Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hitchin Lavender and Sunflower Farm | Grace Lee London | Explore

Photographers in the background, can you spot them.
Happy Saturday everyone, can you believe we are at the end of July already!

I've been wanting to go to a lavender field for the longest time and since the lavenders are finally in full bloom, I decided to waste no time and head over to Hitchin Lavender and Sunflower farm! I invited a few of my photography buddies and asked them to bring a model each so that we can all make a day of it, unfortunately we had a slight hiccup with the model/photographer ratio. We ended up having 7 photographers, 2 photographers/models, and 1 model... so I ended up being one of the main models for the day!

I am not a model by any means but I guess I had to take one for the time (I loved it really).
Mustafa shooting Jade

The photographers
Alex, ZChi, Haikal, Femi, LouiseMustafa, Ben, and Andy

MustafaBen, and Femi

Photo by Ben of me and Andy

Photo of Jade by me
Photo by Mustafa

and another one by Mustafa

The gang hunts down two beauties and shoots them... haha

Andy shooting Alex shooting me

Andy capturing me in action, see my latest blogpost to see Alex's series

All photos with no caption by Andy

I've had such a wonderful day with lots of talented and fun people! I was so happy to be amongst the beautiful lavender, the sunflowers and wheat field were just an added business that made for great photos! The weather was typically British and the rain held up until we were done shooting, and then the rain just started pouring down.

I now have way too many amazing photographs of myself but I honestly recommend going out there, it's a nice to be around nature and it's something different from the city. It's the perfect place to take a date or your family, or even head out there with a bunch of friends and take photos like we did! Be sure to follow everyone on Instagram for some great content:

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See you in the next one!

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Photographer Highlight: Alexander Chua | Grace Lee London | Photography

Last weekend, myself and a few other photographers and models headed up to Hitchin Lavender and Sunflower farm (blogpost on that coming soon!). I had originally planned to be one of the shooters but ended up being in front on the lens more than behind it, not that I'm complaining much as I had some seriously talented photographers shooting me.

Alex was one of the photographers there, he was the first to shoot me in this outfit. I'm not going to lie, I was feeling a little awkward at the beginning because let's be honest, it's not the norm to wear a swimsuit in the middle of a wheat field! However, Alex made me feel fabulous and relaxed throughout our shoot, it was totally worth as we ended up with some killer shots!

I even managed to get a super awesome snap of me and Andy (boyfriend), I'm actually so in love with all the photos with this set. The editing is very different to what I usually do with my own photographs but I am enjoying seeing a different style of editing and shooting. I like "modelling" for other photographers as I feel like you can learn so much from experiencing how somebody else shoots.

Thank you so much to Alex for coming to the meet up, and thank you for these amazing photos! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and YouTube to see more of his videography and photography.

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Thai Food in Oxford | Grace Lee London | Food

I've been spending more time in Oxford this past month since I've been working at the University as a photographer. My best friend (Joanna) of over 10 years has been so supportive throughout my time there and I honestly don't think I would have done this without her. We decided to head out to eat one evening because if there is one thing we love more than we love each other, it will have to be food! Obviously... 

We decided to head to Thaikhun, which as you can guess by the name is a Thai restaurant. So I wasn't originally planning on blogging about this place, I was just snapping for my Instagram stories so the photos are not the most bloggery but I was scrolling through my photos and realised that this meal was quite amazing. I can't speak for Joanna but I felt a sense of nostalgia at Thaikhun, they had those plastic holders that they have in ALL street food style coffee shops (sort of like a cheap restaurant) in Malaysia. The flavours of the food was pretty authentic and delicious!

We started off with some prawn crackers and dip, this stuff is addictive!

And then we ordered one of the pork specialities and had it with a cocktail each. I can't remember what it was precisely but everything on the menu looked great! Me and Joanna have this thing where we always order the same dish no matter where we go, maybe it's our equally great taste in food that's kept our friendship going all these years haha..

I really enjoyed the meal, maybe it was the sense of nostalgia it brought or it could be simply be that the food and company was fabulous! I am planning to go Thailand at the end of this year and I'm definitely looking forward to the food, it's going to much more affordable over there too if you catch my drift.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Behind the Scenes with Kayci Jade | Grace Lee London | Photography

If you watch my YouTube videos, you'll know that I do a lot of beauty and travel vlogs up on there. One thing that I would really like to do is incorporate more of my photography on there so I thought it would be perfect to start with a little behind the scenes of a shoot I did with my lovely blogger friend Kayci.

Kayci is one of the ambassadors for Krystellie hair extensions, as well as a budding fashion blogger and lawyer in the making! She was one of the first people I shot when I decided to get back into photography, and since then we've shot together many times. I always enjoy our shoots as she is so easy to work with and we have fun along the way too!

