Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The CCC Super Cup | Grace Lee London | Photography

If you would have told me that I will be voluntarily shooting at a football event a few years ago, I would have laughed at you and say something like 'I would never do that!' But here I am, in present day, shooting a charity football event with no gun to my head. Yes! I am doing this at my own free will!

The Chinese Community Challenge (CCC) Super Cup is hosted and run by the Frank Soo Foundation to raise money for their chosen charities with the help of some of their generous sponsors. You can find out more about the CCC community here and maybe even help out next year too!

My friend, Ban is one of the organisers for this and he asked me if I could help out by doing some photography. Who am I to turned down a good friend, especially when it is for charity! This is a big deal for me as I am someone who had resented being a Chinese immigrant in the UK throughout her teens (hard not to when living in a small valley filled with quintessentially British people aka Caucasians but more about this another day). I want to do more things to help me reconnect and learn about my history and culture, what better way to do this than by giving back to the Chinese community.

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Guy with the 3 stripes is not meant to be there... he's just bantering about.

My role for the day was to capture the team photos, covering the other two more experienced sports photographers (Laraine and Miguel), as well as shoot videos of people saying thank you to the sponsors. Which meant that I got to speak to almost everyone who was there that day! Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and chatty, which is not what I expected from a bunch of lads at all. And though I did not understand most of the "lad banter", I still found their personalities endearing and joyful to be around.

You can see an unofficial short clip of what went on at the Super Cup below. Hope you enjoyed this post, follow me on social media to see what else I get up to in between blogs (links at the end) and I will see you in the next one!

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