Thursday, 31 August 2017

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If you value your phone then you will definitely have a case to protect it, if you don't then you are one risk taker living life on the edge! I've always wanted to personalise my own phone case but was always too boring to give it a go (I usually choose the plain stuff), so when Artur from EGOsketch got in touch with an opportunity for me to design my own case, I took it without hesitation!

EGOsketch is a small Dutch company that makes personalised phone cases and tablet cases. From my experience, my case is high quality and was easy to create! Read more about my experience with EGOsketch at the end of the post.

Since I have about 3 or 4 spare cases laying about, I decided to design one for my dad as he doesn't have a phone case for his HTC One M9. As a photographer, it was pretty evident that I would be choosing photographs to display on the case. It was a little tricky trying to arrange one photograph on the entire case without the awkward camera hole cutting anyone's face out, the only way this was possible was to have blanks spaces around or by having 2 photos.

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Throwing it back to over 15 years ago! I decided to choose these 2 photos as they are very sentimental and reminds me of a time where my whole family was fit and healthy.

My dad and I both love how the case turned out! I think it is great quality and really appreciate how the print came out as accurate as my initial design. The photos are printed all around the edges and the colour tones are very close to the originals, which believe me is hard to do when printing on regular photo paper so EGOsketch really know what they are doing. The cut outs (camera, flash, side buttons) are all in the right places and the case fits the phone perfectly. I also love how it's a matte finished, rather than a glossy plastic finish as it really brings out the details and you can see the photos no matter which angle you look at it. Before smartphones were a thing, my dad used to carry a photos of us (his kids) in his wallet, in a way this case is like an updated version of that and gave us both a bit of nostalgia to reminisce on.

If you are looking for a one of a kind unique case then definitely check out EGOsketch, this is your chance to get as creative as possible! If you are anything like me, you will have your phone with you everywhere you go, so why not design something that represents you! You can add your own text, drawings, designs or keep it simple and just upload a photo of you and your friends, or even a snap of your pet!

Check out EGOsketch on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

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Photographs by my brother and sister.


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