You can see more of Kayci over on her blog and Instagram! You can also see the whole set of photographs over on my website. Hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with my latest videos, and I will see you in the next one!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pretty Pink Ruffles | Grace Lee London | Fashion

A good outfit doesn't always have to be complicated, sometimes it's just a case of a pretty dress and some killer shoes! I think this is the perfect outfit for a summer brunch and or beach holiday dinner cause it's breezy and gives off a relaxed feel to it. All you need is a cute pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

Scroll down for outfit details

Shoes - Public Desire

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Corporate Summer | Grace Lee London | Fashion

Captured by AJ

Fashion in the corporate world always seems to come with a set of rules, no this, no that. In most cases when it comes to receptionists, you must wear monochrome or worst an [unflattering] uniform. Though I do not miss working as a repressed corporate receptionist, I do miss admiring some of the fashionable office ladies who dressed like a boss!

I thought I'd take inspiration from the offices and incorporate it into my look. These trousers a lot lighter than jeans so you'd feel much cooler whilst still covering your pins and looking summer ready!

Scroll down for outfit details

Trousers - ASOS
Shirt - ASOS
Shoes - River Island

Having a smart outfit ready in your wardrobe can never be a bad thing no matter what industry you are in. Even in the photography world, I sometimes get caught out when client ask me to come dressed smartly which usually means no jeans and no trainers. Of course I'm not suggesting that you go out and shoot in heeled sandals, that would not be practical at all! But given that it's summer, you could get away with flat sandals, or the more traditional flat pumps or brogues.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Carbon Smiles UK Teeth Whitening Charcoal | Grace Lee London | Brands

I've been seeing charcoal products all over the place recently, though I'm not one to follow the latest hype, I was definitely intrigued by the new craze. I was so excited when Carbon Smiles got in touch with me and kindly gifted me their teeth whitening coconut charcoal powder!

I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first, BUT this mysterious black powder did it's magic after the first use! Of course, the results will get even better over time. Watch my video to see it in action!

Thank you so much to Carbon Smiles for sending me this amazing product, I have been using it and loving my smile more and more everyday!

You can find out more over on their website:

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Frills and Florals | Grace Lee London | Fashion

It's been a while since I did any fashion style posts, I used to be a somewhat dedicated fashion blogger but decided to stop as it was all getting a little costly. I found myself shopping solely for my blog, instead of actually wearing the clothes out. Nowadays, I tend to shop around my events and holidays, and for my day to day wear I try investing in key pieces that match every outfit!

I recently discovered this brand new app "Looker" where you can discover real people with some seriously real style! The best part of the app is that you could make some money by simply sharing your own style with us. This app has given me a new lease of style life and it's inspired me to add some new pieces (which I will be wearing out and about) to my wardrobe!

Scroll down for outfit details.

Cheeky captures by AJ

Top - Misguided
Shorts - River Island
Boots - Vagabond
Bag and Belt from ASOS a few seasons ago...

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Burger and Lobster | 6 months anniversary dinner | Grace Lee London | Food

It's been 6 wonderful months since I've met this guy and left London's chaotic dating scene behind me, so we decided to celebrate with one of our mutual loves, FOOD! I wanted to go for something fancy, and lobster was definitely on my mind, so what better place to go to than Burger and Lobster!

I ordered the grilled lobster and Andy went for the steamed one, both were bursting with flavours! It tasted so good, we hardly spoke when tackling the lobsters. They were served with (sweet potato) fries, a very small pot of salad and some creamy buttery sauce which accompanied the lobsters perfectly. We decided to finish the meal of by sharing a peanut butter sundae, which was also to die for!

Andy not looking impressed, but I'm sure he had a great time!
I'd definitely recommend Burger and Lobster if you're looking for something fancy, but not quite "fancy fancy", reason I say this is because it is still on the pricey side, but you don't need to dip into your savings account for a meal here and more importantly, you definitely get a good portion of food that leaves you with a happy tummy afterwards!

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Headshot Photographer for Oxford Royale Academy | Grace Lee London | Photography

Myself photographed by ORA's campus photographer, featured in ORA's blog.

The day has come where I've landed my first contracted job as a photographer! I am one of the headshot photographers for Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) based at Balliol College, this is a summer job so I will be there for a few weekends over July as part of the Academy's welcome team.

A little breakdown of my role:
  • Set up my kit within my allocated space at Balliol College.
  • Photograph 200 students as they arrive, ensuring consistency between shots.
  • Matching the file names with student's names.
  • Uploading each headshots to ORA's system.

The photographs will be used for identification purposes, ORA's internal portal for students and lecturers, ORA's website and marketing material.

Some of the shots taken from one of the session, quality deliberately lowered so you can't see the student's faces for privacy reasons.

You can find out more about Oxford Royale Academy over on their website and check out the blogpost that I'm in!

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