Thursday, 27 July 2017

Thai Food in Oxford | Grace Lee London | Food

I've been spending more time in Oxford this past month since I've been working at the University as a photographer. My best friend (Joanna) of over 10 years has been so supportive throughout my time there and I honestly don't think I would have done this without her. We decided to head out to eat one evening because if there is one thing we love more than we love each other, it will have to be food! Obviously... 

We decided to head to Thaikhun, which as you can guess by the name is a Thai restaurant. So I wasn't originally planning on blogging about this place, I was just snapping for my Instagram stories so the photos are not the most bloggery but I was scrolling through my photos and realised that this meal was quite amazing. I can't speak for Joanna but I felt a sense of nostalgia at Thaikhun, they had those plastic holders that they have in ALL street food style coffee shops (sort of like a cheap restaurant) in Malaysia. The flavours of the food was pretty authentic and delicious!

We started off with some prawn crackers and dip, this stuff is addictive!

And then we ordered one of the pork specialities and had it with a cocktail each. I can't remember what it was precisely but everything on the menu looked great! Me and Joanna have this thing where we always order the same dish no matter where we go, maybe it's our equally great taste in food that's kept our friendship going all these years haha..

I really enjoyed the meal, maybe it was the sense of nostalgia it brought or it could be simply be that the food and company was fabulous! I am planning to go Thailand at the end of this year and I'm definitely looking forward to the food, it's going to much more affordable over there too if you catch my drift.

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