Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hitchin Lavender and Sunflower Farm | Grace Lee London | Explore

Photographers in the background, can you spot them.
Happy Saturday everyone, can you believe we are at the end of July already!

I've been wanting to go to a lavender field for the longest time and since the lavenders are finally in full bloom, I decided to waste no time and head over to Hitchin Lavender and Sunflower farm! I invited a few of my photography buddies and asked them to bring a model each so that we can all make a day of it, unfortunately we had a slight hiccup with the model/photographer ratio. We ended up having 7 photographers, 2 photographers/models, and 1 model... so I ended up being one of the main models for the day!

I am not a model by any means but I guess I had to take one for the time (I loved it really).
Mustafa shooting Jade

The photographers
Alex, ZChi, Haikal, Femi, LouiseMustafa, Ben, and Andy

MustafaBen, and Femi

Photo by Ben of me and Andy

Photo of Jade by me
Photo by Mustafa

and another one by Mustafa

The gang hunts down two beauties and shoots them... haha

Andy shooting Alex shooting me

Andy capturing me in action, see my latest blogpost to see Alex's series

All photos with no caption by Andy

I've had such a wonderful day with lots of talented and fun people! I was so happy to be amongst the beautiful lavender, the sunflowers and wheat field were just an added business that made for great photos! The weather was typically British and the rain held up until we were done shooting, and then the rain just started pouring down.

I now have way too many amazing photographs of myself but I honestly recommend going out there, it's a nice to be around nature and it's something different from the city. It's the perfect place to take a date or your family, or even head out there with a bunch of friends and take photos like we did! Be sure to follow everyone on Instagram for some great content:

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See you in the next one!

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