everything I get up to (links below) and I will see you in the next one!

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